To start off here are some highlights of this beautiful winter weekend we have just had….. A gushing stream alongside the fourth fairway; an “almost” snow storm on Boyes Drive; a bulging 15th hole greenside water hazrad; and the stunning aloes which are now showing off all around our course and clubhouse. We hope you all are enjoiyng the cold weather and great rainfall! Please remember to send any newsworthy images through to the editor and you never know it may be included.

Events in July!

Don’t let the cool wet weather keep you away from our beautiful Club. The Committee and Management have arranged a number of events in July to keep you busy. To  start we will be hosting a Night Golf event followed by a Curry Evening and live music by The Dusty Rhodes. All the details for this event are in the poster below. This will be followed by a weekend of fun to celebrate “The Open” weekend. This will be during the build up and on the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend 20th July!

The Open is on our doorstep and it would be remiss of us if we didn’t do something to acknowledge this fantastic golfing event. For this we will be putting together a fun-filled weekend!

  • When: 21 July “Moving Day” and 22 July “The Final Round” (Both are All day competitions)
  • Format: Individual Stableford combined with the result of the selected Professional taking part in The Open.
  • How Much: R20 competition fee (this will be in addiiton to the Saturday competition fee)

There will be prizes for the top 3 individuals on each day, as well as the top overall combined scores (Member and Professional) on each of the days. The scores will be updated throughout the day in the bar area so that all entrants can track how they are doing!

If you are feeling lucky there will also be a draw taking place for predicting the correct overall Winner of The Open. This will be running from Tuesday, 10th July 2018 and will close on Wednesday 18th July 2018. The cost to enter is R50. The pot will be awarded equally to all those who predict the correct winner. If you are interested please record your prediction and pay the R50 at the Bookings Office.

For the final day of The Open we will be hosting a “Bring and Braai” on the deck. The braai fires will be provided by us and the salads will be available from Carl at an extra R20 payable at the Bar before or after your round. Whether you play golf with us on the day or simply want to join us to watch the closing holes of The Open,
Everyone is welcome!

The Quiz Night will be hosted in the Ackerman Hall by Robin and Lilian Brand. The questions have been structured to promote a lot of high scores but will still be topical at the same time. We expect there to be a number of teams in the running for top spot!

  • When: Friday, 27th July 2018 @ 19h30
  • Where: The Ackerman Hall
  • How Much: R20 entrance fee per participant which will go towards fantastic prizes.

Make sure you round up all the “smart” friends you know as you will need a team of up to 8 people in order to enter! Bookings can be made with June or the Bookings Office. Please call 021 784 2111 or email to enter.

News from around the Club….

As mentioned in last weeks edition Clovelly is a place steeped in history. But to become such a place it needs members who are passionate and dedicated to the game of golf and the Club. one of these is George Bowes.

George has formed part of the Clovelly history and has served as a Captain of the Club, and has played with the fabled Bobby Locke, even winning some silverware together!  We are sure he gave him a run for his money! At a recent Nomads fixture he was awarded his “45 year” tie. Yes you heard right, 45 years he has been a contributing member to Nomads Golf, and through this the game of golf itself. During this time George has amassed a total of  486 games for Nomads as well as served as Captain. Awarding George the tie is current Nomads Captain Ed Jeary. Well done on this remarkable achievement, we can all dream of such a long career in golf!

It was a great inbound test series for the Springboks securing a 2 -1 win overall. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with the Rugby World Cup not too far away. On the day of the final test there were some great drinks and food specials in our bar, with all those buying a Stellenbrau lager being able to enter the lucky draw, and potentially win a custom hamper by predicting the correct score. As we all know there is only one, and this time it was Greg Daly who left with a great prize! Needless to say he was the only one brave enough to put odds on England beating us! Well done Greg, pictured above with our Bar Manager Sebastian.

While there was some spare time in the Winter months Pete Jones and Shadrack Valaydum generously arranged for a number of the Clovelly golf operations staff to join them on a field trip out to Pearl Valley in Paarl. A great day was had by all and the Clovelly staff certainly enjoyed seeing how another operation works and have come back feeling inspired! It is always great to play at other courses and visit other clubs but there is nothing like coming home to Clovelly. Pictured above are Maynard and Hein our hardworking range attendants and Ashley who makes sure all our bags stay in order enjoying the view after their round.

