After some amazing rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, a strong South Easter has hit us and has been forecast to last for the rest of the week. Our returned gale-force wind definitely indicates that summer is on its way, but with the current drought crisis in Cape Town, this will bring extra challenges to our community.

Clovelly Country Club has already initiated multiple water saving initiatives and is continually looking for ways to save both potable and non-potable water. Next on our list is to drain the dam on the 11th hole. As beautiful as the dam is, it is not lined and the water constantly seeps back into the ground. The water level is only maintained by manually pumping water into the dam via our irrigation system. We have to acknowledge that this is not an efficient use of our precious resource, and a decision has been made to drain this dam for the summer. We will have to relocate the family of Koi fish in this dam to the dams on the 15th hole. To achieve this relocation the dam levels will be allowed to drop until we can catch the Koi safely and with as little stress as possible, before relocating them to their new home on the 15th hole.

Pace of Play

As summer approaches, our time sheets, unlike our dams, have begun to fill up with the return of our awesome ‘swallow’ members and visiting golfers. Our time sheets have been extended to make use of the longer daylight hours and accommodate a larger amount players.

With this in mind, we are promoting a ‘Ready Golf’ policy and would like to ask everyone to work together on improving their pace of play. This will help avoid unnecessary time delays and frustration, and will make the Clovelly experience even better! The R&A has recently adopted this approach at their Amateur Events in an effort to curb the negative impact of slow pace of play on the game of golf. Above and below are inserts from the R&A outlining areas where we can play Ready Golf, and of course, we are all aware that the safety of other players is always paramount. As with most things in life, if we all do our bit to help, everything is achievable, and we really appreciate your cooperation.

If you would like to be emailed these images, please reply to this newsletter by clicking the ‘feedback’ link, and we will send them through to you.

Clovelly Ladies

Our Clovelly Ladies had another fantastic week! On Tuesday, 31st October the ladies competed for the Freda Ackerman Trophy, which was won by Bruni Bensch, pictured below. They all had a wonderful day, despite the threatening thunder and lightning or the particularly painful roadworks, which Jonathan Ackerman found himself trapped in whilst on his way to present the trophy. How wonderful that the road is finally complete and we won’t have to worry about future possible long delays!

Below is a picture of the top eight winners of the competition.

Starting the weekend bravely, eight ladies, pictured below, went to Hermanus Golf Club to play in the invitational, 36 hole Daysh Cup against 35 other teams. The weather was beautiful, and the ladies played well. Gill Briggs, Kelly Muzzell, Margaret Macdonald and Karen Kent came in 3rd with a score of 162. Joan Mauchline, Marnie Wolmarans, Jacky White and Bev Thompson came in 8th with another good score of 159. Marnie and Joan also got runner-up for the best couple in the afternoon’s round with a score of 40 points, missing first place by 1 point! Congratulations ladies, as well as to the ladies from our neighbour, Westlake Golf Club, who won the Cup with 164 points.

League Update

The round-robin stages of the WPGU Masters and Mid-Am Leagues concluded this past Saturday with our teams taking on Strand and Parow respectively. The Mid-Am fixture was, unfortunately, just a formality as we were one point off from being able to qualify for the semi-final spot which was claimed by Belville, one point ahead of us.

The Masters fixture, however, was of a different nature, as a win or draw would guarantee us a spot in the semi-finals! The team managed a great win against Strand by 3 points to 1 point, and now march on to the semi-final fixture which will be played on Saturday,18th November against either Durbanville or King Davind Mowbray, depending on the outcome of their final group games. Well done to all the league players who represented Clovelly and we wish our Masters team the best of luck!

Clovelly Seniors

On Monday, 30th October our Clovelly Seniors held their monthly competition, sponsored by Fine and Country. Selwyn Lange, who was celebrating his 79th birthday, bought a bucket full of luck with him, and was not only part of the winning team, but had a nearest the pin on the 16th and the best net score. He walked home with multiple prizes, and looked quite happy to do so! Well done Selwyn; you are one of our more gentlemanly members of Club, and you definitely deserved such a brilliant day!

Our thanks go out to Tony and Lorraine Webb from Fine and Country for their outstanding support and sponsorship which has allowed the Seniors to have a record year for money collected for their charities and, of course, some great fun.

Paul’s Hole-in-One

Congratulations to our Golf Director, Paul Stoner, on his first hole-in-one at Clovelly! He managed to sink his ball first shot on the 6th hole whilst playing in the November Monthly Mixed Competition. Hopefully, this is the first of many to come!

DARG Golf Day

On Thursday, 2nd November we hosted our second DARG Golf Day, and it was a fantastic success! Debra Buys, the organiser, was so enthusiastic throughout the day and her vibrant energy flowed throughout the players, who were upbeat and cheerful despite the looming chance of rain. When it did rain, they continued without so much as a grumble!

DARG would like to thank all Clovelly members for kindly hosting of The DARG BALLS and for your support of the event. They had rave reviews and managed to raise a fantastic R116 537, which is a 41% increase from last year and will help cover their operating expenses for 17 days

News from our Pro Shop

Not only does our Pro Shop have a couple of awesome deals on for Christmas (and no, it is never too early to get into the Christmas spirit!) but they also have some really cool activations coming up.

Forthcoming Events


The Spur Offer

Friday Night Draw

The names drawn for the LM & A draw was Jason Wilmans, Patricia Peachman and Jeanette Lappchen.
Unfortunately, no one was not present!
This draw remains at R 10 000.

The name drawn for the 2nd LM & A draw was Samantha Ackerman.
Unfortunately, Samantha was not present!
The next draw will be for R 2 200.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Pam Jones.
Unfortunately, Pam was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.