This has been a busy few weeks for Clovelly. In the midst of our high season, we have just ticked off the Raymond Ackerman Invitational Golf Day and all three AGMs! There is no rest for the wicked, with only a few days to go until the start of our Festival Week. Phew!

Before we get into the details of the week to come, we would like to welcome our new members, John De Villiers, Guy Gordon, Michael Hall, Tony Panella and Kyle Drescher. Please have a chat with our lovely Bookings Ladies about our member competitions and events. Carl has a wonderful Sunday lunch that is worth bringing your family to.

With March’s school holidays coming up, please keep an eye open for our junior golf clinics with MichellGolf. They will include a light lunch and a movie and will be advertised in our next newsletter.

Clovelly Festival Week 2020

This coming week will be starting with the Senior Club Champs on Monday. Good luck to all of the players! Alistair Smith, last year’s champion, is sadly not here to defend his title and we are excited to see who comes out top on Monday.

For those of you who are hearing about our Clovelly Festival for the first time, this event originally started over 20 years ago with the first ‘Clearwater Day’ in 1998. Created to give back to our members whilst raising funds for important projects, Clearwater Day got its name from the borehole that was sunk near the 14th tee box, funded by that first event!

It has evolved into a festival that takes part over a few days and we try to make it as fun as possible! On top of raising funds for projects, which the Governing Body and Committees decide upon, we also donate a significant amount to RAGA. They were able to buy their outside furniture with the money donated last year, and our last festival-funded purchase was our speed-roller, which has had such an impact on the greens.

We have a raffle running already and we will have an auction on the evening of Saturday 7th. So please open your hearts, and wallets, to support us.

Thank you to our own insurance brokers, Lyall Morgan and Associates, for sponsoring Wednesday afternoon. To Tony Webb of Fine & Country False Bay for sponsoring both the Senior’s Club Champs and Festival Friday, and to the numerous other companies and golf clubs sponsoring either prizes, wet holes or drinks! You all help to make this festival a great success and a wonderful event to take part in. We will acknowledge each of our sponsors in our next newsletter.

To the golfers: the formats for the competitions are as follows:

Wednesday 4th – Betterball Stableford
Thursday 5th – Ladies Open Day  – Alliance
Friday 6th – Alliance – 1 Score to Count on the Par 3s
Saturday 7th – Alliance 2 Scores to Count

There are 6 other opportunities to win on the course on each day, whether ‘nearest the pins’, ‘longest drives’, etc. and we have some FANTASTIC prizes lined up!

We have also secured talented live music for both Friday and Saturday, and on those days you get to tee off the deck too!

AGM 2020

We held our 88th annual general meeting this past Saturday. It was a happy and sad moment, saying goodbye to our current Chairman, Stephen Thomas, and Captain, Ian McPherson, and welcoming the incoming Chairman and Captain; Jonathan Ackerman and Greg Daly. We also welcomed Rob Pilkington to the Governing Body and Allan Johns to the Golf Committee.

Both Stephen and Ian were wonderful ambassadors for Clovelly, leading with their hearts. We are so appreciative of their service over the past two years; a big thank you to both of them! Please see below for the Chairman’s Report.

Whilst at the outset 2019 has been a difficult year I am proud of how Clovelly manages itself and continues to strive to improve.

Most notable this year we changed our management structures with the introduction of Paul Stoner as General Manager, Hanko Bothma as Golf Manager, Sebastian Brown as F&B Manager, with John Spyker remaining with us in a reduced capacity. In addition, Wizz Good will remain on in an advisory capacity until Paul finishes his Certified Club Manager’s certification through CMASA.

We have embarked on a road to maximize our staff utilization and not renew appointments where possible. It is with sadness and huge gratitude that we bid farewell to June Featonby; her 41 years of service are unheard of and we wish her exciting times and adventures ahead and of course, we still hope to see her around Clovelly.

Although 2019 saw the dissipation of Day Zero, it’s reputation has lingered on in the tourism industry, only to be followed by load shedding. Having provided alternative water sources we will now have to look at being able to generate power to ensure we provide a service that is still uniquely ‘Clovelly’ and amongst the best.  In addition, ensuring our irrigation systems are able to operate also remains of utmost importance.

Our membership remains healthy although we have seen a slight decline with the new year. Our average age of membership at 57 may be better than some clubs but still remains a concern. The efforts that MichellGolf and David Matthews are putting it to promote juniors can only assist in our long term membership and success.

