The life skill developments and caddie training has been a process that has been on the go for two and a half years now. There have been noticeable improvements in both physical appearance and attitude to the job. It has been a great assignment. Not having had done anything like this before I was unsure starting out. Through a series of life skill developments and training we all seemed to make sense of what could be achieved.

As their chosen profession is that of golf we really encourage them to play the game. This keeps them physically fit and in tune with the game itself. We host a caddie championship each year for them. This event is well supported by Mr Ackerman and has become a regular fixture. We even went so far as to make a trophy for the two divisions.

Our vision at the end of the day is to create a job within an environment that is safe and that offers education and opportunity for those who wish to grow. Some of our caddies have chosen through the help of the South African Breweries to get there senior certificate. Others have been offered jobs with various companies. This I believe to be the result of how they have successfully conducted themselves on the course.

I am proud to be associated with our caddies.

Yours in Golf

Damian Wrigley
Golf Director