Last week saw the passing of St Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide by Irish ex-pats, as well as anyone else looking for a reason to have some fun, including a couple of our members! It is fair to say that our course honoured this day by showing off its many shades of green, despite the dry summer that we have just experienced.

After golf, the ‘Dusty Rhodes Band’ entertained the Friday evening revellers and some wild, but awesome, dancing ensued. It seemed that our most inspired dancer was Club Captain, Fred Fautley, whose moves most definitely added to the entertainment. Sharon Guild, pictured with him, seemed to be enjoying herself too!

Carl’s Catering also did their part in adding to the cheer, by serving what looks like half a pig to anyone ordering ribs. Anne and Jochen Nax, pictured below, looked suitably impressed. Jochen looks as if he is already happily anticipating helping his wife with anything that she couldn’t handle!

14th Dam — Excavation & Lining

There are a few new projects taking place on the course, with the leading project being the lining of the large dam to the left of the 14th tee. This dam has been cleared for surveying purposes and excavation works will soon start to shape and clear the dam of all silt and debris. Once shaped, the dam will be lined, in order for us to store a much larger quantity of this precious resource. The two brick reservoirs will still form an integral part of our irrigation system and will remain in action.

By increasing our storage capacity, we will have a buffer water supply should we experience another drought-stricken summer. It will also ensure that, in the event of water shortages, all irrigation cycles will be executed with fewer hitches.

It is an exciting project with many important factors being taken into account from both a construction and environmental outlook.

Events to Look Out For

We have a few more exciting events on our schedule before we head into the depths of winter.

The Ladies Red-Hat Open Day on 23rd March and the Men’s Club Championships on 1stand 2nd April are sure to be well supported, successful events. April will also bring about the start of the Chammy Cup and Individual Matchplay Competitions for the Men. We are all looking forward to seeing who Clovelly‘s top players of 2017 are going to be!

Fish Hoek Primary School are also holding their second fun run from Fish Hoek Primary to Clovelly Country Club, running around the course. Put your bunny ears on and join the fun!

Another awesome offering for our junior golfers are Michell Golf’s Junior Clinics over the school holidays. Please call Coach Alan or Dave for further information and bookings. Remember that Michell Golf also caters towards our women golfers, with a couple of group lessons planned to leave you with a variety of awesome tips and tricks.

Ladies League

While on the subject of exciting news, our Ladies League sides have continued their phenomenal form in the 2017 season, recording the following results this past week:
Silver halved with Durbanville at Durbanville   3/3
Bronze 1 beat Westlake at Rondebosch   2/1
Bronze 2 beat Durbanville at Westlake   3/0
Bronze 4 lost to Somerset West at Parow   1/2
These results meant that our teams maintained the following positions in their respective divisions:
2nd in their section in the Silver Handicap League, 1st in two sections and 2nd in another section in the Bronze Handicap League.

Well done Ladies, keep up the good work!

Rules Tip

One aspect of golf which will always come in handy whilst on the course is a sound knowledge of the ‘Rules of Golf’.

There are a number of exciting changes predicted in the coming years for the rules as we know them. These changes are currently going through a public feedback process.

An area of contention at Clovelly is the pathway to the right-hand side of the 12th fairway. When considering your relief options from paths/roads around the course, it is important to keep in mind the definition of a cart path/road under Rule 24. This rule recognizes any artificially-surfaced road or path as an obstruction. Artificial surfacing refers to foreign material such as concrete, tar or gravel which has been applied to the surface. When we think of the path to the right of the 12th, we must be aware that because the path is not artificially surfaced, free relief is not an option. It only becomes artificially surfaced from the point that the path is in line with the 12th green, toward the 18th hole.

Carol Goldsbury’s Memorial

Speaking about rules, we would like to inform everyone that a memorial for Carol Goldsbury, our much loved, late Rules Official and member, will be held at Kelvin Grove in Newlands on Friday, 31st March 2017, at 11h00.

Clovelly will also hold a memorial for Carol in the beginning half of April; we will keep you updated.


Forthcoming Events

The Spur Offer

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM & A draw was Angus Lachenicht.
Unfortunately, Angus was not present!
This draw remains at R 10 000.

The name drawn for the 2nd LM & A draw was Paul Hartnady.
Unfortunately, Paul was not present!
The next draw will be for R 4 000.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Paul Verboom.
Unfortunately, Paul was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.