“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” Gaylord Nelson

Last week we celebrated ‘Earth Day’ and we were given a chance to reflect on our impact on this planet and to draw our attention to Earth’s magnificent beauty. Certainly, being located in the Deep South of Cape Town, we are surrounded by this beauty every day. Nestled between strong, harsh mountains, listening to the waves and wind just a short distance away at Clovelly Beach, watching the bees visit the fynbos bushes that soften the landscape. Aren’t we blessed? Alarmingly, we receive reports about fishless oceans as close as 29 years away. The temperature is rising, natural resources are being exploited and the average South African uses up to 50kg of plastic a year. We can all have an impact on this wonderful place that we call home for a while. The choices that we make can affect our health, can lessen the damage to our Earth, or help repair it, and we can leave a better planet for our children. We hope that you will join us in living mindfully going forward.

Whether climate change-related or not, these past two weeks have given us all four seasons! We have had cold wind and rain, hot summer’s days, more than one misty morning and the lovely ‘in-betweens’. We are all too aware that winter is on its way and we will be soaking up every ray of sunshine that we can! Below is Sonwabile Same raking the turf residue left over from Hollow Tyning. Although chilly, these misty mornings are something special!


Team-building during Hollow Tyning

Whilst the Greens Team were hard at work over Hollow Tyning on Tuesday 15th April, the rest of the staff went down to the Range for a fun team building session, ran by Julie Hvidsten and her daughters. We had to throw uncooked eggs to each other, gradually moving further and further apart, we had to blow plastic cups off of a table, with balloons. From joining hands and getting a hoop through a circle of all six bodies in your team, to getting all six bodies of your team into the hoop, the day was filled with hilarity and fun. It all culminated in a spitting competition and an improv team war cry.

In the end, the “Skeletons”, made up of Club Captain, Ian McPherson, Simone Patterson, Daniel Musimbirachako, Anika Sauls, Jessica Yiend and captained by Wikus Jason, were the team with the most points, closely followed by team “John Spyker”, made up of Austin Whittle, Raylee Meiring, Nono Ndlondloyi, Denver Sassman, and Ashley Overmeyer.

After team building, the staff were treated to a delicious lunch from Carl’s Catering, before Manager, John Spyker, Golf Director, Paul Stoner, and Chairman, Stephen Thomas presented all staff working five years and longer with long-standing certificates.

We were impressed with Steven Webber, Willie Mentoor, Victor Hawton, Albert Cetwayo, and John Gqamane who have all worked at Clovelly for over twenty years! Ntembeko Busayi, Zwelethu Staff and Owen Volschenk have all worked over fifteen years and there were twenty-nine other staff members who have been here for over five and ten years. What a testament to how wonderful Clovelly is!

By far the most impressive amount of time spent at Clovelly was June’s forty-one years! June, when presented with her flowers, held Paul’s hand and gave a short, warm speech where she said that “If you love your job, you never work a day in your life, and in my case, I think I may have only worked a good 25% of the time”. We were all moved. Well done, June! You have enriched Clovelly and we are so grateful to have you as part of our family.

League Update

After a break over the Easter holidays, our Masters side returned to the fairways on Saturday for an extremely important match – the semi-final vs Royal Cape.

Having made it to the semi-finals before but always struggling to progress to the final stage, the nervous energy was tangible amongst our players as their matches teed off. In our home team were the pairings of Jon Bernard and James Wight, along with Wizz Good and Richard Goveia. Away were Steven Dunn and Craig Small, along with Erl Hvidsten and Ian Hutchison.

An extremely tight match ensued, seeing the see-sawing of points between the two sides throughout the day. Both ‘away’ pairings showed awesome big match temperament. Erl and Ian fought hard although eventually losing their match by a narrow margin of two points with 34 to 36. Steven and Craig also had their work cut out for them, but a fantastic finish of 3 birdies on the trot allowed them to halve their match on 37 points each. This allowed us to collect an extremely valuable half match-point from our away game.

