We have had another great week at Clovelly, with nothing much on other than golf. After a week’s worth of high temperatures and little wind, we were over the moon with yesterday’s rain.

We had a tour group arrive at Clovelly on Monday who went out and played in the rain. Their tour operator commented that they were not allowed to bath at their hotel and were asked not to flush too often due to the drought, yet they got soaked playing their first game! We hope that they enjoyed their game despite the rain and will celebrate the downpour with us!

R&A Promote ‘Ready Golf’

In a previous newsletter article, we introduced the subject of ‘ready golf’ at Clovelly and were really pleased by the number of members who asked for more information and attempted to speed up their game! Unfortunately, not everyone has taken ‘ready golf’ seriously, as you can see by this photo of visiting golfer, Andrew Coxton, who jokingly had a nap whilst waiting for the players ahead of his fourball.

The Royal and Ancient have now taken steps to actively promote “ready golf” around the world, and we would like to take the opportunity to remind our readers of how important this commitment is.

As we approach the middle of our busiest period of the year the application of the ‘ready golf’ approach could not be more important. Slow play can have a negative impact on a player’s enjoyment of the game and it is something that we should keep in mind wherever we happen to be playing golf.

We would like to appeal to all of our members and readers to help us make ‘ready golf’ a part of our Clovelly culture. We would also like to encourage all golfers on our fairways to carry extra divot sand and repair other player’s pitch marks on the green whenever we are out on the course.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same love for our Club as we do, but if the majority of our players work together we can ensure that our course, and others, remain in pristine condition and an enjoyment to play.

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Sun Met Golf Day

Tumi Motale, a young professional golfer and Clovelly Member, has been given the amazing opportunity to assist in the management of the official Sun Met Golf Day. Carrying this out successfully will help him to secure the necessary sponsorship and funds to continue to pursue his career and dreams as a professional golfer. Of course, as his home course it was only fitting that we offer our facilities to him, and hopefully, in the process help him to reach his dreams.

The day is scheduled to be held on the morning of Thursday, 25th January 2018. If there are any members interested in taking part in the day please send an email to our Golf Director, Paul Stoner, on golf@clovelly.co.za. It promises to be a fantastic day, with a number of great sponsors!

Tips from the Pros


Chipping errors that occur at contact can be caused by placing too much weight on the back foot and by having a backward lean of the shaft, as seen in the image below. These errors can result in thin shots that run along the ground or hitting behind the ball.

To remedy this try our tip below.

Place a repurposed pool noodle (see below) or water bottle a foot away from the ball and lean into your left side, creating forward lean. Then, practicing your downward swing, make sure that you miss the noodle. This will help you achieve more consistent contact.

Clovelly vs Erinvale Challenge

Are you a fun-loving but competitive mixed pair who are both members at Clovelly?

Then we need you on Thursday 15 February to represent Clovelly in a match against Erinvale at Clovelly Country Club! If you are interested and available please call the Bookings Office on 021 784 2100.

History: The contest started in 2012 as a “friendly” mixed match when six couples from Clovelly entertained (and beat) six couples from Erinvale. The event was such a success that everyone agreed to play a return at Erinvale in 2013, which Erinvale then won.  From this point forward it has become a regular annual event, with it being held at alternate clubs each year. As it stands each team has won the trophy three times, and Clovelly is now looking to take the lead using the upcoming home advantage!

Other upcoming events

AGMs (13th February – Ladies’ AGM, 24th February – Men’s AGM and Club AGM)
Clovelly Festival Week (7th – 10th March 2018)
Ladies’ Club Championships (24th and 25th March 2018)
Men’s Club Championships (7th and 8th April 2018)
Individual Matchplay and Chammy Cup (From April)

Spotted at Clovelly

Pictured below are the ‘Dirty Dozen’, enjoying a drink after their Saturday morning round. On the right is a caracal that was caught on camera in the Clovelly mountains. Caracal sightings are very rare and we love knowing that he is out there! Do you know that caracals can run up to 80 km per hour and are not afraid to attack animals three times their size? Pretty amazing if you ask us.

Forthcoming Events


Member Offers

Friday Night Draw

The name drawn for the LM & A draw was Andrew Reid.
Andrew was present and walked away R 10 000 richer!
Congratulations Andrew!

The name drawn for the 2nd LM & A draw was Gary Moore.
Unfortunately, Gary was not present!
The next draw will be for R 3 600.

The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Mike du Preez.
Unfortunately, Mike was not present!
This draw remains at R 5 000.