This week at Clovelly – 15th September 2014

Newsletter 378 – Damian Wrigley – Golf Director

Back from KwaZulu-Natal


John and I have returned from an incredible conference up in KwaZulu-Natal.

There were 33 Golf Club Managers and Golf Directors from across the country.

The guest speakers were experts in their respective fields, which included agronomy specialists, insurance gurus, and master statisticians on industry trends with the latest news on cart GPS systems and so much more.

Of course we missed Clovelly but we really enjoyed the warm KwaZulu-Natal climate. We thank our Club Chairman, Dave van Eyk, for seeing the value in this annual event and for supporting our attendance.

Also a special thanks to Lyndsay Harrison for holding the fort. She had a busy few days and handled things in her stride.

News from SAGA regarding the future of SA handicapping

The USGA Course Rating system is currently being used by the majority of the major golf playing countries, including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Currently in South Africa the system used to rate golf courses uses mainly the length of the course. The USGA rating system is a comprehensive system that uses, amongst other criteria, altitude, elevation changes, width and slope of fairways, distance to hazards in tee shot landing areas as well as hazards around the greens, green size, slope and their average speed.

The USGA system rates courses on the difficulty of a course for both a scratch golfer as well as a 19 handicap golfer. The difference between these two ratings gives a slope rating which is used in the United States to adjust handicaps prior to play, according to the slope of the course.

South African courses will be rated for both the scratch player and the 19 handicap player so that once all the courses have been rated, the golfers and Provincial Unions will be consulted and a decision taken as to whether to adopt the full slope system or not.

This process is all about creating a worldwide handicap system. This will mean that golfers worldwide will be handicapped on a similar basis.

The Western Province Golf Union have been hard at work already, getting the required information listed of the various courses in the Cape. This is a rather lengthy process but Eric Lefson and Chris & Carol Goldsbury have never shied away from hard work.

Frankie Michael, 'The Legend', who has not been well was recently spotted hitting balls on the Range - sneaky!

Frankie Michael, ‘The Legend’, who has not been well was recently spotted hitting balls on the Range – sneaky!

Some of the Junior girls enjoying last Friday's  'Short Game Circuit' competition.

Some of the Junior girls enjoying last Friday’s ‘Short Game Circuit’ competition.

Rule of the Week

Brushing Aside or Mopping Up Casual Water on Line of Putt.

‘May a player whose ball lies on a putting green brush aside casual water on his line of putt, or mop it up with a towel?’

No. Such action would be a breach of Rule 16-1a (Touching Line of Putt).

This Weeks Results

Tuesday 9th September 2014
LGU Medal & Putting
1stHelen Bowes73
2ndCarrie Smales74
3rdGill Davies75
1stJune Harrison70
2ndJacky White73
3rdHelen Barrett76
4thMarilyn Hugo78
Wednesday 10th September 2014
4BBB Stableford
1stPhil Mason & George Bowes45
2ndHimanshu Valji & Mohamed Mohidien45
3rdRon Dunn & Richard Goveia45
4thSham Young & Abe Loghdey44
Saturday 13th September 2014
Progressive Alliance 1, 2, 3 (am)
1stBarry Price, Mike Burnham-King, Jacques de Villiers & Robert Windebank97
2ndSteven Longman, Steve Cowell, Andrew Matthis & Robert van Hille95
Progressive Alliance 1, 2, 3 (pm)
1stMatthew Kent, Wizz Good, John Caine & Warren Minster92
2ndAbe van Rooyen, Peter Marais, Vic Christian & Swinger88

Friday Night Draw

The name pulled last Friday was Miki Rogovsky. Unfortunately Miki was not present! The draw now stands at R5 000.

Golden River Sp ur Special