We hope that you have all had a wonderful two weeks since our last newsletter. It seemed as if we were going to be blown away on Friday evening, and despite a little damage to our tent and some trees on the course, we survived just fine and were rewarded by the most delightful Sunday. Poor General Manager, John Spyker, didn’t fare quite as well as one of the power lines was blown over, leaving him and his family in the dark.

Hopefully, that is the last of the storms for the year, although, by the looks of it, we are in for some more wind and rain on Thursday evening. Come on down and enjoy this lovely weather whilst it lasts!

Changes to the Bunkers

If you have played at Clovelly lately you may have noticed that our talented course staff have begun work on our bunkers. Many of our bunkers are old and over time the wind and maintenance have reshaped them in ways not originally envisaged. This winter we have embarked on work to rehabilitate the bunker complex on our course.  This work will take the following forms:

1. A few bunkers will be removed (Holes 3 and 7). Not only do we want to reduce the bunker footprint, but we feel that the bunkers to be removed do not suit the holes.

2. The bunker on the side of the green on Hole 17 will be reduced in size.

3. The bunker on the side of the green on Hole 10 will be reshaped to form two separate bunkers which will be better suited to the terrain.

Lastly, and also on Hole 10, one of the fairway bunkers will be moved back slightly.

We will also perform considerable work to remove the raised back lips of the bunkers on the course so that they do not face down to the green. This will also assist players entering and leaving bunkers, making it easier and safer to do so. Hopefully, these changes will improve the playability and fairness of the course, whilst reducing the cost of maintenance. We hope that you approve!

RIP, Keith

Unfortunately, not everything that we have to report on is good. Sadly, on Sunday, 18th June, Keith Featonby passed away after a short battle with cancer.

Keith was a member of Clovelly for forty-one years, and more importantly, he was the devoted husband of June, our Membership Secretary. He leaves behind June, his sons, Malcolm and Sean and their wives, Leana and Kate, and two much-loved grandsons.

We celebrated Keith’s life last Friday, late afternoon. Both Malcolm and Sean gave heart-warming speeches, making it apparent that Keith had been a caring family man and a great Dad, with a liking for a ‘dop’ now and then.
Thank you to the Clovelly members for their messages of support for June. We hold her and her family in our hearts at this time.

Amor’s Bistro

Please note that whilst Amor takes some much-needed leave, her Bistro will be closed. She is, however, taking bookings. You are more than welcome to call or text the below number and she will arrange your meal or takeaway.

Junior Clinics

There are parents that are dreading the end of the holidays and the thought of sending their little angels back to school. Then there are the parents that, despite their overwhelming love for their little gremlins, are counting the hours until they get a little ‘me’ time!

For either of those parents, but more the latter, MichellGolf still have a few golf clinics left. A safe environment, where young kids can learn the basics of golf whilst having a great time, your little one should love it, and we would love to have them!

In Pictures

Club Captain, Ian McPherson, repairs a divot on the course.
Repairing divots is an important duty of the golfers who create them and we encourage all of you to commit to this action. It can greatly assist the healing process and help us maintain a beautiful course. You should have a sandbag on you at all times. All you need to do is pour some sand into the indentation and level it. If you run out of sand please return the patch of turf and stomp on it to make it firm. We appreciate your support!

Liz Cameron takes her shot amongst debris left by the wind storm.

Too busy to pose for the camera, our course staff at work altering the bunker on the 10th.

Cape of Good Hope Wine Series Qualifying Event

Just a friendly reminder that the GolfRSA Cape of Good Hope Wine Series Clovelly Qualifier is taking place this Saturday. Open to 75 golf courses in South Africa, there is a R50 competition fee and the format is Betterball.

Please email bookings@clovelly.co.za if you would like more information.

We hope that you all have a great couple of weeks ahead. We are looking forward to our Clovelly Open Foursomes this Sunday. Good luck to all the players!

Forthcoming Events

Forthcoming Events

Member Offers

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 14th June was Peter Thompson.
Unfortunately, Peter was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 21st June was Brian Michell.
Unfortunately, Brian was not present!

The next draw will be for R 2 400.