Happy New Year to our readers! We hope that this year brings you joy, health and a hole-in-one or two! We’re just over a week into 2021 and the effects of coronavirus and the ensuing lockdowns overseas are apparent. Through the hard work of our staff and the ongoing support of our members and visitors, we’re only down 164 rounds. Yet, despite the small variance, we have generated only half of the income in green fees than we did this time last year as we haven’t been able to welcome our usual overseas visitors and tour groups.

Luckily for us, the sun is shining and we are able to play golf! Ian Kendall, one of our visiting golfers, sent us a pic of his round in Huddersfield, UK, a couple of weeks ago, before their strict lockdown. He managed to make it to the 7th hole before his trolley wheels, which are double the size in this image, wouldn’t go around and the ball gathered so much snow it fell to one side after a meter putt.

We have a lot to be grateful for, although this looks like quite an adventure! If any of our members are ever in the North of England, Ian would be happy to introduce you to Woodsome Hall, his gorgeous golf club. You can get his email address from our Administrator, Jessica.

Thanks for the pic, Ian! We hope that the lockdown eases and you are able to play golf again soon. With luck, you may even be able to have your trip to South Africa. It would be a pleasure to have you plat at Clovelly again.

Looking after the Course

After a busy mid-season, we have been event and golf day-free, our bar is closed and we have far fewer visiting golfers than we are used to. With teams split in two, the slower pace has been welcomed.

Increased temperatures and the constant presence of the South Easter make for tough conditions for Brian Dlutu and his team. The state of the course can testify to their efforts in overcoming these challenges; well done to all. Amongst the maintenance tools that the team has to ensure the greens are kept to standard are two very important procedures. We thought we would take a minute to chat about them in this newsletter and the next. The first is dusting.

We are all familiar with the heavy application of sand on the greens after we hollow tine them; this is called top dressing. Hollow Tining is not the only time of the year that we apply sand to the greens, in fact, in our summer season a lighter application of sand is applied every two weeks. This is called dusting.

Generally, after some light irrigation, dusting is unnoticeable to our golfers. If there is any frustration, it is worth it as the below benefits to the playability and health of the greens follow as a result;

There are spaces between the leaves and stems of the turf which can cause an inconsistent roll. In addition, organic matter accumulates in these spaces and the upper root zone which promotes a softer, spongy surface. Regular dusting helps fills these spaces, improving the smoothness and firmness of the greens.

Thatch is the layer of organic debris that builds up in the root zone. If this becomes too concentrated it leads to dry spots and mower scalping. Regular dusting helps dilute the thatch and improve the root zone.

During the summer months, the greens are exposed to harsher elements as well as increased traffic. Regular dusting ensures that the leaf tips and crowns are cushioned, promoting better recovery in thin areas.

Below left is a picture of top dressing. On the right is dusting.

Thank you to our course staff for their hard work! In our next newsletter, we will talk about verti-draining.

A busy start for Craig

One person who has not had a quiet start to the new year is Chef Craig. In the process of creating event menus, Craig had his first game of golf in fifteen years, playing with his twin brother, Gareth Wobbe, who was our Club Champion of 2015 and 2018.

Craig has also been listening to your requests for the Halfway House, introducing pizza slices and two new sandwiches (pictured below); a classic egg-mayo with spring onion and chives for R 32 and a ham, cheese, pickle, tomato, cheddar, and mustard mayonnaise for R 38. Both can be ordered on farm-style white or rye.

Other exciting news for the Halfway House is that this Saturday’s afternoon players will be able to order Authentic Beef Brisket Tacos off the braai from 12:00 onwards. They come with salsa roja, lime crema and fresh coriander and cost R 55 each.

Craig’s Frozen Meals have also returned, with meals able to be collected from the Halfway House next Wednesday. Please have your orders in before Sunday evening. Enjoy!

In Pictures

We celebrated the birthdays of Solly Daniels and Maynard Matthews this week. We also wished our Member, Chris Goldsbury, a happy 85th birthday on Tuesday. You may have noticed Solly’s doting granddaughter, Jessie, at the club lately. She has the sweetest character and a keen interest in golf, spending hours practicing at the Range.

Congratulations to Lavi Rend, who scored her personal best of 75 after five years of hard work with MichellGolf. Also showing the fruits of hard work and dedicated training with Mike and Alan are Jan Stals van Rooyen, who won the KuilsRiver Junior Open with an amazing score of 69 in 50kph winds, and Isabella Williams, who came second in the Parow Junior Open ‘B Division’, shooting her personal best score of 82.

Well done, Lavi, Jan Stals and Isabella!

Our course staff had a lovely staff braai, sponsored by AKADIS, in December. Ladies Captain, Jacky White, joined them to give the staff a token of appreciation from the Ladies Section.

Christmas Carols on the Range. We hope this is the start of a lovely tradition for the Victory Christian Church.

Sanitizing the building after our Golf Manager, Hanko Bothma, tested positive for COVID. Sadly, our Bookings Consultant, Simone Patterson, has just tested positive too. We are fortunate that she was on leave when she started showing symptoms and delayed returning to Clovelly to isolate, before being tested. Her symptoms are mild, but nevertheless, we wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her return.

Thank you to Munashra and Nekisha for stepping up to fill the gap. We look forward to seeing Nicky and Primrose helping out in the Bookings Office. With their friendly and efficient personalities, we couldn’t think of a better fit.

We hope that you all have a lovely next couple of weeks. The immediate future with regards to COVID cases and regulations is uncertain, and as a result, we are going to postpone our Clovelly Festival Week until the situation has stabilized and we can plan for and enjoy the festival as it is meant to be enjoyed!

Our AGMs are coming up in February and you will receive the agendas and supporting documents before the end of this month. Please note that we may hold the meeting over Zoom and would appreciate your ‘attendance’. Take care.

Warm Regards,
The Clovelly Team

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