Clovelly Golf Newsletter – 25 July 2016


The Golf Scene

Once again the weather has had a major impact on our golf this week with rain most days and winds occasionally as high as 50 kilometres per hour. It has been cold too, with early morning temperatures as low as 8 degrees!

On Tuesday our ladies played League and they continue to do well.
So far this month three of our four teams have won their matches.
What a great performance; well done ladies!

On Wednesday the weather was horrific, yet four men, who cannot be named as they are definitely candidates for a mental institution, braved the
strong winds and 25mm of rain!

Luckily the weather cleared up on Saturday, and whilst Constantia and Hout Bay were in the midst of a downpour, Clovelly was beautifully sunny. The competition on Saturday was a Betterball Medal, and in the morning’s field Richard Goveia and John Riley, with a solid score of 61, only just beat Derek Shaw and Mark Warrington, who came in with a competitive score of 62.

In the afternoon’s field Anthony Kent and Terry Page romped home with an impressive 59, 13 under par.
Coming second with a score of 61 was Steve Thomas and Ian McPherson.
Steve Thomas scored a solid 75 gross on the day.

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Some of our cheerful Sunday morning players, relaxing in the bar after a cold start to the day.

Pitch Marks

Why don’t the pitch marks on our greens get fixed? Here are some of the excuses we hear from the players who do not repair their pitch marks on the greens.
· I didn’t know I made a pitch mark on the green.
· I couldn’t see the mark because of my poor eyesight.
· I’m too old to bend over to fix it.
· I don’t have a fancy divot tool to fix it.
· I don’t have time to fix it.
· I’m not one of the maintenance staff—it’s not my job.One of the most frustrating things for green keepers everywhere is to deal with the damage caused to the surface of a green by golf pitch marks. A pitch mark only takes a few seconds to fix correctly, however, a pitch mark repaired incorrectly takes over three weeks to heal. Correct repair will help protect the grass root system and benefit all members and visitors to the course.

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When correcting a pitch mark, please discard the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball, insert the pitch mark repairer tool just outside of the back of the pitch mark and lever the turf towards the centre of the mark. Repeat this motion from all sides of the pitch mark and then gently tap the repaired area with your putter. This action stretches undamaged turf over the pitch mark, providing instant recovery.

It is important to remember not to replace the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball. It will die and hinder new growth. Try avoid prying up the centre of the depression with the pitch mark repairer as it exposes the soil and will delay the healing process. Lastly, please do not insert the pitch mark repairer and twist it. This only breaks more turf loose.

Please, if you play golf, especially at Clovelly, and are fortunate enough to have your ball land on the green, repair your pitch mark. Not only is it good golf etiquette, but your golf putts will run smoothly as there will be no bumpy putting surfaces caused by the indentation left by golf shots. Consider it your good deed for the day.

Poise Cup 2016

Solly Rajah, one of Clovelly’s Members, out of sheer love and passion for golf, initiated the Poise Cup in March this year. He, and forty-one other players, compete for the cup over ten games a year at different golf courses around Cape Town.

With prizes up to the value of R 40 000 up for grabs, and a lively and enthusiastic ambience, the Poise Cup has become a huge success.  They have become one of the largest social groups in the Western Cape and were a pleasure to host at Clovelly this past Sunday 24th June.

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The players of the Poise Cup at Clovelly.

Some Important Dates to Diarise

As we come to August, we ask you to remember to diarise the following events. The Annual General Meetings are particularly important and we hope to see many of you attending them.
Please contact John Spyker for any queries.10th August: Mid-Year Dinner to honour Geoff Taylor.
23rd August  Ladies Section AGM at 19h00.
27th August: Men’s Section AGM at 18h30.
27th August: Main Club AGM at 19h00.


There was no Tuesday Competition or Wednesday Competition
due to heavy wind and rain this week.

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Forthcoming Events

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Win a M2 Driver in the Pro Shop!

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Spur Offer

25175S Golden River Clovelly Golf banner (200x110)

Friday Night Draws


LM&A Draw


The name drawn for the LM&A draw was Greg Powell. Unfortunately Greg was not present. The next draw will be for R6 600

Evergreen Draw


The name drawn for the Evergreen draw was Arthur Huber.  Unfortunately Arthur was not present!  This draw remains at R5 000.