April saw Round 4 of the Ladies’ League. Sadly, ‘Silver 3’ lost 4 to 2 to Royal Cape and ‘Bronze 5’ lost 2 to 1 to Bellville.  ‘Bronze 1’, however, had a great win against Westlake, at Westlake, beating them 2 to1! We are confident that our ladies will rise to the top over their next six matches. Good luck, ladies!

Junior Golf at Clovelly

“A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course. Golf teaches you how to behave.” Jack Nicklaus

We’re not wishing our kids’ childhoods away. If anything, we would like to slow time down and let our kids be kids! However, it is inescapable that whilst on the course, young golfers are able to learn discipline, etiquette, social skills, and patience, amongst many other great attributes. We have invested in great junior programmes with MichellGolf, and this aspect of Clovelly is one that we hope will flourish in time to come. We hope that your kids are able to join us for the ride!

Junior Winter Series

Speaking about kids, we cannot believe it has already been a year since the inaugural launch of the Clovelly Junior Winter Series. This sees some of the best U15s and U13s compete against each other over four fixtures at Clovelly Country Club, over the months of April – August. Last year was a great success and this was reflected in the number of entries for the first event of 2019, with all spots being filled with two weeks to spare!

We are proud to say that we had a number of Clovelly representatives in the field, namely Olivia Wood, Isabella Williams, Oliver Malyon and Evan Marais. They did us extremely proud and we look forward to seeing them take on the field next month. Overall, for the first fixture the winners were as follows:

  • U15 A-Division (Medal) – Matthew Lotz (pictured right)
  • U15 B-Division (Medal) – Liam Adonis
  • U13 A-Division (IPS) – Nicolas van der Vyver
  • U13 B-Division (IPS) – Traigh Pathon

As always these events are only made possible by generous sponsorship and in this regard special mention must be made of Taylormade, Global Golf, PVM and Clear Design, who each contributed in very special ways to make this one of the prestigious junior events in the Cape. Thank you for your support.

Just for Laughs

Thank you to Greg Daly for these great photos of Ron Dunn. We love your determination, Ron!

Express Golf

Time has been identified as one of the major barriers affecting golf. With the increased busyness of life, the average person may struggle to find the hours necessary for a round of golf.

ExpressGolf has a unique solution to this problem, a concept aimed specifically at speeding up the game and reducing round times to 1.5 hours for 9 holes and 3 hours for 18. The best part is that you don’t need to rush. All that you have to do it play ‘ready golf’ and be aware of time wasting throughout your round. A concept already being encouraged at Clovelly, the limited field was sold out quickly!

The format for the event was Individual Medalford (nett score to count) Each player’s score was recorded on a handheld device which also tracked the progress of each player’s round, with a specific focus on pace of play. With the aim of the fourball completing the 9 hole round in 1.5 hours, a stroke is added for every minute over!

Well, our members excelled, with all the groups coming in comfortably under the 1.5 hour mark. In the end, Dave Thompson, Ron Dunn and Vic Packwood finished 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively. The concept is great, and the event was a blast! The next one will be held on Friday, 24th May with a shotgun start at 16:15.

Well done, Jess!

Congratulations to Jessica Green! Jessica has received the ‘Female for the Love of the Game’ award from Rogers State University in the US. She was also a nominee for the ‘Courage Award’ in their Outstanding Moments in Athletics Awards Ceremony.

Well done, Jess. We couldn’t be more proud of you and are thrilled that you have been recognized for your “significant contribution to your team for no other than the love of the sport” and your “heart and perseverance in the face of adversity”. What a wonderful representation of not only Clovelly but of South Africa!

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Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 19th April was Jane Hall.
Unfortunately, Jane was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 26th April was Jacky White.
Jacky was here and walked away R 6000 richer! Well done, Jacky!
The next draw will be for R 2 000.

The name drawn for the Evergreen Draw on Friday, 19th April was Kashiv Adams.
Unfortunately, Kashiv was not present!

The name drawn for the Evergreen Draw on Friday, 26th April was Donal Cullen.
Unfortunately, Donal was not present!
This draw remains at R 8 000.

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