This week’s turn of the weather, bringing rain and far cooler temperatures, reminded us that winter is on its way. Indeed, March, the last of our ‘high-season’ months, is almost over! On all of our minds lately has been the coronavirus. We are grateful for the health care available to us and our thoughts are with those health care professionals that are working tirelessly to assist the public. To help prevent the spread of the virus we have armed our staff with sanitizers, advised them to limit physical contact and our cleaners are keeping our counters and door handles virus-free. We have placed an order for more sanitizer, which is an in-demand product at the moment, and will soon have sanitizer stations for all golfers too!

Many of our Swallows have already left and those who remain only do so for another week or two. It has been so wonderful to have this special category of members around, and we will miss all of them over the next few months. If any of our Swallow members have homes that they need looking after, Adele is a lovely property manager and one who comes highly recommended!

The SWAGS Trophy

One particular group of Swallow members, the SWAGS (Swallows With Arthritis Golf Society), held their seventh annual SWAGS Trophy on Friday, 28th February to celebrate the peak of their golfing season at Clovelly. This year’s winners were Susan and Alan Shearer and Frances and Dave Payne.

The SWAGS asked our retiring Membership Secretary, June Featonby, to formally present the winners with their trophy, as she has been personally responsible for recruiting every one of them to the club over the last fifteen to twenty years of her career. They also presented June with a small keepsake as a recognition of the respect that they have for her and to remind her of her special place in their hearts.

Other prizes contested included a ‘Nearest the Pin’ on Hole 11, won by Rhona Pickering, the ‘Best Ladies Card’, won by Lorraine Simmons and the ‘Best Gent’s Card’, won by Tony Allen, pictured above with June. Despite the astonishing wind, a brilliant day was enjoyed by all twenty-four members, with four out of six teams managing to bring back, unlost, their team’s yellow competition ball – totally amazing and suggestive of good golf played!

Thank you to the SWAGS members for another super summer season spent at your ‘home away from home’. We wish you safe travels and a lovely summer on the other side of the world. We look forward to welcoming you back at the end of the year!

As most of you know, this is June’s last month working at Clovelly and Nekisha is well on her way to mastering membership, under June’s careful training of course.

We are hosting a little get-together to honour June’s enormous contribution to Clovelly over the past forty-one years, to celebrate her time working here and to wish her well in retirement. Thankfully, it is only goodbye-for-now as June has promised to visit often and devote a little more time to golfing!

Gordon Rocker will be entertaining us with live music and Carl will be preparing his usual Friday Night specials. Please click here if you will be attending.

Please note that now that Nekisha has moved over to June’s office there will be no Bookings Consultants from 07:00 – 12:00 in the Bookings Office on a Monday and Friday and Nekisha will assist with bookings from her desk. We are in the process of adapting the phone system and will have it running smoothly in no time! Please call Nekisha directly on 021 784 2111 if you have any issues getting through on a Monday or Friday.


Before we get into our Festival Week we would like to take the time to acknowledge THREE hole-in-ones, achieved in the last two weeks! How amazing is that?

Well done to Richard Shone for achieving a hole-in-one on the 11th on 25 February, to Ken Jenkins for his hole-in-one on the 6th on 26 February and to Vuyo Ngonyama for his hole-in-one on the 26th on 1 March!

Brilliant achievements all round!

Clovelly Festival

We had a blast throughout our Clovelly Festival last week and have been overwhelmed by the positive response from everyone who played in it! To our sponsors; Tony Webb of Fine&Country, Nick Stubbs of Lyall Morgan and Associates, Whalied Adams of Pick n Pay Hypermarket Ottery, and Pick n Pay – THANK YOU! We couldn’t have achieved such a wonderful event without your support. The same huge thanks go to KWV, Stellenbrau, Distrilliq, Owen & Syrene, Carl’s Catering, MichellGolf, Timothy Woolfardt, Philip Powell, DGB, Klein Sering, PenBev and our staff for going the extra mile to ensure that this week was a success!

Of course, our fantastic photographer, Shaun Holman of Event Photography, was on standby to capture the essence of the week. He did a spectacular job! Please click here if you would like to receive the photo album and click here if you would like the photos from the Ladies Open Day.

