January came and went in the blink of an eye, and although it was definitely the hottest month that we have experienced in ages, it ended with a beautiful bit of drizzle, which was a welcome change.

We hope that you all had the chance to have a look at the Super Blue Blood Moon, which last occurred in 1866! If any of our readers were a little grumpy, don’t feel guilty. Apparently, we can blame it all on the moon! Don’t quote us or try and use that excuse on your wives though.

Please will all readers call 021 784 2100 for bookings? Calling the main club number of 021 784 2111 causes congestion as you have to go through our membership secretary first, before joining the queue for calls for bookings. Our bookings department is very busy at the moment and we appreciate your patience.

Ladies Nationals vs Internationals

On Tuesday our Ladies played their annual Nationals vs Internationals Competition, which sees our South African born ladies take on our more exotic members. There were forty-six ladies in total and they divided perfectly into twenty-three per side, staying loyal to their birthplaces. The Nationals managed to win, but not without a fight from the Internationals!

It was wonderful to have so many ladies in the bar after their game and to see their fun sense of competitiveness! Congratulations to all ladies that played.

Kid’s Birthday Events with MichellGolf

We were so happy to see Coach Dave, from MichellGolf, hold a birthday bash for Elijah’s birthday on Saturday, 27th January and we hope that we can host more events like this in the future! Dave Matthews started the day off with a quick game of SNAG golf before playing some fun games and we are happy to report that all of the kids had fun and loved their prizes!

We are super excited to report that we have a second birthday bash booked for February. If you are interested in a similar event and would like to find out what we can offer you please send Coach Dave a message on 083 418 8866 or send an email to clubhouse@clovelly.co.za.

Monthly Medal

On Saturday it was time for the second Seeff Monthly Medal round of 2018. The prevailing South Easter made it tough for the players, however, there were still some great scores out there, most notably from John Riley, who carded a gross of 73 off of an 8 handicap, resulting in a net score of 65! Also playing in the morning’s field was Jan Badenhorst, who won the B Division after winning a count out on a net score of 69 and Stephen Guild, who won the C Division with another net score of 69.

In the afternoon the conditions were much the same, except that the wind got a little worse, making scoring a touch more difficult. The winners of each division were Dave Thompson (A Division), Peter Marais (B Division), and Mallory Prinsloo (C Division). Well done to all the players and thank you to Seeff for their ongoing support. A list of the full results can be seen in the results section at the bottom of the newsletter.

We would like to inform all our Medal players that with effect from 21 February 2018, we will be running a Medal Alliance competition concurrently with all Individual Medal competitions.

What this means is that the normal competition fee of R30 will be allocated to the Individual Medal prizes and two clubs, and those of you who are interested in increasing your odds can pay an additional R10 to enter into the Medal Alliance competition. For this to be implemented successfully we require the cooperation of our members on a number of points listed below:

  • All 4 players must be entered in the Medal Alliance in order for the team to qualify. No swinger will be appointed.
  • Separate cards must be kept for the Individual Medal scores as well as the Alliance score. Ie. 5 scorecards per participating fourball will be handed in (1 per player and 1 for the Alliance).
  • The format for the Alliance will be 2 scores to count, with the best 2 medal scores of the 4 players on each hole counting towards the Alliance total.
  • With regards to the R&A Rules of Golf, we urge all our members to pay particular attention to Rule 8, referring to ‘advice’. When competing in simultaneous competitions the primary competition is the Individual Medal and as such advice may not be given to fellow competitors during the round. All players must play as competitors and calculate their Alliance score at the end of the round. Please refer to the following link for clarification from the R&A website. https://www.randa.org/Rules-of-Golf/MainRules/8-Advice-Indicating-Line-of-Play/SubRules/1-Advice

If you have any further queries or suggestions please write to our Golf Director, Paul, on golf@clovelly.co.za.

Frankie’s Friday

Our second Frankie’s Friday competition of the year took place on Friday. Pictured below with Captain, Fred Fautley, are winners, George Bowes, Steven Maguire, Dawn English and Helen Bowes. In second place were Julia Bradley, Pat Quill, Donal Quill and Trevor Bradley. Trevor Bradley wisely avoided Merle’s mud and stayed on solid ground. We were lucky enough to have to juniors help with the Friday night raffle. As you can see, it was serious business!

Congratulations to Jeremy Nash, who won the Club Draw which was sitting at R 4200! We would also like to thank Fred Fautley who will be carrying out his last few weeks as Club Captain. We have loved working with you and will miss your wild jokes and dance moves!

Well done to everyone who played! It was a lovely day to be out on the course and we hope that you all enjoyed it.

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Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the  LM & A draw was Jeremy Nash.
Jeremy was present and walked away R 4200 richer!
The next draw starts again at R 2 000.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Sandra Schack.
Unfortunately, Sandra was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.