Now that the winter rains have appeared to have set in it is vitally important for us all to take note of the change in course conditions and turf recovery time due to the higher moisture levels and reduced daylight hours across the course. What this means is that any area that has a tendency to be wetter than others will be more likely to become soggy, and the reduced daylight hours means that our beautiful grass cannot recover as quickly as during the warmer summer months. We therefore appeal to all members and guests to do their bit to ensure our course stays in top condition year round. to help out here are a few pointers:

  • Where ever possible avoid wet areas with drive carts! This could be alongside cart paths, around tee boxes or even in the fairway.
  • Obey all cart signage and roping while ensuring a safe distance is maintained between the cart and the tee box or green at all times.
  • Ensure that all divots taken, fairway or rough, are filled correctly with the divot mix provided on the 1st and 10th tees as well as on other selected tee boxes around the course. This gives the damaged area the best chance of recovery.
  • Fix as many pitch marks on the green as possible. The quicker these are repaired the better!

Winter Leagues

Our scratch players were back in action this past weekend despite the challenging weather and managed to put together some great rounds to get us into the semi-final of the WPGU Bradshaw Foursomes against Milnerton. To get here the teams managed to winboth their matches on the last hole vs Kuilsriver GC; and then managed to take down a strong Westlake GC side in the quarter final. due to the weather on Sunday the semi-final was postponed till this coming Saturday and we wish them the best of luck!

Our Ladies were also back in action on Tuesday, this time against Steenberg GC, after a spell with no league fixtures due to weather. After the massive cold fronts had passed Tuesday was a clear day with not too much wind but it certainly was chilly. Despite this our Ladies went out to do battle and managed to record a win! Well done Ladies! Now go home and warm up! Pictured above is our awesome marshal Solly keeping the Ladies in order on the 1st tee. Alongside him are our young superstars Jessica Green and Isabella van Rooyen, as well as another superstar Karen Denman.

Juniors at Clovelly

The school holidays are in full swing and if you are looking for something to get the kids out of the house why not bring them along to Clovelly! They can join us for a round of golf, or join in the Golf Clinics with Alan of Michell Golf. Either way it is a fantastic environment for them to get some fresh air into their lungs and make some new friends. Pictured above are two of our youngest members, Oliver Malyon and Evan Marais, enjoying their time at the Club with their friend.

The Roos family certainly did us proud this past weekend as Grandson Daniel, Dad Richard and Grand Dad Brian took part in the Father-Son Challenge at Westlake. Daniel carded an amazing 98 off his 36 handicap to lift the cup and win the prizes for his Dad! Well done Daniel, we are so proud of this achievement and hope to see many more personal bests in the not too distant future.

Rule of the Week

Is the Ball in the Bunker?

Question 1:
In the photo above a player’s ball lies completely on sand;
a) Is the ball in the bunker?
b) May the player ground their club in the bunker in preparing to make a stroke at the ball?
c) In the absence of any Local Rule may the stone be removed from the bunker before the player makes their stroke?
d) The player takes their stance in the bunker to play their ball lying just outside the bunker, but they do not ground their club. Before they commence their stroke, wind causes the ball to roll down into the bunker. Do they incur a penalty and do they have to play the next stroke from within the bunker where the ball came to rest?

Answer 1:
a) No, sand spilling over the margin of a bunker is not part of the bunker. Decision 13/1. As there is a definite ridge, with grass growing below where the ball is at rest, the intended margin of the bunker is obvious.
b) Yes, a player may ground their club in a bunker when their ball does not lie in that bunker. Rule 13-4.
c) Yes, a player may remove any loose impediment from a bunker when their ball does not lie in that bunker. Rule 23-1.
d) There is no penalty, as the player had not completed address of their ball and also did not cause their ball to move. They must play the ball from the bunker. Rule 18-1.

Note: When a ball lies outside of a bunker the player has not addressed his ball until they have grounded their club immediately behind the ball (Definition of Addressing the Ball). If the ball moves and it is due to wind or another element and not the player that has caused it to move, it must be played from where it comes to rest (Rule 18-2).

Richard Goveia was out for an early morning round of golf on Monday between the storms and it looks as though he may have needed to know the rule above… Hope you it close Richard!

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Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A draw on 8 June was Sham Riordan.
Unfortunately,  Sham was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A draw on 15 June was Peter Kilian.
Unfortunately, Peter was not present!

The next draw will be for R6 200.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw on 8 June was Geoff Taylor.
Unfortunately, Geoff was not present!

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw on 15 June was Duncan Moffat .
Unfortunately, Duncan was not present!

This draw remains at R 5 000.