This last week at Clovelly has been truly beautiful! We have had gorgeous, sunny days, often accompanied by our signature South Easter, and have also been graced by magnificent clouds, promising rain.

You never know what spring in Cape Town has in store for you, but it is turning out to be a favourite time of year for us. Before we know it, Christmas will be here, and we will be in the heart of summer!

Thank you to Pat Quill, our ‘roving photographer’ for her lovely images that she sends to us weekly.

New Drainage Pipes installed on the 5th Hole

When walking across the 5th fairway, approaching the green, the last thing on your mind is probably the massive, old concrete pipes deep in the earth below you. Our greenkeeper, on the other hand, has been plagued by them for many years as they have been wreaking havoc on his efforts to keep the course in tip-top condition.

The main issue caused by these pipes was that settlement on the right-hand side slope has gradually been moving the pipes, creating gaps where they join. Each winter’s rain brings a large amount of water, which leaks out of these gaps and causes sinkholes to develop above each pipe join, leaving an almost permanent depression. Our amazing Greens Team, led by Course Manager, Steven Webber, has finally been able to install a new 500mm uPVC drainage pipe in this area, which will take care of the stormwater in the correct manner without leading to sinkholes.

League Update

We have had ups and downs for our League teams this week.

On the plus side, our Ladies’ Silver League team (pictured below) won their match in the semi-finals last week and will be taking on Atlantic Beach in the finals, held at King David Mowbray, next Tuesday, 28th November! We wish them the very best of luck!

Unfortunately, the Ladies Bronze 2 League team lost their match against Westlake in the semi-finals and will not be progressing further. There is always next year, however!

We are so proud of both teams, and really hope for a successful outcome next week!

Our awesome Men’s Masters League side was at it again on Saturday as they played King David Mowbray in the semi-finals. King David Mowbray had put together a fantastic side, but our boys were in great form too!

At the end of the match, both sides had claimed 2 points out of 4, resulting in a tie. In order to decide the winner, the difference in stableford points of each pairing was totalled, which unfortunately resulted in us missing a spot in the final by only 2 points. We had a great season and all of players certainly did us proud!

Member Guest Policy

We would like to remind our members of the ‘Guest of Member Policy’ at Clovelly Country Club.

  • A member may have a maximum of twelve guests a year, who will receive a reduced ‘guest of a member rate’. This guest can be the same person every time, however, the same guest cannot play using the guest rate more than once a month, regardless of the member that he or she is playing with.
  • All guest’s names must be given to the Bookings Office when making the booking and the guests must be signed in at the Pro Shop on the day.
  • For exceptional circumstances, the Golf Director may be approached to waive these rules.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the above policy.

Golf Days at Clovelly

We have had two very successful golf days take place at Clovelly in the last week!

Our first was the Forward Fund Golf Day, which took place last Thursday. One hundred players took part and they were spoiled with awesome goodie-bags, snacks and drinks on the holes (including cake and vodka shots!), as well as free massages from Sun International and haircuts and grooming from Sorbet Men (see below right). With so much on offer, this golf day was perfectly organised and everything ran like clockwork.

On Friday we hosted the Greeff Properties Golf Day, which was purely a ‘give back’ to their important associates. We have been holding this day since 2006, and year after year it turns out to be a pleasure to host! Their players are all thoroughly spoiled and love every minute of their day.

As we get closer to the end of the year, our golf day season it coming to its end! We have two golf days left;  the MichellGolf Junior Fundraising Golf Day and the TEARS Golf Day. This is probably a good thing as, as our Swallows and visitors are starting to fill the fields, our times are becoming more and more limited! Thank you again to all of our members who welcome these golf days and share your Club with our visitors. We have had such great feedback and can all be proud of Clovelly!

Tip from the Pros

The Bunker Shot – Alan Michel

Firstly, get the butt of the club pointing to your belly button, because you want to use the bounce of the club to get through the sand and not have the leading edge digging into the sand.

Secondly, as you swing you need to create a hinge in your wrists, as we need speed through to the ball.

Lastly, keep your left knee flexed throughout the shot to keep your height consistent. This, in turn, will help you enter the sand in the same place every time. Most players straighten their left knee as they think they need to get under the ball, but only end up thinning the ball.

Unhinge your wrist on the way through and turn that chest!

If the above tips don’t help, call me for a quick lesson! I am always available to assist you.

Pro Shop Specials

Forthcoming Events


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The names drawn for the LM & A draw was Steve Froelicher, Peter Motale and Josh Aaron
Unfortunately, no one was present!
This draw remains at R 10 000.

The name drawn for the 2nd LM & A draw was Bruno Widrig.
Unfortunately, Bruno was not present!
The next draw will be for R 2 600.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Frankie Greenwood.
Unfortunately, Frankie was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.