What a stunning couple of weeks in Cape Town. Did any of you watch the Ndovlu Youth Choir’s final performance in America’s Got Talent last night? So special! We’re holding thumbs that they win!

Lately, we have been so grateful to live in South Africa and be part of its wonderful people. The Deep South, in particular, has been awe-inspiring, with loads of whale action in Fish Hoek Bay, and a night of dazzling bioluminescence (see below) a week ago. Watching the waves crash, lighting up a neon blue, made us feel as if we were in part of a magical fairytale! The bioluminescence stretched across the entire shoreline, and beyond the point to Glen Cairn. Here is a link if you want to read more about it, or see more images. These moments are perfect reminders of how lucky we are to be here.

We have some more changes to golfing as we know it coming up, so please read the below to ensure that you stay up to date.

News from Handicaps Network Africa

As part of the transition to the World Handicap System, we will be changing our maximum score allowed per hole, with effect from 1 October 2019, to a Net Two Over Par (sometimes referred to as a Net Double Bogey).

The current method of determining your maximum score for the hole is a maximum of 2 over par, unless you have two Course Handicap strokes on a hole, in which case you must enter a 3 over par.

From 1st October 2019, the maximum score on any hole for your Handicap Score will be a Net Two Over Par (or Net Double Bogey), which is equal to Zero Stableford points. (Note: a net score on a hole is your Gross Score less any Course Handicap Strokes you have on that hole, while a Bogey is a 1-over-par score.)

Example: If a golfer has a Course Handicap of 18, they get 1 handicap stroke per hole, so they must enter a maximum score of 3 over par on any hole where they blow out. If a golfer has a handicap of 9, then on stroke holes 1 to 9 they must enter a maximum score of 3 over par on those holes and, on stroke holes 10 to 18, a maximum of 2 over par.

The following table gives a simple overview of the maximum score allowed for Handicap score entry purposes, based on the number of strokes the player receives on a hole.

If you are in any doubt about maximum scores, please ask your club to assist you. Alternatively, you can enter your actual gross score on each hole on your HNA Phone App, the club terminal or at www.handicaps.co.za. The system will automatically adjust your score to your maximum allowed on a hole according to your Course Handicap when you press “Enter Score”.

The effect of this change to the maximum score allowed on a hole will result in Handicap Indexes, on average, going up. However, the simultaneous change of the Handicap Calculation to the average of the best 8 of the last 20 scores on the 1st of October (as covered in this previous newsletter), should ensure that the overall effect on your handicap over time will be minimal.

This change should also have a negligible effect on the speed of play because currently, most golfers continue to play until they have no Stableford points.

Change to hole stroking at Clovelly

As part of the worldwide change to a universal Rating, Stroking and Handicapping system, we will be re-stroking the entire course, with the provisional date of implementation being 1 October 2019 (this date may adjust as it is linked to the delivery of the new scorecards and partial completion of the new hole information boards on each hole).

What this means for golfers taking to our fairways is that you will no longer see a stroke for men and a stroke for women. There will be a universal stroke on each hole, to be applied by all golfers irrelevant of which tee they have elected to play off of. Below is the brief explanation behind the change of stroking sent by Golf RSA. We will be one of the last courses in Cape Town to adopt this recommendation.

Rule of Golf 33-4 requires Committees to “publish a table indicating the order of holes at which handicap strokes are to be given or received”. To provide consistency at affiliated clubs, it is recommended that the allocation is made with the following considerations:

It is an established fact that the stroke index allocation has virtually no influence on the Stableford result and therefore on handicap adjustments.

It is of paramount importance for match play that the strokes to be received at all handicap differences are evenly spread over the 18 holes.

  1. This is best achieved by allocating the odd-numbered strokes to the more difficult of the two nine holes, usually the longest nine, and the even numbers to the other nine.
  2. Try to achieve one stroke index table for all tees, men and women.
Allocating the stroke index numbers to the holes should be done in the following way:
  1. Split the 18 holes into 6 groups of 3; 1, 2, 3 then 4, 5, 6, etc.
  2. Stroke index 1 to 4 not on holes 1, 2, 3 or 16, 17, 18.
  3. The aggregate of the 6 groups of holes should be between 27 and 30.
  4. If index 1 is allocated to the first of the two nine holes, index 2 should be placed in the second.
  5. All odd indices on the first nine and all even on the second nine, or the other way round, is preferred, also in view of nine-hole rounds.
  6. Avoid index 1 to 6 on adjacent holes.
We have received our strokes from Golf RSA, after the course was re-rated for the USGA Course Rating and Sloping exercise, and these will be the strokes implemented after applying the above recommendations. Should you have any queries please contact our Golf Director, Paul Stoner on golf@clovelly.co.za.

Join us to watch the Rugby World Cup!

We are excited about the start of the Rugby World Cup this Friday! The Telegraph predicts that South Africa could bring home the trophy, calling our squad “fearsome”, and SuperSport agrees.

We are certainly rooting for our Springboks and can’t wait for their first game against New Zealand this Saturday. What a game! We hope that you will join us.

Pictured at Clovelly

September’s medal winners, Helen Bowes(middle) for silver, and Lynne Gordon and Deanna Lynn, coming first and second on a count-out, for bronze.

Little Evan Marais scored a personal best of 41 on the back nine at Clovelly. Well done, dude! We are also so proud of Isabella van Rooyen who finished 4th in the Boland Open, on a final score of 1 under par.

Our first-phase students, in their orange caps, had their first game on the ‘big course’ with Coach Dave from MichellGolf.

We’re stoked that Ford King (083 226 2946) of Seeff Properties renew Seeff’s sponsorship of our Monthly Medal Competition. Seeff has been a long-term sponsor and we are so appreciative of their partnership. The results can be seen in the results section below.

Specials in the Pro Shop

We wish all of you a great week! Welcome to our new members, Gudren Boas, Terry Domnakis, Harry and Kathy Hooper, Caspar and Monique Jansen, Mark Mullin, Hans, Maria and Clara Otterling, Wayne Smith, Gavin Soll, Jeremy Swartz, Maurice Thal, Gunter Von Ketelhodt, Kiash Naidoo, Denise Davies, Clive Davis and Chadwin Springhall. We hope that you feel welcome at Clovelly and that you enjoy everything we have to offer! We’re so happy that you have joined us!

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The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 6th September was John Riley.
Unfortunately, John was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 13th September was Peter Thompson.
Unfortunately, Peter was not present!

The next draw will be for R 4 800.