We write this newsletter in the calm before the storm today. Weavers are chirping as they busily build their nests which blow backward and forwards in the wind. The wind, at the same time, brings ominous clouds closer towards us, darkening the day and leaving electric energy in the air.

We can definitely relate to those busy little birds as we near the end of October. We have successfully hosted seven golf days and a number of groups and functions this month. We have one wedding and two golf days to go before we head into the month of Club Champs and once that is done, we won’t have a minute to catch our breaths before the festive and high seasons arrive! After the harsh lockdowns of 2020, we’re not complaining, but phew!

Image captured by Shaun Holman of Event Photography

We have had some more members join us since our last newsletter! We wish the following a very warm welcome to our Clovelly Family:

Douglas Faure, Andrea and Martin Jackson, Craig Lewis, Tony Marshall, Bruce and Ryan Sneddon, William Thompson, Axola Sikwebu, Gareth Aitken, Nicholas Blackhurst and Hein van der Merwe.

Enjoy your time with us and please take our Governing Body up on their offer to play a game with you. Our Golf Manager, Hanko, will happily facilitate the booking.

Before we get into the newsletter, please remember to drive carefully when making your way through the Clovelly Neighbourhood and stick to the speed limit. There are children, pets and wildlife that use the roads too. Thank you for your care.

Halfway Renovations

We are looking forward to the completion of the renovations to the halfway house! The upgrade commenced last week Monday and initially, everything ran smoothly. Unfortunately, since then, some snags have cropped up, delaying the project. The completed flooring and fixtures give us a glimpse into how the Clovelly Snack Counter will look once finished and we are super excited!

We hope that without any further complications, we will be able to open the halfway house on Tuesday, 2nd November! This gives us time to thoroughly clean the kitchen from building dust, establish our new systems and get the final touches done. Thank you to our staff for showing flexibility whilst working from the bar and to our members for your patience and support!

On the Course

As the weather warms we have been monitoring soil temperatures, which finally reached 15° Celsius. At this temperature, the Kikuyu grass becomes active again and we are able to apply our spring bulk application of fertilizer. Brian and his team applied 162 x 25kg bags (4050kgs!) to the fairways and greens this week! They also completed the first application of herbicide for clover control on the fairways, all contributing towards the playability and health of the course.

Thankfully, there are no signs of fungus on the greens, however, we have had issues with our surrounds machine and spray rig and we have just had to purchase a new jockey pump. We are grateful for the foresight of Management and the Governing Body, who put careful provisions in place to deal with issues like these which invariably crop up, ensuring that we have the finances to remain operational without going into debt. A spray rig, for example, costs R685 000 excluding VAT and we have machines that cost a great deal more. Long may they live!

In other news

We forgot to share in last our newsletter that our very own Isabella van Rooyen ranked first place in Women’s Golf SA after coming second in the Ekurhuleni Open last month! What a fabulous achievement. We don’t know many golfers that work as hard as Isabella – who just came second place in the Ackerman Championships – Gus Ackerman Trophy at Rondebosch – and we are very proud of her ethics and determination. We’re sure her coaches at MichellGolf are equally so!

Our own Jane Hall and Jacky White also took part in the Ackerman Champs, coming 1st and 3rd is their respective divisions. Well done, ladies! We are sure our Chairman, Jonathan Ackerman, was over the moon with our ladies doing so well.

Sadly, we must also report that Kiethan Jones, who only joined our Golf Ops department a couple of months ago, has left us. Kiethan’s previous employer offered him his job back after managing to start up his company, which had closed during the pandemic. Although we are sad to lose Kiethan, we are happy for both him and his company and we wish them all the best!

Unfortunately, our Golf Ops department is one man down. We will endeavor to fill Kiethan’s role as soon as possible, especially considering that we will only get busier from here.

RIP, Ann

We are also sad to share the passing of Ann Booth. Ann was a light in our Clovelly family – always quick to laugh and dance, always steady and kind. A past Ladies Captain and a Clovelly Family member since 1995, Ann had many friends amongst us and left us with happy memories to cherish. Ann fought cancer bravely for years and her positive outlook and bravery inspired and comforted many. Our hearts go out to Allan, her devoted, wonderful husband. Allan has shared that there is to be a silent cremation for Ann. Everyone is free to remember and celebrate Ann’s life how they choose to, but there will be no official service.

In Pictures

We’ve loved seeing Mr. Ackerman return to golf more regularly, especially when he is joined by his nephew, Nicholas, and his grandson, Joshua. David Liebrecht had the pleasure of joining them for this sunny round.

Happy 96th birthday to our lovely Dawn English! We wish you many more happy years ahead and are equally happy that you have been able to play more golf now that restrictions have eased. We all missed you!

Isn’t spring lovely?

Thank you, Pat Quill, for capturing this sweet moment between Sebastian and his son, Logan. This little boy is so sweet and adorable!

Forthcoming Events

Bookings are open for our 2021 Club Championships! Entry forms have been emailed to all members. Hard copies can be collected from the Bookings Office. Entries close on 02 November.

We will publish November’s calendar on Spotlight within this coming week.

Keep an eye out for the first Clovelly Market on the Range! Please pop down!

We wish you all a safe and relaxing weekend ahead. Keep warm and happy!

Kind Regards,
The Clovelly Team