We have had a busy week at the Club, despite the cold weather, with golfing groups visiting us on Monday, Thursday and Friday, Ladies’ League on Tuesday and a full afternoon’s field for the Mid-Month Medal competition on Wednesday.

The Club was also busy, with the Dykes van Heerden Group holding a training and motivational seminar with 120 people on Wednesday and the Fish Hoek Primary Musical Quiz with 135 people on Friday!

Clovelly Quiz Night

We are eager to announce another quiz night at Clovelly! See below for details.

Improvements to Clovelly

Whilst all of the golfing and functions were taking place, Clovelly has been in the midst of a number of exciting upgrades!

The Ackerman Hall, entrance door and windows are currently being painted by Green Circle Painting Solutions. We are going with a soft grey and white theme and are really excited to see the final result!

Our rubbish removal contract with Waste Wise Cape Town has been cancelled and we have installed a Molok unit.

The Molok unit is installed with 2/3’s of the container below the surface. The reusable lifting bag is installed within the container and has a secured lid to seal it. During the emptying process, the lid is removed with the lifting bag attached and is pulled out from within the container. When the lifting bag is positioned over the truck, the safety mechanism is released which opens the bag, releasing the waste into the truck. The bag is then repositioned over the container, the safety mechanism is reset and the bag lowered into the container.

I am sure that we will all agree that this is much more hygienic and pleasant on the eyes than our many wheelie-bins!

Our Course is also getting some attention! Our Course Manager, Steven Webber, and his team are reconstructing two substitute tee boxes for the 14th, which we will be used for future golf days and Western Province events. We can’t wait to see them, and for our members to try them out!

Final Details of the 14th Dam

Having not been able to store enough water for a full night’s irrigation cycle is something that has been adversely affecting Clovelly for some time now. The construction and lining of our new dam now mean that we can irrigate a full night time cycle without needing to push the irrigation window into the morning fields in the summertime!

This is going to have profound effects on our visiting golfers and early morning golfers (Patrick Murray Golf Group, we’re looking at you), and especially our Course Manager, Steven Webber, and Golf Director, Paul Stoner, as the need to irrigate the golf course, without wetting any golfing patrons, can now be acieved!

Further to this benefit, the dam will serve as an excellent summertime buffer when our water supply dwindles and should improve in general the irrigation efficiencies.  We are also confident that the irrigation dam will serve as an excellent source of water to the firefighting helicopters which so often visit our dams when there are bushfires in the local vicinity.

Pictured above left is an image of Steven Webber measuring the final depth of the dam. The shallow end at the 14th tee side measures 2 meters when full and the deep end at the Fish Hoek side measures just over 4 meters at its deepest. The dams length is approximately 140 meters end to end and it will hold roughly 10 million litres of water. Pictured to the right is a little Leopard Toad; we are happy to inform you that this dam is Leopard Toad friendly!

Spotted at Clovelly

Pictured above are a few of our favourite regular golfers, Jan Badenhorst, Terry Preyser, and Greg Hawtrey, as they prepare for their Sunday game. Below are RAGA’s Shaddie Valaydum and Carel Coetzer as they tee off for their Chammy Cup match against Ronnie Basant and John Caine. Well done to Ronnie and John who won on the 1st play-off hole!

Pictured below are the two winners of the Lucky Draw from the Father’s Day Chipping Contests sponsored by TaylorMade. On the left is Lynn Berrisford with Pro Shop Manager, Iglin Grobbelaar, and on the right is Johan Praets, with Pro Shop attendant, Chand’ni Eddie. Well done to you both!

League Update

The Clovelly Ladies’ Bronze League Team played against Milnerton GC on Tuesday. Our home team played extremely well to secure all three points at home, with a convincing win from our Ladies Captain, Bridget Woodhouse, and her playing partner, June Harrison, who won 7 & 6. Well done Ladies!

On Saturday afternoon our Harry Solomon Team took to the course for the final game of the group stages. The opposition for this game was from Kuilsriver Golf Club and the guys were determined to bring their ‘A’ game!

Our away side did us proud again, securing two valuable points, with one of them coming on the 18th hole from Garry Davie and Richard Roos, showing great big match temperament. While at home a great fight back from Padraic McMahon and Peter English to claim a 1/2 point made the difference, sealing a 4 1/2 to 3 1/2 win for Clovelly!

The Knockout Rounds start this weekend. The top 16 teams were ceded after the group stages which has resulted in us being drawn against Royal Cape in the first round of 16. Good Luck to all our League Players, and do us all proud!

Forthcoming Events


The Spur Offer

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM & A draw was Richard Day.
Unfortunately, Richard was not present!
This draw remains at R 10 000.

The name drawn for the 2nd LM & A draw was Jonathan Pittman.
Unfortunately, Jonathan was not present!
The next draw will be for R 6 400.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Derek Shaw.
Unfortunately, Derek was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.