What an exciting last two weeks at Clovelly! Can you believe that we are already in the last month of the year and Christmas is just weeks away? For many companies, business is slowing down and their employees and clients are getting ready for a bit of festive leave and relaxation before the new year. We, however, are just getting warmed up!

We wish all of our members the best of luck with the next few weeks. Cape Town is a hub of activity and if you have not done your Christmas shopping yet you may want to get going! Remember to be safe on the roads and be alert. Unfortunately, although such a happy time of year, accidents and crime tend to rise over this period.

Caddie Christmas Drive

Speaking of Christmas, Clovelly has seventeen registered caddies; many of whom have been with Clovelly for well over ten years, and one as long as forty years! As a Club, we are committed to supporting our caddies through this season, and it would be great if you could join us.

A caddie’s income is dependent on bags carried, and as such, it is hard for them to adequately plan and provide for their families. Christmas is not a time when you want to be worrying about your family’s budget, and we are happy to pledge R 300 per caddie to get the ball rolling! It has been said that “charity starts at home” and we hope that, through our member’s generosity, we can make this amount even more meaningful.

If you are interested in donating towards this worthy cause you can drop off any cash donations at the Bookings Office or make an EFT payment to Clovelly’s bank account with “Caddie Donation” as your reference. We are asking specifically for monetary donations as we can divide the amount easily between caddies and they can use the money to buy items that they really want or need. Any amount, no matter how big or small, will go a long way in improving our caddies’ festive season.

Mr. Ackerman’s Walk of Appreciation

On 1st December 1932 Clovelly was officially opened by Mr. Gus Ackerman. This last Saturday, exactly eighty-six years later, we had the privilege of honouring his son, Mr. Raymond Ackerman, for all that he has done for our wonderful club.

Hundreds of people arrived to line the 18th fairway and green to watch him play the hole. Mr. Ackerman commented that he had never had so much pressure to not mess up his shot before. There were wonderful speeches made and it was lovely to have some of Mr. Ackerman’s children and grandchildren here too, as well as his wife, Wendy. Two plaques, one detailing Clovelly’s history and the Ackerman family’s involvement and another with the Clovelly crest and motto, were also unveiled by Mr. Ackerman and one of his grandsons, Joshua.

The whole day was wonderful and thanks must go to our Chairman, Stephen Thomas, who was the driving force behind the event. Thank you to Brian Michell, Karen Denman, the Clovelly Staff, and Pat van Heerden too.

We have been blessed to have Mr. Ackerman as not only a benefactor and supporter of Clovelly but as part of our Clovelly family. A more honourable, kind and graceful man would be hard to find. Thank you, Mr. Ackerman, from the Members, Staff and Committees of Clovelly. You are loved!

Whilst the adults were up at the Clubhouse honouring Mr. Ackerman, Coach Dave had his hands full with a birthday party at the Range, as well all the kids who accompanied their parents and grandparents to the event. Luckily, he had Pro Shop Assistant, Primrose, as back-up, and with a jumping castle, a talented face-painter, tables tennis and soccer on the Range, they all had loads of fun.

If anyone is looking for a great face-painter, look no further than Alison Gedult, who can be contacted on 073 491 2776.

Also, remember that the Range is now the perfect venue for kids parties and we would love to host your children’s birthday events at Clovelly. Please email range@clovelly.co.za for further information

Victory Church Fun Run at Clovelly

Pro Shop Promotion

Pro Shop Manager, Iglin Grobbelaar, would love to tempt you into buying a putter or wedge, by offering a free thirty-minute lesson with every purchase. Iglin is a fantastic coach and we strongly recommend him! Of course, new gear is always a bonus.

Green’s Open Day

Our Greens Committee and Course Manager, Steven Webber, arranged a one-of-a-kind event, where members were invited to visit the workshop in order to learn about the course machinery and the logistics of being a Greenkeeper and maintaining our beautiful course.

teven parked all of the course machinery outside of the workshop and put notices on the machines detailing what the machines are called, their functions, price, age and hours worked. The machine above left, for example, is a LF-3800, used for the verti-cutting of the fairways. It is 10.4 years old and has worked 6400 hours in its lifetime! This machine costs a whopping R 866 000.

It is easy to forget the magnitude of running a golf course and this was a wonderful opportunity to gain some perspective. We hope to have another event similar to this one in the future. Thank you to Steven, Victor and Greens Staff, as well as the members who attended.

Spring Water Tank

This past summer was one of trial and tribulation for Cape Town with one of the worst droughts in the City’s history. With the threat of “Day Zero” imminent we launched a Club initiative to make our spring water more accessible to our members and Clovelly residents. To do this we provided a 5000-litre tank, filled with fresh spring water, to the Clubhouse for distribution to the public. Filled weekly, this afforded users 25 litres per person. The infrastructure was put together on a make-shift basis and important course staff are used to fill the tank and operate the tractor and trailer. As you can imagine, both of these aspects have resulted in additional costs over this period.

