Happy Friday to our readers! We’re into the heart of summer, with challenging course conditions keeping our course team on their toes. Strong South Easters blast our turf with salt deposits off of the ocean, Black South Easters bring high humidity and temperatures over 30° threaten to toast our greens if we’re not careful. This is not a season where you wish to have only half of your team on the ground at a time, but we are proud to say that they are showing great attention to detail and the course is healthy and well-maintained. Well done, guys!

Sadly, another one of our staff members, Austin Whittle, has tested positive for COVID. He has been isolating since Sunday, 17th January and the rest of his team members who were in direct contact with him have been sent home too. Due to the loss of these staff members, golf operations may be affected in the coming days and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Austin, showing mild symptoms, is in great spirits and we are trusting for a speedy recovery. Simone returned to work this past Monday, after recovering from the virus, and it has been wonderful to have her back! Talk about challenging environments… If you feel that you have been in direct contact with Austin over the past ten days, please keep a lookout for developing symptoms and try to isolate where possible.

On a positive note, we have had another 53 members join us since the beginning of December! We would like to give the following members a warm welcome to Clovelly; David Anderson, Jeremy Barnes, Justin Cohen, Frank Eagar, Stuart Gracie, Michael Jacklin, Kevin Jacobs, Weyers Janse Van Rensburg, Nicolaas Jooste, Ernst Krauscher, Brandon Newman, Sylvia and Theo Noecker, Andre Swart, Johnny Symmonds, Marilyn Wadsworth, Nick Webster, Hadley Weight, Arron and Craig Whalley, Charles Wright, Michael Coles, Christian Neilsen, Jonny Webster, Timothy Dawson, Max Froelicher, Christopher Haller, Jonathan Kingwill, Rohan Oosthuizen, Jaden Peterson, Raimund Rohlfs, Jesse Sarembock, Stephen Ulyate, Dane Wilson, Liam Brittow, James Charton, Ronnie Dunn, Liam Gidlow, Garrick Jones, Matthew King, Brent Kirstein, Michale Kruger, Nicholas Leader, Dylon Marais, Brendan Marsh, Eron Martin, Michael Niemann, Mogamat Adams, Peter Forrest, Stephanie Van Wyk, Michael Kiggen and Thomas Smith.

We trust that you will come to love Clovelly as much as the rest of us do and we wish you many happy memories!


When facing challenging weather conditions, course maintenance becomes a blend of science and hard work. Our team has some practices up their sleeves to ensure the health and playability of the turf, and in our previous newsletter, we spoke to you about dusting – the application of a light layer of sand to the greens to help reduce thatch, promote better recovery and improve the playability of the greens. In this newsletter, we want to shine the spotlight on verti-draining.

Before we get into the process of verti-draining, we need to understand what happens beneath the surface of our greens, and we’ll be going right down to the roots! These roots grow in between the particles of soil and when the soil becomes too compact (bear in mind that we roll the greens), the roots can’t spread out and absorb nutrients and the health and growth rate of the grass is negatively affected.

The process of verti-draining, which we undertake every alternate week to dusting, uses a cylindrical piece of metal (called a tine) to puncture holes into the playing surface. This, too, is similar to the process of hollow tining, but instead of removing cores of earth with hollow tines, the tines are solid and only pierce holes into the earth.

These holes provide our solution, ultimately de-compacting and aerating the green. In short, verti-draining alleviates compaction and allows for better penetration of air, water, fertilizer and other nutrients. In turn, this promotes root and shoot growth and improves surface performance. Verti-draining is followed by cutting and rolling the greens, ensuring minimal impact to the playability of the area.

Competition Format Update

Let’s leave the course for a moment and focus on golf.  Since the introduction of the World Handicaps System (WHS), there has been global debate in regards to handicaps and scoring. Our own Handicaps Committee has studied the current WHS Handicap Manual tirelessly in order to understand the new system and utilize it to create a fair playing field across all divisions – this was the reasoning behind introducing the 85% allowance on betterball and alliance competitions.

Currently, our aim is to have an equal amount of individual formats – the truest form of the game!- to social formats. To this end, the following formats are the ones we will host in a monthly cycle.

Monthly Medal (First Saturday of the Month)

Mid-monthly Medal (Middle Wednesday of the Month)

Four-ball Alliance – 2 Scores to Count at 85% of your course handicap

Betterball Stableford

Individual Stableford

Individual Bonus Bogey (++ -)

Combined Stableford ( A + B )

We also introduced an Individual Bogey (++–) in January, which is essentially just a different method of scoring Stableford and is suitable for all divisions, and will be introducing a Betterball Combined Stableford in February. A Betterball Combined Stableford is a four-ball competition that uses the betterball score between players A & B, added to the betterball score of players C & D. This format will be played with the 85% allowance in effect.

Our Golf Manager, Hanko Bothma, is always open to new ideas and opportunities to add to fairness in golf, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to join him for a coffee.

The Return of League Golf

After the Western Province league season ended prematurely due to COVID last winter, we are happy to share that our league teams return to the fairways this weekend. This coming Saturday our Mid-Am Team is taking on Parow and our Masters Team will be up against Somerset West. Next Tuesday, our Ladies Gold Team is playing against Westlake and Royal Cape, the Bronze Team is taking on Durbanville and our Copper Team is up against King David Mowbray.

We wish our players the best of success. Give them horns! We started last year’s season on a roll and if we can continue that momentum, we have nothing to worry about!

Yummy news for our league players at home, and any other golfers at Clovelly on Saturday afternoon, is that they will be able to purchase mouth-watering Gourmet Frankfurter ‘Dogs’ on toasted pretzel rolls, with sauerkraut, pickles, mustard mayo, and a variety of salsas for R45 off the braai from 11:00. Enjoy!

Please get in touch with Hanko on golf@clovelly.co.za if you are interested in joining our awesome league teams. He is always happy to strengthen the squads!

Craig’s Frozen Meals

Here is Craig’s next set of meals for collection/delivery next week. Please make sure that your orders are in by Sunday, 24th January, 12:00, for delivery on Thursday 28th January – contactless, to your door – or collection from Clovelly on Wednesday, 27th.

Orders to be sent to 082 356 0850 or craig.wobbe@gmail.com. Payment via EFT to:

Craig Wobbe,
FNB Cheque
Acc No: 62759036926,
Branch: 250655

Thank you for your support!

In Pictures

Not many can claim the achievement of a hole-in-one at the age of ten, if at all! Adam Maggott proved that he’s got what it takes, attaining this golf goal on Monday, 11th January on Hole 11. Well done, Adam! You have given many of us a wee case of jealousy! We, and your coaches at MichellGolf, are super proud of you.

Our ‘Roving Photographer’, Pat Quill, snapped these stunning photos of the course whilst playing golf this past Tuesday. We ask you to spare a prayer and a thought for Pat and her darling husband, Donal, as he struggles with his health. Sending much love, Pat.

We shared this photo on our social media pages this week, of a funny sign MichellGolf has erected on the course.

Let us know where this sign is by replying to this newsletter with your answer and stand a chance to win a free round of golf and a coffee on us!

We’ll announce the winner next Friday.

That is all from us! Have a lovely weekend and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm Regards,
The Clovelly Team

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