The theme of our festival was “Island Vibes” and we so enjoyed the bright colours of everyone’s Hawaiian shirts, flower leis and skirts! A few of our favorites are pictured above. Starting top left and going clockwise are Nico Snyman, Ron Dunn, Maureen Feeley with Helen Barrett and Margaret Gravenor, John Spyker and Jan Stals van Rooyen with Viwe.

Our festival kicked off with the Clovelly Senior Men’s Club Champs. This event was sponsored by Tony Webb of Fine&Country and KWV and Stellenbrau chipped in with some sponsored drinks.

A huge congratulations go to Padraic McMahon who was this year’s trophy winner as overall Senior Club Champion. Winning the A Division with 26 points, playing off scratch, was not the only exciting event in Padraic’s life as the very next day he flew back to Ireland to celebrate the birth of his new grandson. Congratulations, Padraic!

Congratulations also go to Eamonn Heffernan who was top of the B Division with 22 points, also off scratch!

Thank you and well done to Mike Tiffin, Ken Jenkins, John Wildman and our new Committee Member, Allan John, for a well-run event. The rest of the handicap winners in the competition are as follows:

A Division: 1st – Dave Rennie with 39 points, 2nd – Bob Young with 38 points, 3rd – Gerhard Hach with 38 points, 4th – Colin Mason with 37 points, and 5th – George Bowes with 37 points.

B Division: 1st – John Wildman with 43 points, 2nd – Ian Jarvis with 42 points, 3rd – Tony Richards with 40 points, 4th – Terry Bensted with 40 points, and 5th – Lionel Gordon with 38 points.

The official start of festival fun happened on Wednesday and was kindly sponsored by Lyall Morgan and Associates. Owen and Syrene set out in the late morning to set up one of our firm favorite festival offerings; their boerie-roll braai. Tim was also on hand to set up our Stellenbrau drinks station, both to last for the next three days.

Our Ladies ‘Red Hat’ Open Day saw 124 ladies from all over the Western Cape attend. As usual, the ladies went all out and their revelry was infectious. The Ladies Committee made up of Marnie Wolmarans, Janeen Alford, Joan Mauchline, Birdie Jenkinson, Carol Reid and Anne Keable, led by Captain, Jacky White, were committed to making this day a success and their hard work paid off. The decor was wonderful and the players were happy.

Whalied Adams from Pick n Pay Hypermarket Ottery was incredibly generous, supplying a delicious boerie-braai at the Halfway House and many wonderful prizes! KWV also went the extra mile, supplying our ladies with Cruxland Gin. A highlight of the evening was when Chris Goldsbury donated R 5000 to the Carol Goldsbury Junior Fund, in memory of his late, and much-missed wife, Carol.

Cape Town treated us to the most divine weather on both Festival Friday and Clearwater Day. Teeing off the deck, live music by Gordon Rocker and Chapter Three, wine tastings, activations on the course, brilliant prizes and Sebastian’s cocktail bar ensured that these two days were a huge success.

We had over 500 players join us for our Festival and were able to make over R 50 000 between our raffle and auction. Out of this money, R 10 000 will be donated to the Raymond Ackerman Golf Academy and the remaining amount, after expenses, will go towards our Clearwater Savings Fund.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of this great event. We’re already looking forward to the next one.

Locked-In Trophy

After the busyness of Festival Week, the greens must have breathed a sigh of relief when the roads were closed for the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday 8th March and the players taking to the golf course were limited to those living in Clovelly, or walking across the bridge.

Well done to Pat and Gerald van Heerden for organizing the event, and to Graeme Cowie, Sylvia and Peter McLeod, and Cathy Shand for winning the trophy! A big thank you to Mr. Ackerman who sponsors the Locked-In Trophy and braai and a belated, but very Happy Birthday for this past Tuesday!

Forthcoming Events


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 28 February was Brian Farrell.
Unfortunately, Brian was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 6 March was Sham Riordan.
Unfortunately, Sham was not present!
The next draw will be for R 3 400.