Ho, ho ho…it’s December! Have you all survived Black Friday? Hopefully, you picked up some goodies and no one is suffering from buyer’s remorse! Our ladies’ sale, with some bargains discounted up to 70%, is still on, so go ahead and spoil yourselves.

We are ready for a joyful, successful month ahead and we’re happy to start this newsletter with some very exciting news from our Golf Operations department…

Welcome, Hanko!

In September our Golf Director, Paul Stoner, left his role to become the General Manager of Clovelly and up until now, Paul has been covering both roles. We are pleased to announce that as of 1 December 2019, Clovelly has a new Golf Manager – Hanko Bothma.

Hanko was born in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, but spent most of his years in Mozambique and Swaziland. He came back to South Africa to complete his PGA studies at the University of Pretoria’s Sports Faculty and after completing his PGA studies in 2015 he started his golfing career at Centurion Country Club, where he qualified as a PGA Professional. Since then, Hanko has worked in all sectors within the golfing industry and has gained invaluable experience.

Earlier in November, Hanko upgraded to a Class AA PGA Professional and we are confident that he is going to bring valuable golfing knowledge and expertise to Clovelly Country Club.

A few fun facts about Hanko:

In his childhood days he was an avid fisherman and received National Colours on two occasions to represent Swaziland as No. 1 Junior Angler for Art Lure Fishing. Whenever he is not out on the golf course or out fishing, you will find him strolling around with his camera capturing nature and wildlife.

Welcome to the Clovelly family, Hanko!

Hanko played his first game at Clovelly this afternoon with Mike Krumbock, Gary Moore and Geoff Taylor. The wind, thoughtful as always, gave him a real welcome to golf in Cape Town!

Our New Wine List

As you’re aware, on the evening of Friday, 22nd November, we hosted our very first wine tasting. The wine tasting comprised of 20 different wine farms, with over 140 wines on display, and Amor’s Bistro supplied us all with mouthwatering snacks.

The event was a wonderful success, selling out to 100 attendees. The focus of the evening was not only to have a great experience but to allow our members to taste and weigh in on their favorite wines, voting them into our new wine list. They say that change is as good as a holiday, and what better way to kick off the start of the season with a fresh, new wine list.

Our top-voted wines, and new to our wine list as of 1 January 2020 are:

A Badenhorst – Badenhorst Family Secateurs Chenin
A Badenhorst – Doran Vineyards Arya (Blend of Chenin, Grenache Blanc & Roussanne)
Bon Courage – Lady of The House Pinotage Rose
Darling Cellars – Chenin Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc
De Krans – Wild Ferment Chardonnay
DGB – Pear Tree White (Chenin Blanc)
DGB -Berry Bush Rose
DGB -Franschoek Cellar – Merlot
DGB -Franschoek Cellar – Sauvignon Blanc
Kleinsering – Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Louis 57 – Merlot

Louis Fifty Seven Red (Shiraz & Cab Blend)

Sebastian would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and voted, as well as to his wine reps, who were brilliant. We’re hoping to have more of these events during 2020, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Amor’s Bistro

A year ago Financial Manager, Amor van Zyl, opened “Amor’s Bistro’; a real gem of a restaurant! Unfortunately, in the space of three months, Amor was unable to manage the restaurant due to a period of ill health, and her chef left the country. Unable to find a partner who could run the bistro, and with a full-time job, Amor has decided to put her plans to own a bistro on hold and has closed for business.

We’re all saddened by the news and will miss her delicious offerings. However, we support her decision and look forward to a year of good health and success for Amor. Amor would like to thank everyone who has supported her.

A Christmas Gift for our Caddies

Have you downloaded the Clubmaster app yet?

By the end of 2020, we have a goal that the majority of our members will have the Clubmaster app on their phones. Do you know that this will allow you to see your spending and club accounts, including past transactions? You can also book and manage your own tee times, view the timesheet and pay for bills by scanning the QR code on your slips.

We were surprised to learn that only 721 members have registered on our website and only 206 members have the app, which is free from the Google Play Store! These portals give you, as a member, control over your golf. No more waiting for someone to answer the phone when bookings open; simply book your own tee time.

Can you believe that Hermanus’ members book 21 000 rounds themselves through the web? At the moment, our members are only booking 3 800. The process of downloading and registering on the app is simple, but you can use the above manual to assist you along the way. We think it is so worth it! Please pop into the club if you need any help.

Ladies Turkey Trot & Granny Trophy

Our Ladies Section has had two lovely weeks, with their Turkey Trot and Granny vs Non-Granny competitions taking place. We look forward to the Turkey Trot every year as the Clovelly signal that the festive season is here, and you can see why!

Thank you to Shaun Holman of Events Photography for the stunning photos that he sent in!

Well done to Margaret Macdonald, who won the Turkey Trot with a score of 43.

Helen Barrett was the winning ‘Granny’ of 2019 and Lavi Rend the ‘Non-Granny’. The Ladies all brought a selection of wonderful gifts for Masiphumelele Preschool and Seniors Club. They were all over the moon with their gifts! What a blessing. Well done, ladies!

An Update on our Peacocks

After a meeting between the residents who were concerned with the burgeoning peafowl population, the Clovelly Country Club, host to several of the birds for many decades, and Beauty Without Cruelty, whose interest is the well-being of the fowl, our future actions were confirmed;

The current population does need to be thinned, and to this end, relocation of peahens will be undertaken to assist us in reducing future population growth. Beauty Without Cruelty will contact those who offered to take the, mostly female, birds to their smallholdings or farms, a good distance away from Clovelly. Beauty Without Cruelty will do whatever is possible to assist with the relocation of peafowl to safe spaces in order to reduce the current population, for the benefit of the birds and, in particular, the residents.

The public must understand that while their instinct is to feed the peacocks, porcupines and other critters who visit, this sets a dangerous precedent. It exploded the natural growth of the population due to an abundance of food but diminishes their ability to fend for themselves, to the animals’ disadvantage. Feeding simply must cease as a matter of urgency, for the benefit of the peafowl and other wildlife. Peacocks usually feed on certain seeds, lizards, snakes and small rodents.

We will do a count, as far as is possible, of the number of peafowl birds on the premises.

We would like to thank Toni Brockhoven from Beauty with Cruelty for her assistance with this matter, as well as all the residents who have contacted us from both points of view. We will keep you all updated in an open and transparent way to ensure that anything done is in the absolute best interests of the peafowl population.

In Pictures

We were so pleased to announce 89-year-old Roger Etherton, a regular patron of Clovelly Country Club, as the winner of our Rugby World Cup raffle!

Thank you to Tony Klopper and Greg Daly for this gorgeous picture of our coast, wetland and golf club. What a wonderful part of the world we live in.

Sunset at Clovelly. Peace.

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Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 22 November was Stephan Carstens.
Unfortunately, Stephan was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 29 November was Jan Cammaer.
Unfortunately, Jan was not present!
The next draw will be for R 7 000.