In the words of Nina Simone, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….and I’m (*we’re) feeling good!”. The announcement of South Africa’s removal from the travel “red list” coupled with our move down to Level 1 restrictions and the delightful feeling of ‘summer’ in the air has done much to boost our spirits.

These positive endorphins should come in handy as we juggle financial year-end, a number of functions and golf days, general operations of mid-season and various upgrades both on and off the course. We’ll chat about a few of these in this newsletter, but before we get there, let’s welcome our new members! Of course, at this time of year we always lose some and we wish those leaving Clovelly the best of luck going forward!

A warm welcome to Edward and Warwick Beesley, Allen Carelse, Dirk Grobbelaar, Alan Hayes, Conrad Leigh, Ilkay Maser, Leon Reeders, Terrence Simon, Erwin and Ursula Terbuc, Mark van Wyk, Bryan Willey, Clive Williams, Matthew Fehrsen, Sam Frost, Jaydon Ingpen, Charles Melouney, Ebrahim Moosajee, Mark Blore, Stuart Cox, Kaylee Deneys, Keegan Earley, Aianah Gomez, Mitch Harris, Jordan Herbert, Darren Holliday, Simon Lockhart-Ross, Sean Baxter, Ryan D’Assonville, James Ryan, Michelle Chase and Pieter van Zyl.

Course Update

A month has passed since our Spring Hollow Tining and we are happy to share that we have no fusarium fungus outbreaks, which are common at this time of year, to worry about. We are, however, keeping our eyes peeled for early signs of worm and beetle infestations. The greens received a double cut and roll this past weekend and the adjusted height of cut, in conjunction with warmer temperatures, is starting to show real definition!

One of the challenges we face at this time of year is the effect of heavy salt deposits on the turf after a good South Easter. These deposits cause damaging burns to the grass and result in dry, brown patches. To avoid that happening, we perform an irrigation cycle to rinse the turf when the wind dies down.

Maintaining a healthy course is no easy task and we commend Brian and his team. We can’t wait for the soil temperature to warm up to 15° so that we can apply our second annual round of fertilizer. The transformation as the turf receives much-needed nutrients is always rewarding!

We use this opportunity to remind our readers to please repair your pitch marks, and others, if you have the time. Below is a diagram of how to do this. Please remember not to insert the prongs into the depression itself, but rather at different points of the rim, working the edges towards the centre gently.

We would also appreciate it if you could fill your divots, and others, on the course. If you have a good, firm chunk of grass and soil, please put is back into the scar, stepping on it firmly to repair contact. If the divot is broken or lacks soil, it is best to fill the scar with the growth medium from your sandbag, smoothing the sand with your foot to ensure the sand is level with the grass.


We owe our following members a big congratulations for their recent achievements!

Isabella van Rooyen – for not only your win of the 60th Women’s Inter-provincial Championship but also the role you played putting WP in the lead after Round 1 of the 2021 SA Women’s IPT, held at Rondebosch Golf Club!

Evan Marais – for not only your win in the U13 A Division of the Clovelly Junior Championship, with a gross of 79, but also, your representation of WP in the Nomads SA U13 Championship.

Olly Malyon – for your representation of WP in the Nomads SA U13 Championship!

Well done, everyone! Wishing you all the best in your future tournaments.

From the Golf Manager

There has been some confusion regarding the “most likely score” recently and we hope this article and diagram clears it up!

Please note that as of this past Wednesday, there are no preferred lies on our fairways. Rakes have been replaced in the bunkers, negating preferred lies in this area too.

As always, if you have any comments or questions you can get hold on Hanko on

Renovations scheduled for the Halfway House

Our upgrades on the course are progressing well with the new 16th tee, the irrigation upgrade on the 11th and the reshaping of the 2nd bunker on the 13th hole either complete or scheduled to be finished this month.  The reshaping of the bunker is an experiment to ascertain whether reducing the faces and surface of the bunker will help improve the overall consistency between the edges and dispersion of sand. Our bunkers scored the lowest in our member satisfaction survey, with a sad score of 2.9 out of 5, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of this trial so we can decide where to go from there.

Now it is time to turn our attention to the clubhouse and with 45% of members voting for a little loving care (in the form of demolition and design) for the halfway house, this is where we will start. A team is coming in on Monday and for a minimum of seven days, the halfway house will be closed as it undergoes a remodel. During this time, we will serve a small selection of pre-packed sandwiches and wraps from the bar. A little inconvenient, but well worth it! Below are some of the renderings. We hope you are as excited as we are for this beautiful, functional space!

Support our Pro Shop!

Our top scorers in the membership satisfaction survey was our Pro Shop in both the check-in process and their reception! Of course, Nikki received a special mention. Well done, Nikki, Primmi, Patricia and Richard! Your warmth, professionalism and positivity do not go unnoticed. Please support these lovely staff by buying your equipment and gear from the Pro Shop. There are frequent promotions and Patricia is always willing to go out of her way for the ‘trickier’ items you hope to find.

Other interesting feedback from our survey includes:

The top 3 competition formats are: 1) Betterball Stableford, 2) Individual Stableford and 3) Four-ball Alliance

The range is predominantly used for warming up and on average, only once a week

Our member’s favorite hole is the 15th

The top 3 preferred methods of making a booking are: 1) ClubMaster App, 2) Telephone and 3) Internet

The most popular days to play golf are Saturday, Wednesday and Friday in descending order

In Pictures

We have had a great start to our men’s league season, with the following results:

Our Premiere Reserve played a 3-way match against Rondebosch and Royal Cape at Parow. The team walked away with a win over Rondebosch and came up just short against Royal Cape.

Our Challenge League had a strong start to the season against our rivals from next door, Westlake, triumphing 5 & 3! Beavin De Kock had a really good day, achieving a hole-In-one on the 6th during his first league game for Clovelly!

At the same time, our ladies league season is coming to an end. Gold, unfortunately, lost to King David Mowbray. Bronze and Copper have each got a rained-out match to play mid-October and our last matches will take place mid-November.

A big thank you and well done to all our league players! We wish you the best in your upcoming matches!

Well done, Beavin! We love a good hole-in-one!

Our lovely Jacky White also deserves congratulations for putting her name on this year’s Greenwall Trophy!

Before we go, please note that you have until 2pm this Saturday, 9th October to get your orders in for Chef Craig’s delicious, convenient frozen meals. We publish a menu every second week, so remember to get enough to last! They are well worth it.

That’s all from us! You can check out our forthcoming events below. Keep well and find joy in everything you do!

Forthcoming Events