After writing so fondly of seeing the whole Warrington Family on the course a few weeks ago it is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to Eric Warrington who passed away last week. We are so glad that we were able to capture this special moment of “Dad checking up on his children’s Saturday round of golf”  before his passing. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends!

News from around the Club….

A fantastic day was had by all celebrating the special lady in all our loves at Carl’s Mothers Day Lunch last Sunday. Carl did not hold back and spoilt everyone with a generous 3 course meal. There was over 130 people at the lunch and it certainly did create a special atmosphere! Pictured above is Tony and Lorraine Webb with Donal Quill. On that note we would like to wish Tony a speedy recovery as believe it or not he had suffered a heart attack a few days before attending this lunch! The starters were served by two of our favorite staff in Musa and Annake who we usually see in the Halfway House. Thank you to Carl and his team for a wonderful day!

Last Saturday was the final date for the first round of the Chammy Cup and this meant we had a number of matches on the go. In fact there was a total of …. Chammy matches played. There were some great results across all the matches!

In the afternoon defending champions Wizz Good and Shyam Makanjee played against Craig Small and Antonion Bruni, while our Chairman, Stephen Thomas, and Duncan Johansen took on Andy Simpson and Anton Hochleutner recording a …… . The match of the day was in the morning and saw Greg Hawtrey and Paul Merrifield  take on our president, Raymond Ackerman, and Vice Chairman, Jonathan Ackerman. It was a fantastic match that needed one playoff hole to decide the winner. A birdie by Greg saw them progress to the next round.

Well done to all the participants and best of luck in the next round for those that qualified. the closing date for Round 2 is 18th June 2018. Pictured below from the left is Antonio and Craig teeing off the 10th against defending Champs Wizz and Shyam, and then Jonathan sinking a putt on the 18th green to force the playoff against Greg and Paul.

We saw in the previous newsletter that the need to retrieve your favorite ball sometimes means some extra effort is required to find it. However the persistence shown below is apparently what happens when you run out of balls by the 4th hole, according to Kevin Pieter’s playing partners Andrew Wright and Darren van Eyk.

It was great to have the members from Fish Hoek Athletics Club join us on Saturday afternoon for a quick 9 holes while their better halves were watching the conclusion of the much anticipated Royal Wedding. We hope that this will be the start of a few more visits from the FHAC members, and perhaps some of our fitter members can join them for a Time Trial Challenge each Wednesday.

Winter Projects at Clovelly

There are number of projects on the go around the Club and Course to upgrade and improve various facilities. These projects include:

  1. Cart Storage Area. A large number of the Club’s golf carts are currently stored at the workshop. This creates a number of inefficiencies in terms of staff time and wear and tear on the carts themselves. As such a new cart storage area is being built behind the 1st tee using a number of parking bays. This will allow for the carts to be issued more effectively during peak times and reduce the wear and tear on the carts.
  2. 11th Ladies Tee Reconstruction. This tee was in need of desperate attention as it was never formalised and due to the uneven slopes had very little effective teeing area. This tee box will now be re-shaped and the earth retained to maintain the integrity of the playing surface.
  3. 12th Green/13th Tee. The cart path connecting the 12th green and 13th tee will be lengthened in order to formalise the “burn out” area which occurs annual between the 12th green side bunker and the dune, and make the turn around area alongside the 13th tee more accessible. The green side bunkers will also be reshaped and renovated to allow for easier maintenance and more consistency.
  4. 7th Green/8th Tee. Following the same concept as with the above the cart path linking the 7th green and 8th tee will be re-designed to allow for carts to go straight across the gravel road to the 8th tee. This will stop the need for carts to drive around the back of the 8th tee.

Pictured above is Owen and Digby mixing the concrete for the foundation of the new cart storage area, even the resident peacocks carried out an inspection. Below is the progress so far on the 11th and 12th holes respectively.

Harry Solomon League Update

After a good start to the season against Somerset West GC our Harry Solomon side faced some stiff competition in their next fixture against Royal Cape GC. We have always had great matches against one of our closer neighbors and this was much the same. Our home side battled it out across all the matches however a few clutch putts by our opponents in the closing holes meant that we were only able to secure 2 1/2 points at home, contributed by the pairings of Brian Papas and Peter English, Ian McPherson and Rob Pilkington, and a half from Bobby Perel and Jimmy Smith. In our away side Duncan Johansen and Stephen Thomas, along with Dave van Eyk and D Avid Eisenstein secured half points meaning we narrowly missed a victory losing by 3 1/2 points to 4 1/2 points overall.

Our next fixture is against Steenberg GC on the 26 May, we are certain that our boys will bounce back to winning ways!

Ladies Competitions

On Tuesday the 15th May the Ladies were up for the challenge as the competed in their Monthly Medal and Putting Tournament. The conditions were not to bad at all and the Ladies loved being out on our course!

The winners for the day were Bev Roberts in the Silver Division; Gail Crookes in the Bronze Division; and Trish McMahon won the Stabelford Competition. Pictured below is Bev Roberts, Helen Bowes and Gail Crookes with their awesome Medal Crystal Glasses.

