We hope that you have had a wonderful week. Perhaps you enjoyed a beer at your favorite pub or a leisurely dip in the ocean? Just because you could! Although the majority of our safety precautions remain the same after our President’s announcement – we still have a one-tee-start, there are no prize-givings and we continue to push social distancing and sanitizing- we were super excited to open the bar again. The whole floor has been transformed by laughter and the hum of voices and Sebastian is over the moon to be back behind his counter. We have also re-opened the showers but remind you to bring your own towels!

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new members; Lisa Mellon, Gregg Scott-Brown, Alan Watt, Adrian De Hutton, Nicholas Bates, Duncan Bell, Mary Bishop, Nicholas Bryant, Matthew Gordon Hands, Dusty Herbert, Richard Koenig, Paul Malakou, Trent Marescia, Marco Pennesi, Grant Brooke, Chezre Fredericks, Jordan Solomon, Evan Grove, Wesley Grey, and Charlie and Ryan Cleworth. We hope that you find your new club welcoming and that you make very many happy memories!

Please note that for the remainder of February, our members are welcome to bring guests at a discounted rate of R350 from Monday to Friday.


The first month of the year has raced past us and we have found ourselves in league season! Unfortunately, both of our Mid-Am and Masters teams suffered several blows due to injuries and COVID quarantine, placing us at a disadvantage before the first tee-off. Despite this, our players displayed great spirit and courage, winning our first Mid-Am match 5-3 against Parow the weekend before last, although our Masters team lost to Somerset West.

After our Mid-Am’s previous win against Parow, this past Saturday our team faced off against a strong squad from Royal Cape, ready for another win. We must give Royal Cape credit where due. They were determined rivals and our players were only able to secure 3.5 out of a possible 8 points, despite their best efforts.

A real cowboy, Mark Retief, was asked to fill in for our top spot away at the last minute and despite having no prior league experience, he accepted eagerly and found himself playing against Royal Cape’s number one player. Despite Mark’s handicap of 4, against his opponent’s of +1, Mark got under his competitor’s skin, staying 1-down the whole 18. On the last hole, his opponent missed a 5-foot putt for par to secure the game, giving Mark the chance to halve the match moments later. It wouldn’t be easy, as first, he had to make a sliding, downhill 4-foot putt, but he did it! Well done, Mark!

We must also mention Rob Pilkington and Paul O’Linn who stepped in to fill the gaps in our Masters Team and gave a valiant effort. The team’s selection panel hoped the team would be able to secure two home points and 1 point away, and the guys came agonizingly close, securing one of each, which led to a 2-all draw between Clovelly and Strand Golf Club.

Our Ladies League teams also had their first of ten matches on Tuesday, 26th January. A big congratulations to Bronze, who won 3-0 against Durbanville, and to Copper who won 3-0 against Copper. A brilliant start to the season! Unfortunately, our Gold team was unable to beat Westlake and Royal Cape, although we have every hope in them for their next match on the 23rd of February! Good luck, ladies!

Chammy & Singles Matchplay

Earlier than usual, please keep an eye open for entry forms to our Chammy and Singles knockouts which will be available in the foyer from next week. The first games will take place towards the end of March and it will be interesting to see who pips Ron Dunn (Singles) and Gerrit Van Zyl and Boetie Muzzel (Chammy Cup) for the titles of Champion! Could Ron, Gerrit and Boetie secure the wins for the second year in a row? That remains to be seen!

In Pictures

The second hole-in-one of the year, Ian Solomon ended the month off with a hole-in-one on the 8th hole, using a 6 iron at 165meters. Congratulations, Ian!

We were so sorry to hear about the passing of one of our dear members, Donal Quill. Donal had been a member of Clovelly’s for over thirty years and in that time both he, and his wife Pat, grew close to our hearts. Pat and Donal had a wonderful love story, starting with his abandonment of priesthood in order to marry her, and we know that she has many happy memories to comfort her. We keep Pat and their family in our thoughts.

We have partnered with Emergency Volunteer Services and the Clovelly ‘Call to Action Network’ to further clear the Clovelly mountains of alien vegetation. We have dedicated staff in place already to steadily chip away at the invasive species, which not only negatively affect our indigenous flora and fauna but also pose a serious fire risk, but extra hands on deck and training from the Emergency Services is very welcome! It is great to partner with the community too and we look forward to working with them over the next few months.

The colours of summer, captured by Pat Quill. How we love the flowers in bloom!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have this photo of Neville and Val Orton’s garden a couple of weeks ago. Having been Swallows for many years, winter in England was not something they were prepared for! We do miss our Swallows and hope that they are keeping safe and warm.

Craig’s Frozen Meals

“Craig’s quality and quantity have been superb. I wish more members took advantage of this. As a single person during lockdown his meals are so convenient. I place orders and simply collect on Wednesdays. From broths to pies, meat dishes, chicken dishes, all beautifully flavored with herbs and spices. Please convey my gratitude to him and his staff.”
David Liebrecht

It is always great to receive positive feedback, and it is good to know that Craig’s meals are making some of our members’ lives easier and tastier! As much as you get something when you purchase frozen meals from Craig’s Kitchen, please remember that you are also supporting a lovely little family and we are grateful for your patronage.

That is all from us! Please remember that our AGMs are coming up towards the end of the month. This year the only attendees on the premises will be the Committees and Staff as we will be holding the meeting over Zoom. We will send the meeting link in the next couple of weeks and would appreciate your attendance as we still need to secure a quorum.

Since our Level 3 regulations relaxed we are able to support our local tourism and alcohol industries who desperately need the business, but let’s keep in mind the safety protocols that should all be second nature to us all. Keep safe and have a fabulous weekend!

Forthcoming Events

Please note that some of the competition formats have changed.