This is our first newsletter of this year and we are excited for the new adventures that 2019 will bring. We wish you all beautiful moments and treasured memories to be made, good health, peace and adventure in abundance!

We would like to welcome our new members; Alastair Cochrane, Carl Fisher, Jill Hamlyn, Martin Meier, Richard Van Der Heijden, Brendan Rodgers, Byren Fisher, Daniel Freund and James Rouessart. We hope that you love this special club as much as the rest of us do.

Hole-in-Ones from our Ladies!

Ending off 2018 on a high, were two of our favorite women golfers, Isabella van Rooyen and Gill Davies, who both scored ‘hole-in-ones’ at Clovelly.

We are not sure why, but this time of year always brings these fantastic golfing moments. Could it be that everyone is more relaxed or in the festive spirit? Either way, this made four hole-in-ones for December, after Jason Sharples and Michael Webb’s earlier in the month.

Barons Tokai; new year, new deals!

Barons Tokai have some great deals to start the year off with. We highly recommend dealing with them should you be in the market for a new vehicle. Either call them on 021 200 4339 or visit their website;

Whilst you are browsing the web, remember that the new golf rules are in play! Please follow the below link for a refresher.

You are welcome to collect your free rules books and local rules sheet from the bookings office.

Carl’s Christmas Giving

Also ending the year on a high was Carl’s Catering.

Our wonderful Caterer, Carl, with the help of his Restaurant Manager, Petro, gave back to the community with gift bags of goodies for some underprivileged children in Ocean View. They have been generously sponsored throughout the year by Peresoft Software. Usually, Carl makes a big, hearty stew for the kids, but this festive season, Carl chose to do a little spoiling instead.

The children were so happy to receive their goodie bags, stocked with sweets, cookies, chips and a cool drink, and Carl’s Catering was content to be rewarded by the happiness on their little faces. Carl’s Catering would like to thank Peresoft Software for their generous donations. We are in awe of both Peresoft and Carl’s Catering for their big hearts. You guys rock!

Clovelly Festival Week

Now that we are in 2019, we can finally start preparing for our Clovelly Golf Festival! We are always excited about the opportunity to have some fun and spoil our members and visitors alike. This year’s theme will be ‘Hollywood’, so there will be loads of room for imagination.

Save the date! We can’t wait.

Entries to Open Soon

Although it feels like these matches just ended, we are looking forward to hosting 2019’s Chammy Cup, Individual Matchplay and Club Championship tournaments. Entries will be opening in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

Brian Dlutu

We would like to introduce you all to one of our star Greens Staff members, Brian Dlutu.

Brian has been at Clovelly for ten years and has slowly risen through the ranks, proving himself at every level. He is currently ‘second in charge’ to Course Manager, Steven Webber, on the golf course. As a senior staff member, Brian assists in managing the Greens Staff, cutting pins, overseeing irrigation and the general management of the course. He is an exceptionally committed, hard-working and well-spoken employee and we are looking forward to investing in his future. Brian will be sent on further education courses to increase his skill levels.

Thank you, Brian, for your service to Clovelly! We can’t wait to see you grow from strength to strength.

Beer Tasting at Amor’s Bistro

You are invited to join us for a Noon Gun Beer Tasting at Amor’s Bistro on Wednesday, 23rd January. Amor will have her regular menu available and she will also be making her best-selling platters.

Tips from the Pros

Freeing up Your Head to Encourage Rotation, by Alan Michell

MichellGolf Professional Golfer and Teacher, Alan Michell, has the following tip to encourage effective rotation in your swing.

He uses the above photos to demonstrate the correct head placement and says that to encourage rotation, you need to free your head. In the first image, you will see that Alan’s head is rigid and straight, which hinders spine rotation. In the second image, Alan has allowed his head to pivot naturally, whilst still keeping his eye on the ball. This will encourage a better rotation of the spine and will get your weight moving in the right direction.

We would like to that a moment to congratulate Alan on his recent engagement to his lovely partner, Lynda Burt. We wish you both so much happiness. Congratulations!

Pictured at Clovelly

This last Sunday’s Monthly Mixed winners, pictured with Greg Daly and Jacky White, were Derek Shaw, Malcolm Shaw, Jackie Shaw and Bruni Bensch. Thank you to our Club president, Mr. Raymond Ackerman, for sponsoring this event.

Bookings are open for next month’s Monthly Mixed competition, this time generously sponsored by Evergreen.

It is lovely to see one of our peahens being such a great mom as she teaches her newly hatched chicks to forage for food. We just love these little balls of fluff.

Pictured above is Staff member, Patrick Dyantyi. Patrick is one of our Greens operators and is responsible for cutting greens 364 days of the year. He can be seen in this picture rolling the greens, which takes place every Wednesday & Saturday.

It was a pleasure to meet Jack Krug on Monday, 24th December. Jack’s late mother, Celia Krug, has played a big part in Clovelly’s history, captaining the Ladies’ Section in 1952, ’53, ’63, ’72 and ’73, as well as being our Ladies Club Champion in 1955 and 1962!

Jack told us that he used to play at Clovelly as a boy and he remembers taking the train to the  Clovelly station with his friends and walking up to the course through the vlei. He mentioned that there were not many houses in Clovelly at that time. Jack achieved two hole-in-ones, one on the 16th and another on the 8th, in his youth. He was able to relive these early days last Friday when he played 18 holes with Member, Bing Crosbie. This was the first time that he has returned since he was a teenager.

Forthcoming Events


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 28 December was John Pickering.
Unfortunately, John was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 4th January was Steve Robinson.
Unfortunately, Steve was not present!
The next draw will be for R 2 000.

The name drawn for the Evergreen Draw on Friday, 28th December was Chris Austin.
Unfortunately, Chris was not present!
The next draw will be for R 2000.