Today, we will begin this newsletter with our Chairman’s Winter Newsletter. We have so enjoyed Stephen Thomas’s leadership and are grateful for his influence, and that of our Governing Body and Committee members, on Clovelly.

Dear Golfers of Clovelly,

We have come to the end of our high season and the greens have been hollow tyned. There is no doubt that the greens needed this maintenance practice and the coming winter break. I would again like to thank and congratulate Steven Webber on the condition of our course over the season. Every year I am blown away by the number of visitors who praise our course and say how lucky we are – indeed they are right.

The Greens Committee held a greens review meeting for the last year, where we looked at data gathered over this year relating to moisture levels, the height of cuts and the conditions of our greens. We had a brief outbreak of a beetle infestation on the 2nd and 5th greens. Luckily, we managed to halt the outbreak and the 5th is recovering well after hollow tyning.

As our members are no doubt aware, we saw fewer overseas visitors during summer this year.  Income has obviously been impacted and we have therefore decided to postpone the proposed changes to the 11th dam and green complex for at least another year.  Further cost saving initiatives will be implemented, as long as the member’s experience is not impacted.

We have, however, decided to go ahead and dredge the 4th dam and other ponds, shore up the wooden bridge and retain the fairway bunker on the 4th hole.  We fear that if this work is not performed before the winter rains, the cost to repair the inevitable damage will be far greater.  We will also perform work in rehabilitating certain bunkers on the course, which will have little cost impact. Although smaller in scope, the above are all important on our constant road of improvement.

Although most of our visitors and ‘Swallows’ have returned home, we had great fun with them and look forward to their return in the new season. We hope that you are all home safely and spreading the good news; our course is green and we have water.

The Annual General Meetings were concluded. Congratulations to our Captains, Jacky White and Ian McPherson for handling their sections so well. Also, congratulations to the ladies for a fantastic open day. It was truly amazing to see their spirit and the ladies all dress up for dinner. Congratulations to Isabella Van Rooyen on winning the Ladies Club Championship; how wonderful to have juniors doing so well at our club. Matthew Cooper won the Men’s on an amazing under-par score over 4 rounds. May their roads be lined with many more successes. Of course, congratulations to both the men’s and ladies winners of the other divisions and trophies.

We also successfully hosted the Western Province Women’s Open and all the participants were blown away by our course.

Our Master’s League side has finished their season on a high, reaching the final but unfortunately losing to King David. The Mid-am side was always in it but did not quite make the playoffs. Over now to our Harry Solomon team; best of luck.

On a sad note, Nicholas Vaudrey passed away in the last week after a battle with cancer.  I know how passionate he was about Clovelly and will miss his ever-pleasant smile and greeting when arriving at Clovelly.

I was privileged to attend the clubhouse staff lunch which recognized their years of service. Wow, what an amazing day and we are so lucky to have so many good people with us for so many years. Of course, June Featonby with 41 years’ service was the standout, but thank you to all of you. As always, a special thanks to John Spyker and Paul Stoner who do such a great job in leading the team.

Lastly, thank you to each and every member. You make and are what Clovelly is all about. I am excited about the quieter winter period and the opportunity to do some course work and, at the same time, plan for a bumper season hopefully to come December.

Yours in golf,

Stephen Thomas

We are already well underway with the dredging of the dam on the 4th and cleaning out the pond on the 6th. The water lilies will be replanted!

Please be aware that whilst we are working on the course, players may take free relief from de-sodded areas, excavator tracks and mud that is outside of a hazard. Thank you for your patience!

Congratulations, Munashra!

Congratulations to our wonderful Bookings Coordinator, Munashra, and her partner, Leavon, on the birth of their precious boy, Manoah. Manoah was born on Sunday, 5th May, weighing a healthy 3.98kg. He is absolutely beautiful and we wish their new, little family all of the best.

RIP, Nicholas

We were deeply saddened by the news of Nicholas Vaudrey’s passing last week, after a battle with cancer. At the time of his passing, Nicholas had been a member of Clovelly for twenty-two years. He was a much-loved member of this club and the Clovelly community, and our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Nicholas. We will all miss you.

The Range is Buzzing!

Our Driving Range has become a centre for all sorts of events, and it seems to be the perfect venue! We have had a disco for a 14-year-old’s birthday party.

We have also had a ‘Dad & Lads’ campout, arranged by the Victory Church. What a fantastic idea!

Evan Marais, one of our star young golfers, celebrated his 9th birthday at the Range, and he brought along the most awesome cake.

If anyone is interested in making use of this venue please contact David Matthews on 083 418 8866 or Dave has a variety of add-ons, including a jumping castle, soccer, cricket or golf lessons. We can also arrange a mobile bar and catering, making this an appropriate venue for a variety of ages and functions.

Amor’s Bistro

Amor has some delightful ‘Winter Warmers’ on special to help ease the cold over the next few months. Her menus are available in the bar and she will be happy to cook you up something special!


What a season for our Masters squad!

After battling it out in a tough group, they overcame Royal Cape in the semi-final, setting up a final with King David Mowbray. This match was scheduled for Sunday, 5th May, and was to take place at the Metropolitan Golf Club in Cape Town (all Western Province Golf finals have to take place at a neutral ground). Our team of Steven Dunn, Craig Small, Wizz Good, Richard Goveia, Jon Bernard, James Wight, Erl Hvidsten and Ian Hutchison arrived in great spirits after being chauffeured through in the RAGA bus by the infamous Oom Carel.

After breakfast and a brief warm-up, the squad arrived on the 1st tee, ready to battle against extremely tough and talented opposition. Both our General Manager, John Spyker, and Golf Director, Paul Stoner, were on the tee to support the team. The course was in immaculate condition and the greens ran well, setting up for a great match. Sadly, despite our squad’s best efforts, KDM emerged as the winners of the season. Jon and James managed to secure the only point for Clovelly,  resulting in a final of 3 – 1 loss.

Despite this, it was a great season and it was the first time a Clovelly league side had made it to the final in a number of years!  Well done to all the participants and here is to bringing home the trophy for 2020!

Ladies Interclub

Fourteen of our ladies set off for Hermanus Golf Club for the annual Western Province Interclub – three days of golf, fun, good food and friendship. Bruni Bensch, Jacky White, Bev Thompson, Jane Hall, Rose Heldzingen, Clare Williams, Birdie Jenkinson, Bridget Woodhouse, Caroline Ayers, June Harrison, Anne Keable, Liz Cameron, Marilyn Hugo and Pat Quill represented Clovelly.

The event started off well for Clovelly, with Clare winning the fun putting competition the day before the tournament event started! Regardless of her achievement, as an Interclub first-timer, Clare, along with Bruni and Rose, had to take a shot as initiation. The ladies all look like they had a wonderful time! Bev won one of the three raffles available, Jane and Rose won ‘Best Round C Division Day 2’, Pat and Birdie won ‘Runners Up Best Dressed’ to a theme of “Days Gone By” and our own June and Bridget won ‘C Division’!

Well done to all of our wonderful ladies, as well as Hermanus Golf Club and Western Province Golf for putting together such a great event.