Welcome to April; officially the first month of our winter low season. Although we have had a little rain, the strong wind and bright sunshine are definitely more suited to summer!

If you have played at Clovelly recently you may have noticed whilst driving here, distinct pink/brown patches over the ocean. This is known as red tide which is caused by the algae bloom of a few species of dinoflagellates. The bloom takes on a red or brown color. Red tides can irritate the skin and can also be toxic to marine life such as small fish and shellfish, although not always.

One advantage of red tide is that, if the right microorganisms are present, they produce light in response to stress and cause an amazing bio-luminescent display when the waves crash at night or the water is disturbed! As a result, Fish Hoek has had some truly beautiful nights recently. We strongly recommend our readers to have a look out for this phenomenon and to visit the beach at night when you notice it. There is nothing more therapeutic than running on the beach in the dark and having your footsteps light up!   Except golf…that is pretty relaxing as well!

Men’s Club Champs

With our 2018 Championships on the horizon we hope that all the eager participants are getting their final practice rounds in, and perhaps a few lessons with our awesome golf professionals at MichellGolf.

We have had a great turnout with over 150 entrants! The first round will be played on Saturday, 7th April 2018, and the final round on Sunday, 8th April 2018. Even if you are not participating we would love for you to pay us a visit on Sunday afternoon to support the Club Champion to be. Our defending Champions are Yatish Garach (C-Division), Jimmy Smith (B-Division), and Shaun Fraser (A-Division). We wish them and the rest of the field the best of luck!
If you have missed the entries for the Championships don’t forget that entries are still open for the coveted Chammy Cup and Single Matchplay Gus Ackerman Cup.

Thank you to Member, Mike Tiffin, for this lovely image.

Monday’s Seniors

Our Seniors held their third Fine and Country sponsored competition on Monday, 26th March. There was a great turnout of 45 members, which is excellent considering that the majority of our Swallows have returned to their homes.

Dave Rennie, Dave Martin, Gerald van Heerden and Fred Phillips were the winning fourball with 95 points, followed by Roger Pinfold, Roger Maslin, Neil van Tonder and Ian Jarvis on 94 points. Alan Booth, Tony Matthews, and Gerald van Heerden all had nearest the pins.

It was a successful event with great weather and equally great golf from all the competitors. We love the collage that Allan Johns put together of the top players below!

New Cart Garage

We look forward to winter as, with the lull in golfers, we get a much-needed opportunity to look at potential areas of improvement to the course and clubhouse. This year, the first exciting new project that we will embark on is another storage facility for our carts.  At the moment our carts are split between a garage next to the caddie quarters and another, less adequate, garage down at the Green’s workshop. You can imagine the daily mission to bring all the carts up during high season, wasting precious time!

Struggling for storage space, we are going to build a storage area for club carts behind the 1st tee box. Unfortunately, this will absorb the parking bays currently used by our Vice-Presidents and Pro Shop Staff. The handicap bay will be allocated a new spot in an alternative parking area.

This new cart garage will mean that our Golf Ops Staff will no longer have to walk from the clubhouse to the workshop to fetch carts, and at the same time, the carts will suffer less wear and tear as this extra distance equates to a whole course hole each trip. By having our entire fleet more accessible we will be able to reduce congestion around the Starter’s Hut too, as carts can be parked and fetched with ease and do not need to be staged well ahead of time. The space created at the workshop will be gladly received by our Course Manager, Steven Webber, who will use it as a fertilizer store, with easy access for delivery trucks. He will also be able to store machinery which is not utilized on a regular basis, thereby freeing up space to store his regular machinery more efficiently in his current garage.

There are so many benefits to the new cart garage and we are looking forward to its construction! This is set to commence in April 2018.

Hollow Tining Notice

While we are hollow tining this coming Monday and Tuesday the clubhouse and driving range will be functioning under limited hours. The clubhouse and bag room will be open from 08h00 – 13h00 on both Monday and Tuesday while the driving range will be open from 07h00 – 16h00 on Monday, and 07h00 – 13h00 on Tuesday. The driving range facility will be offered free of charge to our members whilst they miss out on golf at their home course. The Pro Shop will be closed.

If you are still keen for 18 holes we have arranged reciprocity at Westlake, Steenberg, Royal Cape and Rondebosch. Enjoy!

Weekend Golfing

Manager, John Spyker; the angel of Clovelly.

Monthly Mixed Winners, Trish and Padraic McMahon, Clare Williams, and a young Irish visitor who took Doiran William’s place whilst Doiran showered, with sponsors Helen Barrett and Gill Davies.

Visitor, Karen Feeley, enjoying the sunshine before returning to Ireland.

Isabella represents Clovelly

Well done to our very own Isabella van Rooyen who came second, missing first by just one point, in the B Division of the Nomads SA Rose Bowl this weekend. She came behind Anika Smit with a brilliant score of 259.

Barry Rhodes Rules School

Here is a refresher on the rules surrounding an out of bounds line, which may come in useful during the Club Champs. We urge everyone to brush up on their rules knowledge as we will have an awesome rules team prowling the course, and you don’t want to be disqualified for something unintentional.

The photo above shows three balls lying on or near to the white line defining out of bounds.

a) Is ball A in bounds?    (NO)
b) Is ball B in bounds?    (NO)
c) Is ball C in bounds?    (YES)

d) May a player stand out of bounds to play a ball that is in bounds.    (YES)

From the definition of Out of Bounds

“When out of bounds is defined by a line on the ground, the line itself is out of bounds. A ball is out of bounds when all of it lies out of bounds. A player may stand out of bounds to play a ball lying within bounds.”

Because at least part of ball C lies on the course it is in bounds and may be played even if the player has to stand out of bounds.

The image above shows an out of bounds marked only by stakes. In this case, where is out of bounds determined?

a) The nearest inside points (i.e. course side)
b) The whole width of the stake
c) The nearest outside points (i.e. out of bounds side)

The answer is – a) The nearest inside points

From the definition

“The out of bounds line is determined by the nearest inside points at ground level of the stakes or fence posts (excluding angled supports).”

Please follow the link below to go to Barry Rhodes’ web page. There is tons of uselful information, and we really appreciate him letting us use it!

Forthcoming Events


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM&A draw was Jacques Alhadeff.
Unfortunately, Jacques was not present!
The next draw will be for R 3 600.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Christa Lenz.
Unfortunately, Christa was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.