Our rounds on previous years are down marginally to 50 259. Of concern is the reduction of premium visitor rounds by some 1 770 rounds and obviously, this affects our budgets and income stream dramatically. In the course of the year past, we have embarked on additional marketing and retained the services of  Karen Denman in a PR/Events consultancy capacity to continue to ensure that we do our best to attract visitors and not sit back idly. In light of this, the negative impact on tourism that SAA’s demise may have and the looming implementation of zero level alcohol limits on our bar will pose challenges in the year ahead.

Unfortunately, we still reflected a loss of 1.4 million which in the main is due to a loss on investments. Our Treasurer will provide further detail on this and I am happy to report that we have still been able to make provisions for equipment and irrigation as we do annually.

On the course, we embarked on replacing the wooden hole markers with stone ones. I hope you all agree that a more natural look has been achieved with the new fairway markers that give a better look and feel to our golf course. They also reduce maintenance requirements.

In our offseason, certain bunkers were also reshaped and given a little TLC to improve course conditioning and reduce the requirements and costs of maintaining them.

The 4th dam was dredged as is bi-annually required. The gabions will be reseated and fixed at the 4th. We also redid the first tee box in terms of our complete look and to improve the ease of use of carts around this area.

My thanks to Steven Webber and his team; it has been a pleasure being involved with him and the amount of tasks he tackles at times is staggering. I would like to again thank all the staff for all they do, it has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you.

RAGA continues to operate out of our clubhouse and it is truly phenomenal what this vehicle achieves in changing lives. We are lucky to be part of this in a small way and I wish the students all the best as they grow and join our community. Thank you to Annette, Shaddy, Oom Carel and Roxy for all they do in this respect.

Clovelly Country Club remains actively involved with the suburb, assisting with security and water issues and now we can add peacock management to our list of involvement. Most of you know that this situation is under control and if nothing else, I have a welcoming committee of peacocks on Saturdays.

Day Zero diminished, there is still water sensitivity and hence the plans for the redesign of the 11th have been placed on hold. Unfortunately, the 18th and 9th holes are also holes for concern with slipping greens. These will need re-doing at some stage – finances permitting.

On a positive side, we look to continue to maximize our income from alternative sources; functions from the Range and the newly opened Car Wash are areas which we will continue to improve on and maximize.

In particular, I would like to thank Jacky White and Ian McPherson for running their committees and sections so well. Thank you to the staff and particularly to you, the members, that make Clovelly and playing golf here simply the most special place.

Lastly, I would like to thank my Governing Body whose job it is to have oversight of this wonderful organization. I am sure that with Paul Stoner at the helm and Jonathan Ackerman as Chairman, Clovelly is set for a new and exciting era and I wish them all the best.

Mr. Ackerman gave a wonderful welcome speech when he spoke about how he, as a child, had come with his father, then Chairman, to the Clovelly AGMs, and had to watch what was happening from the other side of the closed door. What a proud moment for him to see his son, Jonathan, become Chairman now.

Another great moment from this AGM was the approval of the nomination to offer June Featonby and Stephen Thomas Honorary Life Membership, with hearty applause. Thank you to both of them, and well deserved!

Thank you, also, to everyone who put the effort in to attend this AGM. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to be with us! We’re happy to report that our dress code has been relaxed and that we are absolutely one of the most wonderful golf clubs in the country.

Raymond Ackerman Invitational

Definitely the most prestigious golf day in the Clovelly calendar, last Thursday we held the RAI Golf Day. Organizer, Karen Denman, ensured that the players were treated to coffee, gin, fruit juice, whiskey and more. They dined on sushi, chocolates and salmon bagels and were spoiled on the course too. We had 68 golf carts lined up above the 10th tee box, ready to take the players to their holes in time for the cannon to be fired for a 10:00 shotgun start.

All in aid of RAGA, the golf day managed, once again, to raise a whopping R 500 000 for the Academy! We are so proud to host this event. Thank you to the sponsors and players for being part of this golf day and for doing your part for youth development in this country.

Once again, thank you to Shaun Holman of Event Photography for his exquisite images. If anyone would like to receive the full album please click here.

League Update

On a cold and wet Saturday last week, we had our third round of Mid-Am and Masters League, this time taking place at Parow and Rondebosch.

We’re stoked to report victory! Our Masters team beat Rondebosch 3-1 and our Mid-Am team beat Parow’s, 5-3, with a phenomenal finish from Hendrik Snyman who came back from being 3 down with only 4 left, to eventually win his match 1 up and secure the win for the side!

Well done to all players and good luck for your next event!

Congratulations, Eva!

Congratulations to Eva Dahlvig who achieved a Hole in One on the 8th Hole last Wednesday! Brilliant!

Forthcoming Events


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 14 February was Connor Whiting.
Unfortunately, Connor was not present.

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 21 February was Tony Brooking.
Unfortunately, Tony was not present.
The next draw will be for R 3 000.