We are almost at the end of a confusing, unnerving time for South Africa. Not only has the third COVID wave been particularly trying but this week’s unrest up north has carried an emotional toll, despite the knowledge that this behaviour is not unique to our country. However, in our Clovelly way, we end the week with hope in our hearts. Communities all over South Africa have come together to protect businesses, help clean up, donate to feed and repair and protest against recent events. Just yesterday, our residents of Masiphumelele marched in a chain of peace! We are reminded of what makes this country one of the best – our UBUNTU spirit – and we look forward to a bright and united future.

Unfortunately, our operations have been further affected. While Primrose, who works in the Pro Shop, and Maynard, in Golf Operations, take some much-deserved leave, we have other staff in isolation. Simone (Bookings) and Austin (Golf Ops)  have been in isolation as a precaution and will be back in the coming days, should they test negative for COVID, while Richard (Pro Shop), who has been in isolation and has just tested negative, will be back tomorrow. Patricia (Pro Shop) is also away on sick leave. Thankfully, she has tested negative and will be back soon.

These shortages will be felt most in the Bookings Office and Pro Shop. We will be calling in support from our Committees and casuals where possible to ensure we do our best to maintain our service levels. On top of that, taxi transport has been unreliable of late as they face internal battles, delaying staff and resulting in periods where we are unable to provide the level of service we wish to. The level of empathy, understanding, and patience from our members has been phenomenal and we would like to say THANK YOU. Our staff and their efforts to fill the gaps must also be commended. Your positivity and can-do attitudes encourage us all.

Before we continue, we would like to give a warm welcome to the new members who joined our Clovelly Family in the last two months; Altus Giliomee, Pieter Boone, David Bredin, Simon Devis, Derek and Joe Sutton, Marie-Suzanne van Boven, Elisabeth Werleus, Liam Brand, Benjamin Hansen, Christan and Odette Booysen, Wesley Green, Mitchell Hawley, Dain Heart, Samuel Hewat, Taahir Samaai, Thomas Sansom, Ziyaad Adams, Leon Botha, Dylan Brent and Christopher Moore. We hope you feel at home and make many beautiful memories!

Despite good amounts of rain, the last two weeks of Level 4 have seen busy timesheets, excluding one day when the rain, combined with wind, was strong enough for us to close early! Work on the 16th tee boxes was going well, however, the wet weather has stalled progress as we are unable to bring machinery in due to concerns that we could damage the 15th fairway and 16th hole. We have some sunshine ahead of us and we’re hoping the ground will firm up sufficiently, however, we also have more rain predicted for next week so only time will tell. We will keep you updated on this exciting project!

We have been grateful for the steady stream of golfers, however, limited daylight hours and more members have resulted in too few times available during our Wednesday and Saturday competitions. You may think that such demand is not a bad problem to have, and you may be right, however, we would really like to be able to accommodate everyone! In response to this issue, our GM, Paul Stoner, and Golf Manager, Hanko Bothma, met with our Committees and Governing Body and they have since sent out a letter to our members detailing booking policy changes which we hope will help. Please be sure to check your inbox. If you have not received the email it is likely that your service provider has labelled our domain as spam. You will be able to find the letter on your Spotlight Social app. Below is a brief summary of the changes:

1. Wednesday competition bookings: Will open at 16:00 the Tuesday, 8 days prior
2. Saturday competition bookings: Will open at 16:00 the Friday,  8 days prior
3. Non-Members in competitions: Visitors will not be accommodated in Wednesday or Saturday competition fields. For the first 6 days, only members can be booked onto the timesheet. If you do not have a fourball of members, the remaining slots must be left open for other members. Although we enjoy showcasing Clovelly to your guests, in order to ensure that our members have the best opportunity to play, if you wish to invite a guest you will only be able to do so 24 hours prior to the date, if there are times available. You are welcome to put your guest on the waiting list.
4. Your booking: The member making the booking must provide four full names in order to secure a fourball. If there are any no shows or failures to cancel, the member who made the booking will remain liable for the slots booked. A R240 fine (based on a member’s green fee) will be imposed per slot and will contribute towards the Course Projects Fund. We ask that cancellations are made at least 24 hours before play, however, we understand that from time to time, situations out of your control can occur on the day of play and we will be empathetic to this.

There is more to read, so be sure to check out the letter. Of course, our timesheets will lengthen as summer draws near and we will struggle with tee time availability less and less. Until then, we hope the above amendments ensure a fair and equal chance to secure a booking. We encourage all of our members to book online at www.teesheet.co.za or through the Clubmaster app.

We are fast approaching Mandela Day, this Sunday 18th July. This special day, on Nelson Mandela’s birthday, was declared by the UN in 2009 and honours Nelson Mandela’s memory by encouraging people to spend 67 minutes in service of others. It a slightly harder to achieve this in 2021 as most of us are either locked up at home or keeping others at a 2-meter length! Shaddie Valayadum, one of our Clovelly Team, has found a wonderful solution and is encouraging everyone to donate R67 to My Father’s House instead. They have been feeding thousands of people since the start of lockdown and require huge amounts of resources to achieve their goal. They are providing an invaluable service to the community, not only feeding the homeless but also regular families who have lost their income due to COVID. We know they would appreciate our reader’s support, so if you have it in your means, please consider donating to their foundation!

Food and Beverages at Clovelly

We are having to be a little creative with Level 4. Please remember that you can pick up your alcohol-free beers and pizzas at the Halfway House. Terms and conditions apply.

We also have another frozen mals menu available! Remember to order for a two-week period. Thank you for your support!

In Pictures

Congratulations to young Evan Marais who at the age of 11, won the U14 division and tied second for the U18 division of the WP Hazendal Par 3 Challenge. There was a full field of 46 players! Well done, Evan! You are fantastic.

Well done to Craig, Nono, Florence, Noel, Nazeem, Daniswa and the many casuals who saw our Clovelly Halfway House through its first year. It has been a challenging, rewarding year and we are learning new things every day. We are looking forward to a successful future of delicious, healthy and affordable offerings for our players!

Our hearts go out to Jacky White, our past Ladies Captain and face of member relations at Clovelly, after she lost her husband Peter, last week. Peter was a dear soul and someone who we have special memories of. RIP, Peter.

Thankfully, some of our other members have positive stories to share. We are happy to report that John Spyker is back home after being treated for COVID at Constantiaberg Hospital. He will be regaining his strength for the rest of the month but we’re sure we will see him at the club soon. We will be sharing his personal recount of his experience soon. If ever he worried that he wasn’t valued, he knows just how loved he is now!

We are also relieved to share that Geoff Taylor is doing well and dear Benny Manual, who suffered a heart attack this week, has been operated on and is well on the way to recovery! Hold your loved ones close and be sure to express how wonderful they are. Have a lovely weekend and keep safe!

Warm regards,
The Clovelly Team

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