Although only two weeks from Hollow Tining, Clovelly’s fields have been lively, to say the least! Not only have our members become a little more active (probably due to the departure of winter’s worst) but we also had the opportunity to host the Western Province Senior Women Golfer’s Society and the Western Province Mid-Amateur Series during the week.

We would like to thank both groups for choosing Clovelly. We hope that they enjoyed their visit to our side of the mountain! We must also commend the Senior Ladies, who played in gale force wind, and even a little rain. Although the conditions were exactly what you don’t want for your golf day, the majority of the ladies donned their wet-weather gear and headed out with determination.

We are pleased to note that the greens are recovering beautifully. We have had one spot of fungus on the 4th green, which is a result of being covered by sand, but our observant Course Manager, Steven Webber, has already given it a quick dose of fungicide and we are looking forward to its quick return to health.

Hollow Tining

Speaking about Hollow Tining, our Course Manager, Steven Webber, has put together a great description of the process that the Greens team went through, for our better understanding.


We begin at 16:30 pm on Sunday evening, starting at the 10th tee to get the areas closest to Clovelly’s residents out of the way first. The process of removing cores of earth from the greens continues throughout the night, and hopefully, if there are no hitches, the tining will be concluded at about 02h00 am.

During this process, we hollow tine 1 hectare, or 10 000 square meters of green area and lift out roughly 40-60 tons of cores. Flags are removed ahead of machine, and the cores are left on the greens for Monday’s morning clean-up.

Clearing of Cores
At 07h00 am on Monday morning roughly 30 staff members and casual employees start with the clearing process, which is to scrap, clean and load all 40-60 tons of cores into utility machines and deliver them to our next turf nursery area.

Top Dressing 
80 tons of clean white sand is loaded and applied to the greens to fill the core holes.

Matting Follows
A mat is secured to a course vehicle and is dragged behind the vehicle as it circles the greens. This forces the sand to be pushed into the little holes and levels out the greens.

Half a Ton of Fertilizer is Applied
This will help the greens recover as fast as possible!

Irrigation Follows
Roughly four nights worth of irrigation is applied to the greens to assist with washing the sand into the holes Staff will the clean away excess sand from the sprinkler heads.

Spread Cores for New Nursery Areas
All the old cores now become new cores for a new nursery green which we spread, roll and fertilize.

Re-Cut Holes and Put Flags Out.
The final piece of the puzzle is to re-cut the holes and put out the flags for golf to resume on Wednesday morning.

Sotheby’s & STBB 9 Hole & Braai Competition

If you are not going away this weekend, please join us on Sunday for what we hope to be a stunning family day. We will have 9 holes, a fun Mashie comp, and a braai going, on Sunday afternoon. There will also be games and a jumping castle for the kids, and music!

We look forward to seeing you!

The Renovations Continue

Over the last couple of months, we have been renovating quite a few areas at Clovelly! Our Ackerman Hall received an extreme makeover and our reception area was also updated. One of the last areas to receive a little love and care is the Pro Shop.

After years of water damage suffered through our rainy seasons, we hope to have stopped any future leaks by the replacement of the windows in the restaurant area. We have had two pretty hectic rain storms since we replaced the windows, and…no leaks! Encouraged by this, we have removed the damaged bulkheads in the Pro Shop and will be skimming the ceiling this week. After a fresh coat of paint, the Pro Shop should be ready for action by early next week.

Junior Clinics over October Holidays

We are looking forward to a week’s worth of school holidays coming up in October. As much as we know that our parents love to have their kids around, we want you to know that we have your backs too!

MichellGolf will be hosting three junior clinics from Monday, 2nd October to Friday, 6th October. Please feel free to drop your kids off with us on any of the below dates. As usual, Alan is offering crazy rates for our young golfers, as this is a sector that we are really enjoying and trying to encourage! Coach Alan and Dave will impart some great golfing knowledge and skills, whilst you catch up on your housework, or enjoy that glass of wine!

We wish all of our members and visitors a fantastic week! Hope to see you at Clovelly soon!

Forthcoming Events


Sadly, our ladies were rained out again. One of our members remarked that her son said, “Oh it’s raining…must be a Tuesday”. He was probably right!

The Spur Offer

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM & A draw was David Baldwin.
Unfortunately, David was not present!
This draw remains at R 10 000.

The name drawn for the 2nd LM & A draw was Charles Rudd.
Unfortunately, Charles was not present!
The next draw will be for R 9 000

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Francois Meyer.
Unfortunately, Francois was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.