Can you believe that we have completed almost six weeks of Lockdown? Life as we know it has changed drastically, to the point that when Mr. Ramaphosa announced that we could walk outside of our homes – although with masks on…and only between 06:00 – 09:00…and only within five kilometers of our homes – we celebrated! Six weeks of no friends, no meals out, no surfing, hiking or yoga at the beach, NO GOLF, in fact, very little freedom at all. In it all, it is so easy to get discouraged, anxious, depressed, or angry. We relate and we sympathize with you. Hopefully, the news that the government may be considering the proposal to open golf during the lockdown will give you a bit of hope! Just remember that one of the most beautiful golf courses – now without divots and pitch marks! – in one of the most beautiful places in the world, is waiting for you! You can read the communication from GolfRSA regarding their proposal here.

The Lockdown Fund

The National Lockdown has had grave economical implications for many people and businesses all over the country, regardless of age, race or gender. We are so proud to say that we have had a phenomenal response to the Back Tee Challenge Club’s call to donate towards a Lockdown Fund in support of our caddies and casuals – members of our Clovelly Family who would have, otherwise, felt the devastating economical impacts of the lockdown harshly. Without earning an income, we, as a club, have been limited in our ability to assist them. Our members came to the rescue, donating a whopping R 147 150 which saw the Lockdown Fund grow to R 170 150!

With this money, we have been able to allocate a total of R 116 000 to the following groups for the month of April:

Bar Casuals – R 28 000
Caddies – R 64 000
Carl’s Catering – R 20 000
Other Casuals – R 4 000

We are so grateful for your help! Our seniors, in particular, have rallied a huge amount of support. The BTCC put their money where their mouths were and all pitched in, donating R 18 200 despite being a relatively small group. Thank you to EVERYONE who donated. You are all heroes in our eyes and I am sure that you can imagine the impact your kindness has had on the families of the beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, until we are allowed to open, our caddies and casual staff are still in a bit of a predicament. Especially if we are not allowed to open our bar and restaurant. Our Treasurer, Wizz Good, has worked out that we need another R 70 000 to keep them floating for the month of May. So we implore you, again, to please consider donating anything you can manage to:

Clovelly Country Club
Standard Bank Fish Hoek
Current account #: 270394605
Branch Code: 036009
Standard Bank SWIFT code: SBZAZAJJ
Reference: Your “name” and LDF

Thank you!

A letter from June

Most of us will remember that our wonderful Membership Secretary, June Featonby, retired just before the end of March and we had hoped to hold a farewell for her. With the rise of the coronavirus around the world and it’s arrival in South Africa, our timing couldn’t have been worse! We were unable to celebrate June, but hopefully, we can do so sometime in the future. June left Clovelly just before the rest of us did – thanks to Lockdown -, and so we haven’t really had time to acknowledge that she isn’t part of the staff team anymore. All the same, we all miss her and it was so lovely to receive communication from her. Please see her letter below:

Dear Members,

I am sending this mail as I feel so sad that I never got to say goodbye to anyone and the way things are going, it looks like it could be some time before I can pop up to the club and catch up with any of you.

I want to thank you all for making my 42 years at Clovelly fun, exciting and interesting. I have quoted this before and will say it again; “A person who loves their job has never worked a day in their life” – this certainly applies to me.

I had lots of advice about retirement, all good and positive, but I certainly started mine on a different level. Locked up. However, this will end, and my plans to travel, do community work and get to the Driving Range have just been delayed.
I wish Clovelly and you special people all the best and hope it won’t be too long until the club is humming and back to what we all know and love.

Thank you again for the love and friendships that I will cherish forever. I miss you all and will be popping in as soon as the world stops spinning out of control.

Love and virtual hugs to you all.

June Featonby
ex Membership Secretary

Spotlight Social

Since the dawn of Lockdown, we have a renewed appreciation for connection and communication. This only adds to our excitement to have access to the Spotlight Social app – our own private network for Clovelly Country Club! Using your cellular device, you will be able to check forthcoming events, make a booking, chat with any of the other members on the app, create your own private group, look up the results, share photos and contact the Clovelly Team. We can also post notifications and share newsletters, correspondence and other interesting articles.

