As many of our Swallows start to feel the effects of Spring, Winter seems to have pounced on us out of nowhere! Warnings about a ‘Black South Easter’ flashed across our newsfeeds as the clouds rolled in and the temperatures dropped. However, other than a few good showers of rain and a bit of wind, we faired well. We do miss our blue skies and warm sunshine, although one of our members, Steven Dunn, is happy to be “reminded of Scotland”! As you all know, Cape Town is a city of many seasons – often in a day – and we expect sunny skies soon. Thank you to James Eckley for the below image.

We have no important announcements for this newsletter, other than entries for Harry Solomon are open. This is a WP better-ball match-play league played off a handicap between 9.5 and 16. Each team consists of eight pairs, of which four play Home and four Away. If you are interested in representing Clovelly, please contact our Captain, Greg Daly, on 083 229 7434 or You could also enter your name on the sign-up form in the foyer or chat to Hanko, our Golf Manager.

Other than that, we have proud news to share on our younger lady golfers, Jessica Green and Isabella van Rooyen. We have an article about our alien vegetation clearing efforts from Penny Price. We’re sharing a poignant and moving video – not open to the public – and we’ll also be sharing some images from the past three weeks. Before we get into all of that, we would like to welcome our new members; James McIntosh, Matthew Murray, Michael Percy, and Adam Richardson. You have joined such a special club and we hope you get to experience the joys of it regularly!

We would also like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms for Sunday! All lady golfers playing on Sunday are welcome to a coffee or tea on us in the Halfway House. Thank you for all that you do!

Go Clovelly!

We have had many reasons to be proud over the last few weeks. Firstly, two of our young lady golfers are achieving wonderful results and representing Clovelly so beautifully! Isabella van Rooyen won the biggest U19 Ladies Amateur event in South Africa, the Nomads SA Girl’s Rose Bowl Championship, on the 26th of April, securing her first national title! Jessica Green, who plays for Rogers State University in the USA, set a new course record and college record before leading the university to victory in their Regional Championship, which will see her playing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s National Championship – a pretty big deal!

Well done to both Isabella and Jessica. You work so hard, you carry yourselves with integrity and we are very proud of your achievements. We’re sure you both have exciting futures in golf ahead.

Also moving our hearts and making us is exceedingly proud was a short documentary made by Slingshot Media on caddies in South Africa. Clovelly is mentioned as being the first golf club in South Africa to offer caddies official employment contracts this past January. We couldn’t help but swell with pride as we were acknowledged for this act. Employment is far more than a piece of paper. It gives our caddies dignity, security, provision and a firm place in our Clovelly Family. No less than our special caddies deserve.

On that note, when weighing up your options between taking a caddie or a cart, consider this quote; “When you pay for a caddie you get a swing lesson, a line on the green, and a confidante.” Jonathan Ackerman

United Efforts to Remove Alien Vegetation

Clearing invasive alien vegetation at Clovelly Country Club, by Penny Price

As a landowner, there is a legal requirement to clear listed alien invasive vegetation from your land.  Although Clovelly Country Club has been complying with this for many years, it has been a frustrating exercise with limited success due to the enormity of the problem on their, as well as their neighbor’s, land. The nature of the layout of the land is such that it forms a strip hugging the Silvermine River, and abutting Clovelly residential land, SANParks land, and the City of Cape Town’s land. Any clearing that takes place on one of the above areas needs to be met by equal measure on the neighbouring land, or else uncleared alien vegetation rapidly reinvades the cleared land. It also requires years of post-clearing ‘weeding’ to keep the regrowth under control. This is labour intensive.

A small group of Clovelly residents (Evan can be seen in the image below) have been clearing the mountain slopes bordering Clovelly residential for over a decade and have had great success with this initiative.  They have worked in conjunction with SANParks and, at times, with the CCT, who both have teams of clearers that come through every few years and fell the highly invasive Port Jackson (Acacia Saligna) and Rooikrans (Acacia Cyclops) as well as a few other invasive species.  The residents’ group then picks out the regrowth and the coppicing stumps that have not been adequately poisoned. The beauty of this arrangement is that the residents are able to survey the areas, already reduced of large-sized vegetation, regularly. This, along with the fire, has enabled the successful clearing of large sections of Trappieskop and Cave Peak.

In October 2020, the Clovelly residents’ group teamed up with Clovelly Country Club to tackle the problem on Clovelly’s land. Clovelly has committed two staff year-round to work daily with two volunteers from the resident’s group. Andile is pictured below right. Their focus has been on removing dry vegetation that has been left in situ during previous clearing efforts as well as tackling regrowth and new growth. This removal or ‘small stacking’ (Pictured below left) of the dry debris is critical to avoid fueling a fire the likes of which was seen two weeks ago, destroying archives and heritage in the UCT and Rhodes Memorial area. In response to this fire, this joint group has focused its efforts on tackling the area around John Spyker’s house, where they began initially with the intention of working towards Hole 7. Now, they will work towards Hole 9, where you will see them in the early morning.  Look out for them and please give them some encouragement – they are doing a sterling job.

In Pictures

April often brings with it some magical misty mornings. Aren’t they magical?

We were stoked to catch Mr. Ackerman playing with his nephew, Nicolas Ackerman, one of our Vice-Presidents, Hugh Herman, and Golf Professional, Alan Michell, on a sunny Thursday.

Well done to lovely Marnie Wolmarans and Merle Christian, winners of this year’s GladMag Trophy. They are standing with sponsors, Birdie Jenkinson and Pat Quill.

We were delighted to see our member, James Eckley’s, two boys helping out with scoring and administration at the Cape Town open last week. How great to be volunteering in their downtime, and in golf! We’re sure James is proud.

Not generally the colours one would associate with autumn. We love Pat Quill’s eye for beauty.

Before we go, we would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of Keith Cammack on his passing. Our thoughts are with you during this sad time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. We wish you all a lovely week ahead. Take care!

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