Welcome to October – the start of our new financial year, and also, our midseason! In Afrikaans there is a lovely saying about this month; “Die mooiste maand” which translates to “The most beautiful month”. It really is! The flowers around us are blooming, animal babies have come along with the warmer weather and soon, with the application of our spring fertilizer, the greens will flourish too.

Another exciting development in October is that this is the start of Clovelly’s new journey with Paul Stoner as General Manager. We have the utmost confidence that Paul will take us to new heights and we are all looking forward to the future. Luckily, John Spyker will stay on as Club Manager, so we can still benefit from his wisdom.

GolfRSA Handicap Manual to help you through the changes.

Remember that the start of October also brought with it some more changes to the GolfRSA Handicap System. Click the button below for the option to download a full or summarised handicap manual provided to you from the HNA for free!

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Cape Town Junior Open

Last week we hosted the WP Clovelly Junior Open, sponsored by the Bridge Fund Managers, and the Cape Town Junior Open. The weather for the first was perfectly sunny and calm. What a change on Sunday, which saw 72 young golfers set out for 36 holes of golf in a strong South-easter wind and cold rain! Luckily, by the afternoon the wind had calmed down and the sun had returned.

In an amazing display of talent, Southern Cape junior, Jordan Duminy, won both tournaments, edging out Junior North and South champion, Tyran Snyders, to lift the Cape Town Junior Open title on Sunday.

If you want to read more about Jordan’s wins click here.

Thank you to Shaun Holman for his awesome photography of the Cape Town Junior Open.

Ollie receives a Ping Prodi-G Golf Set

By now, you will all know that Clovelly has a soft spot for our younger golfers, and there are few things as exciting as seeing a young golfer growing through the game, reaching goals and becoming the best golfer they can be.

Ollie Malyon needs very little introduction. Coached by Dave Matthews of MichellGolf, Ollie is one of our most active and talented junior members. For Ollie’s birthday, he received a very exciting change to his “what’s in the bag” profile, and we would like to share it with you…

Ping Prodi-G junior equipment is the present and future of junior golf clubs. Based on the same design as the G400 range, this is the real deal – swing weighting, shaft stiffness, kick points, clubface design, torque and moment of inertia are all taken into account in the manufacturing of the clubs. What’s more, the clubs get fitted to the junior golfer’s swing!

Instead of changing the clubs when Ollie outgrows them, Ping offers a shaft change program, which will see him fitted into new shafts for his full 11-piece set when necessary. Essentially, this means that Ollie’s entire junior golf career is taken care of with this state of the art equipment.

Feel free to have a chat with our Pro Shop staff about the Ping Prodi-G range, or any of your equipment needs. They will guarantee competitive pricing and a memorable experience!

Ollie managed to play his personal best 9-hole score of 40 shots the very first time taking out his birthday present!

Ladies’ Trophies

We have had two trophy competitions for our Ladies in the last two weeks. The first was the Greenwall Trophy which was won by June Harrison and Bruni Bensch – a tie! The second was the Freda Ackerman Cup which was won by Helen Bowes with Clare Williams coming in second, followed by Debbie Armstrong.

Well done, ladies!

Unfortunately, the Ladies Section lost a special past member, Paulette Coppez, who passed away at the age of 94 last week. Paulette was a past Ladies’ Captain and a ‘Freedom of the Club’ Member of Clovelly. We send our condolences to her family and friends and wish them peace during this sad time.

As the weather gets warmer we will begin to see more snakes on the course, such as this puff adder spotted last Tuesday on the 9th, as they come out of hibernation and start looking for food. In this article the Cape of Good Hope SPCA advises people doing outdoor activities to be vigilant at the moment, and we couldn’t agree more, especially when looking for your ball in the rough, under trees and in bushes. If you do see a snake please give it a wide birth and ask one of the Golf Ops staff to report it to Course Manager, Steven Webber. He will gently relocate it away from the course.

Above is a sequence of images showing the work that has been going into the renovation of the bunkers on the first over the past week. More work has been done, in fact, the bottom left bunker has been completely removed, and it should be finished in the next few days. This is the last of the bunkers that needed to be renovated over winter and soon the course staff will be able to focus on manicuring the course to ensure that it is healthy and perfect in time for summer. A big “well done” to them for their hard work!

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Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday,27 September was Grant Cooper.
Unfortunately, Grant was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 4 October was Rushan Naidoo.
Unfortunately, Rushan was not present!
The next draw will be for R 5 400.

Remember that, to accommodate our later tee sheets, our draw has moved back to 19:00.