We hope that our readers have all had a fabulous week so far. To make it even better, it’s Friday and we’re officially in the last month of winter! In the past few years, August has thrown some pretty big storms our way so don’t get too excited at the prospect of warmer temperatures and more time outdoors yet!

These last couple of weeks have been good ones! Our Halfway House’s hours have been extended and quite a few fourballs have taken up our offer to enjoy a couple of non-alcoholic drinks together after golf. The time, although short, that these groups socialize together does a lot to bring back our Clovelly ambiance! And…news of the possible welcoming of Level 2 of Lockdown Regulations has us tentatively discussing how we will reopen the bar and re-establish another Clovelly offering! Let’s hold thumbs. It sure will be a welcome relief to many businesses in the country.

We are beginning to feel more and more like a golf club again. Our Ladies have resumed their annual and monthly tournaments – well done to Lavi Rend and Joan Mauchline for winning this year’s Freda Ackerman Trophy and to Gill Davies and Liz Cameron (pictrued below) for winning this month’s Silver and Bronze Medal Cups!

We are already taking bookings for golf days and weddings towards the end of the year (if all goes well!) and little issues like fungal outbreaks on the greens (normal for this time of year) and flags lying at an angle have kept us busy! Flags lying at an angle have been an ongoing issue under COVID-19 regulations and we have tried a couple of different ideas to keep them straight. Of course, our Cape Town wind doesn’t help! We’ll let you know when we find a solution.

Another little issue and one that we are sure will be resolved quickly is that we have noticed some golfers discarding their litter in the rough. We would appreciate it if you could save your rubbish for the bins, thank you.

Our Chammy Cup (pictured above are Chammy partners Stephen Guild and Gerald van Heerden, just before winning their game against an intimidating father and son duo, Richard and Daniel Roos) and Singles Matchplay matches have been going well and now, we have a couple of events to look forward to, too!

Firstly, our Club Captain, Greg Daly, and our Ladies’ Captain, Jacky White, are teaming up with our Greenkeeper-in-training, Brian Dlutu, to heat up September’s Monthly Mixed Competition with a Captains’ Revenge! The Clovelly Counter is going to provide some tasty offerings and Greg, Jacky and Brian are sure to make this day one to remember, so get your teams together quickly! Bookings are already open and visitors are welcome.

Secondly, we have the Heritage Golf Championship returning to Clovelly on Saturday, 26th September! Our usual Saturday booking procedures apply so we’ll remind you closer to the time too!

Whilst on the subject of golf, our Golf Manager, Hanko Bothma has some points to clarify regarding our temporary local rules. The Golf Committee, after discussing all possibilities regarding our temporary local rules, has decided to abide by the rules of golf as set out by the R&A as well as the USGA. Therefore:

There is no placing allowed in bunkers as this is against the rules of golf. We encourage all of our members to purchase a rake that slides onto your putter from the Pro Shop. We are selling these at cost price, they are very effective and clip onto your bags easily.

If a ball hits the flagstick or any part of the flag/cup and pops out the ball is NOT holed and the player cannot claim the putt as holed.

These rules apply to all club competition rounds as well as knockout games. On a social round, a player may ask for leniency from his fellow players if he is found in either of these situations.

Before we go we would like to congratulate Pieter Coetzee on his Hole-in-One last Friday, 7th August on the 11th Hole. A brilliant achievement and our third hole-in-one over the last few weeks. Our members are on fire! We’re still waiting for a picture of him and hope to share one soon.

We hope that you all have a great weekend and keep well until our next newsletter! Our GM’s letter regarding subscriptions and rates for our next financial year will be sent out this week and we have a feeling that it will put a smile on your dial!

Kind Regards,
The Clovelly Team
Unified, Energised, Sustainable. 

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