It is a wonderful Friday in Cape Town and we’re over the moon to be heading into a weekend of sunshine after this last cold front. That wind and rain was something else! Incredibly, we didn’t lose any trees, although the course was strewn with branches and other debris, often floating in dams that had miraculously formed overnight! It’s funny to think that this time a year ago we were trying to use as little water as possible. We thought the prospect of Day Zero was bad… we had no idea! 2020 has certainly given us perspective and appreciation for normality.

Our Course Supervisor-in-training, Brian Dlutu, is handling his first month without our past Course Manager, Steven Webber, very well. Luckily, Steven is still very much a support system for us as a consultant, and as a personal friend to Brian. Brian’s biggest challenge so far, despite maintaining the course with less than half a team, has been clearing the debris after last week’s storms, in order to get the course ready in time for our golfers.  In amongst it all, we have had issues with our rough machine which has delayed the frequency at which we can cut these areas. This means there are a few more places on the course where you need to make sure you hit it down the middle! Brian, and our Mechanic, Shaun McLaren, are pushing as hard as they can to have this machine back up and running as soon as possible and we appreciate their efforts.

Over the long term, with reduced staff and the need for us to actively cut costs, we’ll be applying our own “up the middle” approach to manage our resources efficiently. Our focus will be on greens, tees and fairways, primarily in that order, and we will then branch out to the rough and other peripheral items. This may mean that certain areas of the course will be less manicured than they used to, however, as with any restructuring and cost-cutting exercises, we all have to adjust our expectations and establish a new base level against which to measure the overall course condition. Our Clovelly Team will always be fully committed to keeping the course in the best shape as possible and as close to what we have all become accustomed to over the years. We have received an outpouring of support from our members lately and we would just like to say thank you! We’re loving your positivity and we’re looking forward to the future.

Fortunately, he found the time for his first game of golf with GM, Paul Stoner, last week. We encourage our Course Staff to play golf so that they are able to enjoy the results of their hard work first hand and so that they understand the reasons for doing the job that they do. Usually, a group of Course Staff play on a Thursday, quietly teeing off without drawing any attention to themselves. Well, it turns out that they are hiding some serious talent. We’re looking forward to bringing it out in our Staff Champs next year.


We have welcomed the start of our Singles Matchplay and Chammy tournaments with excitement and relief. Relief at the return of good old-fashioned competition, humourous jibes between friends, and confident bets on who will win each game!

Our Singles Matchplay got underway last week, teed off by our very own Club Captain, Greg Daly. With a HCP of 8.4, his first game against Warren Goldswain, on a HCP of 4.3, wasn’t going to be easy. From the start, Greg took control and maintained his advantage through the first 12 holes. Perhaps the pressure of matchplay got to him, or perhaps Warren plays best when he’s down, but Greg then lost the next 4 consecutive holes. The match went all the way to the last hole being all square and Warren triumphed with a good par save on the 9th Green to win the match 1up. Well done, Warren!

Although his Matchplay journey may be over, Greg is set to play another game soon, this time with his brother, Peter, as his golfing partner in the Chammy Cup. They will be playing against no other that our own Hanko Bothma and John Spyker. Greg has a lot to lose as not only will he be out of both tournaments from the get-go, but as you can imagine, chirps have been exchanged and there is a great deal of pride on the line!

Good luck to all competing in either of the knockouts this weekend and may the best man/men win!!

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