The weather over the last two days has been wonderful. A little cooler than it has been lately, but not a breath of wind and wonderful sunshine during the early afternoon. Yet, at Clovelly, there is not a golfer in sight! Instead, we have the gentle humming of course machinery and carpet cleaners as Hollow Tyning takes place.

The course staff have been removing cores of compact soil from the greens and filling the remaining holes with clean sand. This helps to aerate the grass’ roots as well as assisting with drainage. This practice is done at Clovelly twice a year. In the following two weeks, the greens will be rough and a little unpleasant to play on, however, this is an important part of course maintenance and the benefits will soon show.

Happy Birthday, Ken!

We would like to wish one of our wonderful members, Mr. Ken Herringer, a belated but fantastic 90th birthday! Ken has been a member at Clovelly for fifty-five years after signing up in April 1964. We would love to hear some of his Clovelly stories, seeing as he has been a member for longer than many of our staff have been alive!

Ken is a warm and humorous gentleman; one that we are proud to call a part of our family. We wish him many joyful and healthy years ahead!

Club Champs

It really is a fantastic time of year, both in terms of weather and the fact that our annual Club Championship are held at the beginning of Autumn. The course enjoys the cooler weather heading into the Championships which allows our Course Manager, Steven Webber, and his awesome team to present a world-class product. This year saw us revert back to a 72 hole stroke play format in both the A and B Division, with the competition spanning over two weekends. The C Division joined on the second weekend for a 36 hole stroke play Championship. The Championships was generously sponsored by Atlantic Forwarding, with special thanks to Andrew Roberts.

The A and B Division players took to the fairways for their first round on Saturday 6 April with great anticipation. Over the first round there were some highs and lows, as can be expected with any golf round, at the end of the day Matthew Cooper, a young aspiring golfer working with Michell Golf, had established a 3 shot lead over David Thompson. His brilliant 69 kick started the Club Champs with a bang! In the B Division Peter Marais shot a solid 82. However another youngster, Cameron Mackintosh, carded a great 83 to be only one shot behind.

The second round for the A and B Division players teed of on Sunday 7 April, with all those hopeful either looking to improve or simply maintain their form from the day before. This, as well all know can only be true for some, and while some players fell off the pace the two youngsters rose to the occasion with Matthew shooting a 2 under par 70 to maintain his lead and Cameron improving and recording an awesome 79. This saw them … shots and … shots in the lead respectively heading into the third and fourth rounds. A great round by Rohan Fraser of 2 under par moved him up the rankings to 2nd place, 7 shots behind Matthew.

After a weeks rest, and time for reflection on their previous games, the A and B Division returned in their pursuit of silverware. They were excitedly joined by the C Division players who joined in the pursuit!

At the close of play on Saturday 13 April the standing were as follows. In the A Division Matthew had recorded another sub par round of 71 to remain in the lead by a comfortable 11 shots, ahead of Rohan Fraser and Gareth Wobbe on totals of 221 each. They were closely followed by a new young member, Tyrone Leach on a score of 224, who recently joined the Club after a long layoff from golf.  In the B Division Cameron struggled a bit with his game and carded a 93 while Kruger du Plessis (84 gross), Greg Daly (82 gross), Peter Marais (84 gross), Paul Yule (81 gross), and the best of the day from  Brent Kleve (77 gross) all made moves up the leader board to set it up for a tight finish on Sunday. In the C Divisions first round Richard Gold emerged at the front of the pack with a score of 88, followed by Richard Hodge on a score of 93.

The final round of the 2019 Club Champs was met with a rather rainy and cold start for the morning field on Sunday 14 April, but luckily enough cleared up by the afternoon for the leaders of each division to take to the fairways once again. Unfortunately Richard Gold could not maintain his run of form from the first round finishing with a 107; while Richard Hodge managed to sustain the pressure (94) and eventually claimed the title on 187 gross total. In the B Division Cameron found his form again shooting an 83, with Peter Marais and Kruger du Plessis slowing down and carding 91 and 88 respectively it meant that all three players ended on a 340 gross total, requiring a play off on the 18th hole to determine the B Division Club Champion. Once again Cameron held his nerves with a par on the 1st play off hole, versus bogeys from both Peter and Kruger. In the A Division Matthew was made of steel and went around under par yet again, shooting a 70 final round (his fourth sub par round of the tournament). Despite good rounds from Gareth Wobbe (73), Daniel Joseph (73) and David Thompson (72) this was enough to claim the title by a truly exceptional 14 shots.

What a fantastic tournament it was with some exceptional, and some exciting, golf from all who participated. We would like to thank all those who showed their support over the tournament and contributed towards making it into a truly special event! We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020!

Regulations for Competition Scorecards at Clovelly Country Club

In order to assist the Proshop with scoring and for the sake of keeping accurate scoring records for evaluation by the Handicap Committee the following are compulsory requirements for each player being marked when handing in a scorecard.

  • Name
  • Handicap Index
  • Selected Course (Yellow, White or Red)
  • Relevant Course Handicap
  • Date
  • Signature of Player and Marker

There are also specific requirements for each competition format:

  • 4 Ball Competition – 1 Scorecard
  • BetterBall Competition – 1 Scorecard per pair, 2 scorecards total
    • If only one scorecard handed in only Players A and B will be considered for scoring purposes.
  • Individual Competition – 1 Scorecard per player, 4 scorecards total.
    • If only one scorecard handed in only Player A will be considered for scoring purposes.

Any scorecards handed in not following the basic requirements above will be disregarded from consideration in the competition.

Thank you for your cooperation.
The Golf Committee

Forthcoming Events

Quiz Night at Clovelly

Please join us next Friday evening for a fun-filled quiz night in aid of one of our favorite charities, The Safehouse. To make a booking please contact June on 021 784 2100 or send an email to


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 5th April was Mark Bruce.
Unfortunately, Mark was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 12th April was Terry Eldrid.
Unfortunately, Terry was not present!
The next draw will be for R 5 800.The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 5th April was Mark Bruce.
Unfortunately, Mark was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 12th April was Terry Eldrid.
Unfortunately, Terry was not present!
The next draw will be for R 5 800.

The name drawn for the Evergreen Draw on Friday, 5th April was Wolfgang Budde.
Unfortunately, Wolfgang was not present!

The name drawn for the Evergreen Draw on Friday, 12th April was Tommy Jonsson.
Unfortunately, Tommy was not present!
This draw remains at R 8 000.