We hope that you are all keeping well and we ask you to spare a thought for one of our dear members, Sharon Guild, who is undergoing treatment in Constantiaberg Hospital after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. We are all thinking of you, Sharon, and have every faith that you will be back on the course in no time!

Last week we were really excited to send to our members a communication regarding our new subscription and greenfee structure for our new financial year starting the beginning of October. We couldn’t wait to share with you that not only were we not raising subscriptions, but we were also lowering our greenfees and won’t be charging entrance fees for this next financial year. As far as we know, we are the only golf club to have done this but here’s the thing; we have asked for a lot of support from our members over the course of this year. From contributions to our caddies and casual staff over lockdown, to contributions towards our sustainability, and then to adapt to hundreds of rules and regulations and a new ‘Clovelly’. Every step of the way, we received overwhelming support from you. So thank you! We know many of you are also struggling and we hope this makes it a little easier and conveys our immense gratitude to you for your support.

Just a head’s up that our proforma invoices will be sent out on the 1st of September and our official invoices will follow at the end of the month.

Leadership Training

We thought we would share with you another bit of excitement from our Clovelly staff. Our Chairman, Jonathan Ackerman, sponsored a Leadership Training session with performance coach, Duncan Woods, of Planet K2. In the session, we had to establish, as a team, why we were at Clovelly Country Club, what we are doing here and how we aim to accomplish our common goal.

As we discussed these things, it was apparent that we have all been impacted by Clovelly’s foundations of inclusivity and warmth. It was so great to acknowledge that these things have become important to all of us! As a result, we established that we were here to sustain ourselves in a meaningful environment by creating an experience where our staff and golfers feel welcomed and joyful and want to return to. To accomplish this, we commit to building an environment of connectedness.

In this session, we strengthened our relationships with each other and gained a renewed level of motivation and focus. We left with a shared vision and we’re really looking forward to the ripple effect throughout the club.

We have to thank our GM, Paul Stoner, for being ahead of the curve when it comes to connectedness. For months already, he has focused on creating connection through communication and empowerment and the results are tangible. This is just the beginning of a very exciting journey!

Thanks to our Pro Shop Manager, Iglin Grobbelaar, for these beautiful photos!

Chammy and Singles Matchplay

Rounds 2 of our Chammy and Singles matches are done and we have seen some interesting games take place over the last few weeks. These knock-out tournaments always generate a fair amount of banter and bravado, which makes the series all the more fun and us all the more invested into how the matches go! One of these took place between two of our management team, John Spyker & Hanko Bothma, who faced off against arch-rivals, Dave Liebrecht & Phil Mason.

A very vocal lead-up to the game had the stakes and bragging rights at an all-time high. You might assume that the sheer amount of time spent at the golf course would give John and Hanko the upper hand but alas, Hanko thought it wise to compete against Dave off the red markers and this game plan backfired completely. As a result, Dave and Phil won the match 4/3. Well done to them for a terrific match and a well-deserved win!

Well done to all our other Singles & Chammy winners for advancing to Round 3 of our knock-outs and better luck next year to those who fell out in Round 2.

The updated flowcharts will be published on Spotlight shortly.

Super Clash Series

Whilst still on the subject of competitive golf, our Golf Committee is stoked to announce the establishment of our SUPER CLASH SERIES, starting from the 1st of September 2020. Dave Thompson, representing League Golf,  has worked on a initiative to better our league players and maintain their competitive edge by introducing an Order Of Merit (OM) point system that will be based on various counting events throughout the year. These include;

– Club Champs
– WPGU events
– Individual Stableford and Medal registered club competition rounds
– Specially organised rounds on a monthly basis

Initially, this series will be limited to A Division players (Max HI of 8.8). We will be sending out invitations to all of our qualifying participants shortly, but if you have any questions please have a chat with our Golf Manager, Hanko Bothma, when you are next at the club or pop him an email on golf@clovelly.co.za.


If you have been following either of our social media platforms (Instagram or Facebook) you would have seen that we have had a record-breaking five hole-in-ones over the past six weeks! We’re not sure if our members are just making up for lost time or if they have come back from lockdown with crazy golf skills, but whatever it is, we love it!

Congratulations to the following;

Nico Snyman – Hole 8 – 12 July
Ferdi de Lange – Hole 16 – 29 July
Pieter Coetzee – Hole 11 – 7 August
Gerrit van Zyl – Hole 8 – 19 August (pictured below left)
Riaan Spreeth – Hole 16 – 26 August (pictured below right)

This golfing goal is on every golfer’s bucket list and is a brilliant achievement to be proud of! Well done.

Hollow Tyning

Can you believe that August is almost over and we’ll be heading into spring in a couple of days?? This wild year has flown by. As we near September please remember that Hollow Tyning is coming up. The golf course will be closed and our office hours will be far shorter over these two days.

Our Golf Manager has managed to arrange reciprocity at these golf courses if you are interested in playing away. Please give them a call to make a booking. The sooner, the better, as we are operating with limited timesheets and an increased interest in golf.

Steenberg – R 400 per person
Royal Cape – R 300 per person TBC
Metropolitan – R 265 per person

We hope that you keep well over the next two weeks. We’ll be focusing on prepping the course for Hollow Tyning and monitoring the greens for fungal outbreaks. You may have noticed the increased number of divots on the course. These are to be expected as we have had a lot of rain which leaves the ground pretty soft and we have had constant high levels of traffic. We ask that you continue to fill your own and any other divots with the sand mix that we provide. As the weather gets warmer, they will repair faster. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Forthcoming Events

Please note that you can either use one of your rounds or pay a R 250 green fee to enter this competition, so your total cost will be R 250. We are not charging contribution fees for those playing in the competition. Visitors also pay a total of R 250 to play.