In our last edition we caught up with the Ladies at the Inter-Club Challenge in Langebaan, and here are some more details on how they did. The event was hosted by Boland Golf at Langebaan Country Estate and there were 226 Ladies from 22 Clubs represented.  In the first round Bridget Woodhouse and June Harrison were winners of the C Div and were the 4th Best round of the day.  While on Saturday Joan Mauchline and Marnie Wolmarans, and Jane Hall and Janine Alford were runners up in the B Div and D Div respectively recording the 5th Best round of the day. After all 3 rounds Jane Hall and Janine Alford were runners up in the D Division overall.

As mentioned before it was a great tournament, as well as a great “girls weekend” which all the participants  love to play in once a year. The next one will be held at Hermanus in 2019. The members of the Ladies team were Birdie Jenkinson, Janine Alford, Bridget Woodhouse, Pat Quill, Lynn Berrisford, Joan Mauchline, Jane Hall, June Harrison, Marnie Wolmarans and Margaret Gravenor

Juniors at Clovelly

The monthly “Mashie” Competition was held last weekend on our beautiful Driving Range. It was another successful event with nearly 40 juniors taking part. Thank you to all who participated and to MichellGolf, Coach Dave and Clear Design for the ongoing efforts and sponsorship which is greatly appreciated. It is so wonderful to watch these youngsters develop their games and a passion for the game!

Pictured above is Liam de Beer taking it away on the 1st tee; and Brothers Daniel and Jonathan Roos on the last hole. Jonathan won the u/7 Boys division! Pictured below are Olly Malyon and Evan Marais, winner of the u/9 Boys Division, and our youngest handicapped members at Clovelly; and Sarah Conner who was the winner of the u/7 Girls Division.

The inaugural Clovelly Junior Winter Series kicked off on Sunday 20th May. This is the first fixture in a series of 4 events to be held at Clovelly, and is endorsed by the WPGU. The tournament is aimed at u/13 and u/15 participants, and will look to promote junior golf at both Clovelly and within the Union.

It shaped up to be a great day with special handouts from PVM Nutritional Services, great prizes sponsored by Global Golf and Taylormade, and some yummy snacks from Carl’s Catering. The formats for the day were strokeplay for the A Division and individual stableford for the B Division across both age groups. There was a total of 56 juniors taking part and we look forward to seeing them back on the 10th June for the second installment.

We had 4 Clovelly juniors representing the Club in the field and they were Jan Stals van Rooyen, Olivia Wood, Matthew Tuzee and Oran Jolley. All of them played exceptionally well and did us proud however, special mention must be made of Jan Stals van Rooyen who won the u/15 division with a gross score of 73, one over par. He had a steady round going but was required to make a pressure putt on the 18th in order to win the competition by one shot. Well Done Jan, you should great composure and structured a fantastic round of golf! The Winners of the day were Jaydon Galant of KD Mowbray and Boston Franks of Steenberg in the u/13 A and B Division respectively, while Jan Stals van Rooyen of Clovelly and Kamva Madini of KD Mowvray won the u/15 A and B Division respectively. As usual well done to everyone who took part!

Pictured below: A crwoded 1st tee being marshalled by Peter Little from WPGU; Juniors braving the cooler conditions on the 14th green as the complete their rounds; Mike Tiffin getting some putting tips with Babette van Rooyen (sister of the winner); and a full prize giving with the ever so young “Rands In” players showing they are still young at heart.

Rule of the Week

Embedded Balls

Question 1:
A player’s ball is embedded in its own pitch- mark in a closely mown area of the course. There is no temporary Local Rule in place for ‘Preferred Lies’;
a) May the player take relief, without penalty?
b) May the player clean their ball when it is lifted?
c) Where does the player drop their ball in relation to the spot where it lay?
i. Within a club-length.
ii. Within 6 inches (or 15 cm).
iii. As near as possible to where it was embedded.
d) Must the player mark the position of their embedded ball before it is lifted?
e) If the ball was embedded in the nearby rough could the player take relief, without penalty?
f) If the ball when dropped rolls back into the same pitch-mark may the player re-drop, without penalty?
a) Yes.
b) Yes.
c) iii. As near as possible to where it was embedded.
d) No.
e) No.
f) Yes.
A ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground in any closely mown area through the green may be lifted, cleaned and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole, Rule 25-2. If a ball rolls back into its pitch-mark, it is embedded in the pitch-mark.

Question 2: 
A player’s ball is embedded inside the margin of a water hazard. May they take relief, without penalty, by dropping a ball inside the water hazard?
a) If ‘Winter Rules’ are in operation?
b) If no ‘Winter Rules’ are in operation?
There is no relief in either a) or b).
It is only permitted to have a Local Rule giving relief for a ball embedded through the green, Appendix l, Part A, 4a. Through the green is the whole area of the course except the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played and all bunkers and water hazards.

Golf Offerings at Clovelly


Forthcoming Events

Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A draw on 11 May was Michael Heath.
Unfortunately, Michael was not present!

The name drawn for the LM&A draw on 18 May was Lienke Perold.
Unfortunately, Lienke was not present!

The next draw will be for R5 200.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw on 11 May was Brent Gardener.
Unfortunately, Brent was not present!

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw on 18 May was David Joshua.
Unfortunately, David was not present!

This draw remains at R 5 000.