The past week at Clovelly has been a fairly quiet one as our course was closed for Hollow Tyning on Monday and Tuesday.  The cultural practice of Hollow Tyning is applied to golf courses to alleviate compaction within the sub-terrain of greens and is done twice a year. It aids in the breaking up and dissolution of harmful organic materials which build up over time.

The rain we received last week, combined with the hot weather of this week, will greatly aid the hasty recovery of our greens before we head into the depths of winter! For the next two weeks the greens will be a little rough and sandy, but after that, they will be back to their usual quality that we all know and love! Thank you to Steven Webber and his amazing Greens Team for the energy and care that they put into our Course.

Progress on the Dam

The project to line the 14th dam and increase its storage capacity started during Hollow Tyning. The earthworks are progressing well, as can be seen in the image below. Once completed, the dam will allow us to store a larger body of water which will help us better deal with any drought conditions in the future. We are hoping to complete this project by the end of May before the wet winter season sets in!

Wednesday’s Competition

The course opened up again on Wednesday just in time for the Wednesday Competition, sponsored by Barons of Tokai. The format for the day was a friendly Four-ball Alliance – 2 STC, which hopefully alleviated some of the pressure caused by the tricky conditions that the greens were in after Hollow Tyning.

The playing surface didn’t do much to hold the top scores back and Georgie Bowes, Phil Mason, Raymond Ackerman and George Golding were the leaders of the day, winning with a score of 94 points. Well done! It is always awesome to see our President at the top! It was not an easy win though, as the next two teams lost only on count outs.

The Easter Weekend

We then headed into a wonderful long weekend, starting off with Good Friday and ending on Monday, after Easter Sunday’s public holiday rolled over.

Any players who were not running in the Two Oceans Marathon and were able to squeeze in a game of golf, in amongst precious family time, were met with rather breezy conditions on Saturday. The competition was a Progressive Alliance – 2, 3, 4 STC. The morning players had it a little easier, although colder, and the winners were Malcolm Shaw, Vaughn Williams, Tommy Jonsson and James Wight with a score of 128 points. In the afternoon Phil Mason, David Eisenstein, Bobby Perel and George Bowes took first place with a score of 119 points. Well done to everyone who played. It was fantastic to see an almost full field, despite Easter, Hollow Tyning, the sudden cold front or even the Marathon, which had quite an effect on traffic.

Amidst the busy field, the first practice round for the WPGU Harry Solomon League also took place. Sixteen players, keen to represent Clovelly, took to the fairways in order to work on pairings and build team spirit. Thank you for the commitment gentleman. We look forward to seeing more of you this Saturday!

The weekend ended on a high note, with a spectacular Easter Lunch prepared by Carl’s Catering. Carl started the meal off with some traditional treats, including pickled fish and hot cross buns, and tantalized his diner’s taste buds with a full roast and dessert offering.

If you are feeling a little left out, Carl will be hosting a Mother’s Day meal soon. Watch this space!

Spotted at Clovelly

Clovelly‘s resident guinea fowl, introducing their baby ‘keets’ to the course.

Fun Fact: Guinea fowl can live for up to 20 years in the wild…if they don’t get eaten.


Forthcoming Events

The Spur Offer

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM & A draw was Kathy Michell.
Unfortunately, Kathy was not present!
This draw remains at R 10 000.

The name drawn for the 2nd LM & A draw was Andrew Tuttelberg.
Unfortunately, Andrew was not present!
The next draw will be for R 4 600.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Ian Aitken.
Unfortunately, Ian was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.