We are running a lucky draw to win a batch of 10 free rounds and with just over 20 entries, the odds of winning are high! To enter the draw, please download the app, upload a profile picture and email to let us know that you have completed those steps. It’s free for our members and visitors!

On your Smart Phone – Please click here or just search for Spotlight Social in your App Store.

You can then download the app.

Create your profile using your email address listed at Clovelly as it is linked to the Clovelly Community

We look forward to meeting you online and are confident that this is the way of the future. We’re sure that as we get used to it, the app’s true potential and ease of use will be confirmed.

Save a big buck with Global Golf

With winter clothing declared essential, we’re stoked to be able to buy some cozy favorites from Global Golf – at a fraction of the price we would usually pay! To make it even better, your purchases will be delivered to your doorstep! Shoes from R 699.95, gloves from R 69.95 – what’s not to love? Please click here to view their website. Let’s all support Global Golf. At least we’ll be warm when we get back onto the golf course!

Tips from the Pros

Alan and Mike Michell from MichellGolf have been and will continue to post videos and articles on their Facebook page for the duration of the lockdown. Please follow their page to connect and learn!

Here is Article 2 of the Lockdown Series, by Mike Michell.

Last week we spoke about what you are currently doing to try to improve your game and how important it is to understand how to improve your game. Today, we are going to go a little more into how we, at MichellGolf, believe you can best improve and how we apply our method.


Step 1: Analysis

We do not want to completely change your swing, chipping action and putting stroke in one lesson and then send you on your way. If we were that good you’d be paying us R 3000 per lesson with a smile on your face. We’re not that good and neither is anyone else! That would be hard enough if we had six months with a student who attends lessons twice a week and practices daily. So the first thing that we do is try to get you to understand how your game works. If you slice or hook the ball – why? If you are pulling those putts – why? If you are thinning your chip shots – why?

Another important step in the analysis is to get rid of the ‘clutter’ – all the myths or misconceptions you might have in your mind about what you think is happening but isn’t. We have a teaching term we refer to as ‘feel and real’ – is what you feel and think you are doing the same thing that is really happening? Video is a really useful tool when explaining or pointing this out.

Step 2: Decide

After our students have a better understanding of how their game works and why certain things are happening, we begin to discuss what is realistically possible to add to or alter their technique. It could come down to their swing, short game or putting, and is influenced by the amount of time each individual has to play and practice.

Sometimes, understanding how your game works and getting rid of your misconceptions can help you to improve just by stopping you from wasting your time trying the wrong things! If you do decide to try to improve your technique, you are going to have to commit to:

1. Regular lessons or analyses to ensure that you’re doing it right.
2. A little bit of practice or play.

If you don’t like the Range, try a few holes in the evening or early morning. Hitting a couple of shots per hole is something that I like to add on top of your range practice.

The reason that I focus on these steps is that it took me so long to learn why I would make an improvement to my swing, only to find that by a week or two games later it wasn’t working anymore! So I stopped believing in what I had done achieve that improvement and returned to where I started, effectively going “around the mountain” one more time. This was, mainly, because I didn’t understand my swing, didn’t have enough understanding about ball-flight law and, most importantly, I’d slipped back into my old swing fault whilst believing that I was doing the new one!

Competing and playing under pressure does this to us very quickly and I see it with my students every week. We make a simple change, see an immediate improvement and then two weeks later the same fault is back and yet they don’t realize why. Again, video is a very good tool to help with this. Often, just showing a student a video of themselves in action is all the words and advice you need. It makes sense that you need to understand your swing, chipping action and putting stroke and what you are trying to achieve.

It might be frustrating but think of it this way, you’re not “going around the mountain one more time” but simply getting back on the bike. The more you repeat this, the less you fall and suddenly you realize that you’re climbing the mountain!

To learn more about our method and how best to improve read our next article tomorrow. Keep safe and healthy.

Best Regards, Mike
Head PGA Teaching Professional
MichellGolf, Clovelly

We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead! Wishing you good health, protection and happiness. We can’t wait to welcome you back to Clovelly in the, hopefully, near future.

Kind Regards,
The Clovelly Team