We are happy to see that the efforts of the City’s residents, combined with healthier winter rainfalls, have seen our Level 6B water restrictions relaxed to Level 3 with effect from the 1st December 2018. With this relaxation in water restrictions, we have decided to only fill the tank every second week and to further reduce this if the water restrictions are relaxed further. We hope that you are enjoying the spring water and we thank you for your support and efforts during the drought.

Barons Tokai Christmas Deals not to be Missed!

PAT Order of Merit

We would like to congratulate Matthew Cooper, who won the 2018 Western Province Professional Amateur Tour Order of Merit! Although Matthew did not win any PAT tournaments, his consistent play saw him racking up 823.67 points over 15 tournaments. Congratulations, Matthew!

We must also mention Jonathan Bernard who came second in the Senior Division. You both make Clovelly proud.

Turkey Trot

On Tuesday, 20th November our ladies held their annual Christmas-themed Turkey Trot Competition. As usual, the ladies played along and the day was full of festive fun. Thank you to Chairman, Stephen Thomas, for your sponsorship!

Clovelly Seniors

Many of you may know that Member, Tony Webb, suffered a heart attack earlier this year and has been in recovery. Although feeling better, he has not returned to golf yet but was still able to sponsor one of our Senior’s Monday competitions from home.

The Seniors were lucky enough to have a beautiful, sunny day, which reflected in their scores. Out of the forty-seven players, two fourballs broke 90, after several weeks of top scores averaging in the 80s. The winning fourball was made up of David Nagle, Clive Mildenhall, Allan Johns and a swinger (Neville Polley). They won with 90 points on a count out decided on a combined age of 289 years! Each won a bottle of Grants whiskey.

Thank you, Tony, and we are excited for your return to Clovelly, which we are confident will be soon.

Clovelly Members at the Nedbank Challenge

We are proud to announce that Clovelly Member, James Eckley, was able to represent the WP Nomads at the Nedbank Challenge in Sun City. His role was to help with scoring whilst walking with the players, relaying live scores and ‘on the ground spotting’ of exciting events to the TV production crew. James had the privilege of walking with Rory McIlroy on the second day and, from what we have heard, what an experience it was to see his short game from up close. (Rory is pictured below right with Renato Paratore)

One of the highlights of James’ trip was bumping into Alan Michell on the course. Alan was at the same event as a commentator, and according to popular opinion, he was brilliant! We are so proud of both James and Alan. What a fantastic representation of Clovelly Country Club!

New to the Bar

Bar Manager, Sebastian Brown, has some exciting news to announce. These three new wines will be coming to Clovelly this month:

KWV Classic Collection Pinotage – A rich and flavourful Pinotage with plum, banana and fruitcake aromas. Soft and smooth, this is best served with fillet, beef or risotto dishes, but is lovely as it is.

Roodeberg Red – This blend shows aromatic layers of raspberries, spicy dried herbs and fruitcake and also goes well with meat dishes.

Laborie Sauvignon Blanc – Showing prominent aromas of green fig, guava and flint, this fresh and lively palate compliments salads, seafood and white meat.

Even more exciting is that Clovelly will no longer be stocking plastic straws! We have been waiting for months for Cape Cup to get a shipment of biodegradable polylacticacid (made from corn cobs) straws and they finally arrived in South Africa.

By now we are all aware that plastic straws are disastrous for the environment and contribute to the pollution of our ocean and the deaths of many of its creatures. We would like for you to join us on a journey to being more accountable and considerate of our impact on our planet. Say no to straws!

Remembering the 60s and 70s

Please join us this Friday after the draw for an evening of fun and music, remembering the 60s and 70s!

Bring your dancing shoes! Carl will be serving his usual scrumptious meals.

In Pictures

Staff Members, Ashley Overmeyer and Austin Whittle.

Butter wouldn’t melt! Helen Bowes with junior golfers, Olly Malyon and Evan Marais.

Sponsors of December’s Monthly Mixed Competition, Eamonn and Sheila Heffernan, with winners, Pat Hancock, Marie Pardey, David Naylor, and Andy Hancock.

A wonderful family portrait. Mark, Charmaine and Olly Malyon.

Staff Members, Andy Wowo and Sebastian Brown. Up to no good!

Jacquie Bensted, winner of the Granny Trophy, Helen Barrett, sponsor, and Margaret Macdonald, winner of the Non-Granny Trophy.

Forthcoming Events


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 23rd November was Dan Brass.
Unfortunately, Dan was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A Draw on Friday, 30th November was Helen Bowes.
Helen was here and walked away R 3 200 richer!

The name drawn for the Evergreen Draw on Friday, 23rd November was Danny Naidoo.
Unfortunately, Danny was not present!

The name drawn for the Evergreen Draw on Friday, 30th November was Neil White.
Unfortunately, Neil was not present!
This next draw will be for R 2 500.